Roselyn Parker

"How do you know this Nathanial?" I whisper, already knowing the answer. He closed the space between us and rested his forehead against mine.
"Because you are my rose Roselyn Parker. Because I would fight a war because I love you so much. Its always been you my beautiful Rose and it always will be, for eternity."
She's part of a curse that took place centuries ago set upon by Lucifer himself. When a party gone wrong results in her having a court sentence and being sent to 'Ever Wood' boarding school, she unravels the 'Angel's War' mystery. With the visions of another life and the boy who's so familiar but she doesn't know why, Roselyn Parker is in for a wild ride.


Author's note

For fans of The Fallen!!

6. Fight or Flight


Fight or Flight.


After going to all three of my humanity classes it was time for fencing. I was nervous because I'd never done it before but also excited. Raven hadn't spoken to me since the History class which hurt a little bit but I got over it because Sandra was great! We got on really well and she was even able to keep up with my sarcastic comments.

"Hey look, they even gave you your own fencing gear!" Sandra laughs as we walk into the changing rooms. It was a loud of lockers, row after row, with a wooden bench in between them. I shrugged and changed into the white thick material.

"Hey aren't you doing this too?" I ask confused as Sandra grabs a book and sits down by the window.

"Do I look like I do fencing?" She contradicts sarcastically which breaks a grin on my face. The fencing was done in a tall stone room that only had gaps in the walls for windows. The floor was stone and covered in either dust or blue mats while the walls had ivy vines growing up them. Birds perched themselves on the beams, high up in the ceiling. A massive square chunk had been taken out of one of the walls which had a beautiful view of the rose gardens. As I waited for my turn I stared in admiration at them; I always had a thing for red roses. It was either the cliché over them or the fact there was such a contrast to their beauty and their sharp thorns on the stems. Never the less, I still loved them.

"How ironic, Roselyn loves roses." Lucas scoffs as he slumps himself on the ledge next to me.

"You're a real pain in my ass you know that right?" I respond dryly, not breaking my gaze from the red flowers. He goes to respond but the coach calls my name.

"Roselyn verses Raven, go!" Mr Challands, the fencing instructor, barks.

"Excuse me while I get my ass beaten by Raven." I smile sarcastically at Lucas as I put my fencing helmet on and walk towards the mats. Raven gives me an smile and then Mr Challands blows his whistle.

I fight hard, each stroke of the sword harder than the last, however my valiant effort was no match for Raven's precise and well rehearsed actions. I pull my helmet off to reveal I had a sweaty forehead and was panting. Who knew fencing was such a work out?

"Good go Rosie, you almost didn't suck." Raven smirks, shaking my hand. I scoff and then walk back to Sandra. Silently I thanked my stars that Raven was still friendly with me. I slumped down the wall and rested my back against it's hard surface.

"Who's sketch book boy?" I ask randomly, breaking the comfortable silence between me and Sandra.

"The one who's always drawing? That's Nathanial. Why'd you ask?"

I shrug and take a long slurp of water. For a while I just stare outside, following the birds flying.

"Nathanial and Roselyn, you're up!" Mr Challands shouts. My head shoots up in shock and I give Sandra a fleeting look and drag my shaking legs up. Nathanial drags himself from Raven and Lucas. His face is set in stones as he pulls his helmet on. I curse under my breath as my eyes begin to flutter. This vision was of a girl that looked just like me, fighting outside in a fire lit space. My arm was ravelled with another's as I clanged my sword against the enemies'. I felt the heat of the fires and the aching in my muscles.

