Roselyn Parker

"How do you know this Nathanial?" I whisper, already knowing the answer. He closed the space between us and rested his forehead against mine.
"Because you are my rose Roselyn Parker. Because I would fight a war because I love you so much. Its always been you my beautiful Rose and it always will be, for eternity."
She's part of a curse that took place centuries ago set upon by Lucifer himself. When a party gone wrong results in her having a court sentence and being sent to 'Ever Wood' boarding school, she unravels the 'Angel's War' mystery. With the visions of another life and the boy who's so familiar but she doesn't know why, Roselyn Parker is in for a wild ride.


Author's note

For fans of The Fallen!!

2. Fire and Flames

Fire & Flames


I watch as the country lanes and cow filled fields fly past my window while my dad drives me towards 'Ever Wood Boarding School'. Something about the name was so familiar but I couldn't place my tongue on it. My mother was silently crying while my dad held an emotionless expression. I rested my head against the cold window and closed my eyes, listening to the new album on my phone. After a few hours we were pulling up to a giant white chateau that had two stone towers with pointed slate roofs on either side of it. My eyes widened when I stepped out of our little red car. The architectural building was made of big pale stones and it had big marble steps leading up to double oak doors.

"Come on Roselyn." My father sighs as he slams the trunk of the car. My suitcase stand beside him and I give it a reluctant look.

"How long am I here for again?" I ask bitterly as I drag my heavy suit case up the stair case. My parents share an upset look and then nock on the doors. They drag open and a tall yet chubby man is there to greet up.

"Ah Mr and Mrs Parker! Welcome." He smiles, gesturing for us to come in with a long fat arm. I roll my eyes and heave the suit case in behind me and sit down on it as my parents talk to the man.

I have to say, the interior looked nothing like the exterior. Where the outside was classy and beautiful, the inside was bare and boring. The walls were white with dirty marks and giant cracks and the floor was either wooden panels or white and black tiles. Windows were high with thick ledges, perfect for sitting on, but where a stair case met a wall there was a giant circle stain glass window with some sort of Angel on it. A few random pupils walked past, giving me dirty looks. I roll my eyes for the 100th time that day and drag myself to my feet.

"Going already?" I ask sarcastically when my mother waddles over to me.

"Please don't be like that Rosie." She whimpers, wiping stray tears from her wrinkly face.

"Sorry." I mumble as she pulls me into a tight hug.

"Please get better." She whispers before walking away towards my dad where he puts a giant bear arm around her small shoulders. He gives me a nod with a sympathetic smile and then they leave.

"I'm the Head Master of the school; You can call me Mr  Harrison." The fat man smiles, sticking out a hand.

"Roselyn Parker." I respond, shaking his hand.

"I need you to hand in all your electronics, sharp objects and lighters." He informs as he places a wooden box on the desk in the hall way. I shrug and put my phone, laptop, lighter and pen knife in there- His eyes widen when he sees that one.

"Anything else?" I ask dryly. Before he can respond the front doors open again to reveal a police officer bringing in a handcuffed lad. The boy looked my age and had shaggy brown hair paired with vivid green eyes. Mr Harrison sighs fustraitedly and then calls over a skinny black haired girl.

"Raven please show Roselyn to her room, I need to deal with Lucas." He asks angrily. She gives me a look over, smirks and then agrees.

"Who was that?" I ask as we walk up the stone steps.

"Oh that? He was Lucas White. Trouble maker and total ass hole." Raven shrugs. I nod and don't respond.

As we walk through one of the corridors I get an overwhelming feeling that I'd been here before. My eyes start to flutter as pictures flash between my eyes. I saw an image of a girl walking down a hallway in a beautiful red dress towards a room and then another of the same girl in a snow filled orchard. This was the same girl I'd been having visions off for years. I couldn't see her face, just the back of her curly brown hair. She looked happy and as if she was talking to someone but I couldn't tell who. The sound off glasses clinking together, light chatter and horses whining flooded my ears. I drag myself out of my trance and have to lean on the wall for support. Black dots fill my vision but they quickly disappear.

"Hey you okay?" Raven asks with a worried expression.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I smile, pushing myself off the wall. I shake the feeling off and follow her up more stone steps. A cold breeze filters through the open windows making me pull my leather jacket closer to my body.

"Okay so the loopy one are up in the towers the rest are scattered. What number are you?" Raven asks, interrupting my thoughts. She was leaning on a door, probably her room's door, with her arms crossed.

"313." I cringe. Her face goes pale and her body shoots up.

"Oh um it urgh through that door." Raven stutters uncomfortably pointing to an open door with a spiral stair case.

"Thanks." I smile awkwardly and then start to heave my suit case up the stairs. Raven calls out an apology put I chose to ignore it.

After a few minutes I'm standing in my small room. It had a wardrobe, a metal single bed, a desk  and a chest of draws. There was a big window above my bed with a sheen curtain over it as well as a small ensuite. Reluctantly I start to unpack and pin up my random poster of Charles Bukowski.

"This is going to be one giant shit show." I mutter to myself as I collapse onto my creaky bed. My eyes start to feel heavy and before long I'm soundlessly asleep.

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