I wasn’t alone


1. Independence

The moment I , Kacey Nympson, finally had 18 years, I started breaking the rules on my own. For Independence.

It was around 2 AM, I can’t remember it well, when I got home drunk. I remember I was with my friends in a bar and I had 8 shots. When I got home I wanted to drink some water but I managed to break a mug. I wanted to get my keys in a cabinet but I dropped them. The scene looked like a robbery had taken place at my house. Sounds pretty weird, huh?

I manage to scramble around, I fell on the stairs a couple of times, the lights were off and I was searching for my room. What made me find my direction was my dog’s snoring. I thought he couldn’t snore but it didn’t really sound like that, It sounded like someone was clearing its throat. I didn’t really care.

The moment I put my head on the pillow I was wondering why haven’t I been knocked out in a sleep like most people that drink alcohol did. I covered myself with a blanket and it felt cold. Not the normal cold, it was chilly, like a freezing breath was covering me. I went to check the air conditioner and it was off. But then when I put my head on the pillow I fell in a long sick sleep.

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