I drag myself out of the trance and realise that I was fighting Nathanial like a pro. We were no longer using the mats and was jumping up on the random tables. He swung at my feet but I easily jumped and front flipped off the table into a battle stance. Mr Challands shouted at us to stop but it was like we were animals. I swung at his middle but he jumped back and onto the thick window ledge. With out hesitation I jumped onto it to and slashed my sword against his. I was panting and lost in concentration but the whole time it felt like I'd done it before. My body moved like this was a dance and I already knew the steps. Raven and Lucas scream at us to stop but we were both to stubborn to surrender. He slashed at me and by instinct I jumped back but I didn't calculate the distance I had. I felt myself falling and as I was about to scream, someone grabbed my arm. Nathanial dragged me and lay me down on the floor. Quickly he ripped my helmet off and looked completely panicked and worried. As I stared into his chocolaty brown eyes I felt a strong pull towards him. He was panting hard and looked like a little boy.

"Roselyn!" Sandra yelps, pushing Nathanial away and helping me up. Multiple stressed if I was okay and I answered with a hazy 'yes'. Raven was scowling at Nathanial and whisper-shouting at him. Lucas gave me the elevator with his eye and then smirked. Everything was a blur but I couldn't stop feeling like I knew Nathanial. Maybe we went to preschool together?

Mr Challands dismisses the class and then we all go back to the changing rooms.

"I thought you said you'd never done this before." Sandra smirks as we walk down the stone spiral stair case,

"I haven't." I respond dryly, yanking my white jacket off.

"Hard to believe when you were just battling like something out of Pirates and the Caribbean!!" She teases with an amused laugh. I glare playfully and then change back into my jumper dress, tights and combat boots. As I walk out the changing rooms Sandra ditches me to do the 'Librarian' roll.

"Hey Roselyn!" A familiar voice calls. I turn around and see Lucas running over to me.

"Hello Lucas." I reply in a monotone voice.

"Don't sound to excited Rose." He smirks.

"Anyway what do you want?" I ask getting slightly irritated as I power walk through the corridors.

"I wanted to see if you were okay, Nathanial's had a lot of experience with sword fighting so he's a hard one to beat."

"Well I'm fine, thanks for asking." I reply slightly more nicer than before. With out realising it I had led us to a ball room. It had a dusty white marble floor with huge diamond chandeliers. The walls were white with golden accents and there was mighty pillars lining the them. An over whelming feeling washed over me as my eyes flutter. I feel my legs buckle and visions flash before my eyes of a girl in a golden dress dancing the night away. She was spun in the air and was smiling brightly at her handsome dance partner. The sound of glasses clinking together, light chatter and orchestra music flooded my ears and the smell of fresh roses suffocated me.

The sound of Lucas calling my name wakes me up. I was lying on the floor with my head in Lucas's lap surrounded by Nathanial, Raven, Sandra and Miss Anne.

"What happened?" I groan, placing a hand on my forehead.

"You tripped and hurt your head." Lucas informs as he helps me up. Nathanial clenches his jaw as he watches Lucas be friendly with me.

"Why were you here in the first place. This area is closed off, meaning you aren't aloud here." Miss Anne stresses as Sandra wraps a protective arm around my petit shoulders.

"I didn't realise, sorry." I mumble, shrinking into Sandra's arm.

"What I wanna know is why didn't Lucas stop her?" Raven snarls, shooting daggers at Lucas.

"It wasn't my fault Roselyn was on a bloody mission! It was like her legs were possessed." He bites back.

"Enough!" Miss Anne snaps, "Sandra please take Roselyn back to her chambers and see to it she is safe."

Sandra smiled and began to lead me away from the group. Miss Anne started snapping at Nathanial and Lucas, telling them to be careful. I turn around and cached Nathanial's eye. When I look at him he's wearing an old fashioned, golden suit with a sword in his waist sling. My eyes flutter and he's back to wearing normal clothes.

"So I need to tell you something and you have to promise not to get mad." Sandra smiles sheepishly as we arrive in my room.

"Ask away. I smile, diving onto my bed and hugging a pillow.

"So you know I told you I have a job in the library? Well most people think it's uncool but it totally isn't because I get to read people's files and stuff and I know I shouldn't but it gets really boring and I'm just curious and I..." She starts to ramble but I interrupt.

"You read my file didn't you?" I say calmly with a small, embarrassed smile.

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