The Four Elements

“You have your night walker the lowest rank vampires they are what we call ‘soul drageons’ its French for soul suckers, they feed off anything and everything very scrawny basically look like death. Then we have day walker’s high rank vampires they can walk in the day light without burning to death and looks completely normal but obviously when feeding eyes go red, most of them think they own the fucking word, and then you have the royals.” Rubie said with a smirk on her face her lips reaching her eyes.
“Millions of years ago the supernatural world was ruled by top three royal super naturals werewolf, witches and vampires. With the vampire royals we have the elements basic four survival elements are earth, fire, water and air, four vampires were born or when turned into a vampire got the gift. They were all females that got the four main elements, then their mates which and control anything that has to do with their mates element. And you my friend are a royal fire element like me I’m t


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1. The Characters an facts about them


Name: Rose Hestia
Age: 125
Element: Fire
Rose became a vampire at 18 because she got infected by a contaminated blade that was used to kill a vampire.

In human appearance, Rose has emerald green eyes, tan olive complexion, and brown with sun bleach blonde highlights hair that you usually wear out in her natural curls. Rose is 5’7 average to tall height hour glass figure with big F14 boobs but very tone waist with a big round booty with very long tone legs
 Rose love to wear trendy clothes.

Rose passionate, warm and quick tempered. Rose is loving fiercely and are extremely protective of her loved ones. She is strong and opinionated and tend to become so absorbed with a particular task that she forget about others around her. She hates to be wrong, and loves the heat. She don't often feel cold, and love the sun. She can be fiery, sassy and headstrong, but she are also capable of being gentle and soft. She have a tough exterior, but is really quite soft and vulnerable on the inside. She are easy to anger, and can be baited easily. She loves pushing her body and doing high intensity workouts. She love activities such as boxing, dancing, flame-throwing and video games.


Name: Laura Aparctias 
Age: 128
Element: Air
Laura became a vampire at 18, because she was a part of a strange experiment involving a blood-craving parasite.
In human appearance Laura looks 18, she has crystal blue eyes, a fair complexion, and a middle part waist length, curly pastel blue hair.
Laura is 5’7 around average to tall height. She has decent size breast about DD14 thin tone long torso with a big round tone booty and normal length legs. Preppy style of clothing.


 Laura bubbly and easily excited. She are intelligent, but a little out of it sometimes. She haves big ideas and are extremely is ambitious. She is kind to others, but can be oblivious and blunt. Laura is honest, but not at all rude or mean. She is adventurous and love exploring and learning. She have lots of friends, and enjoy spending time with her loved ones. She is social and outgoing. She is an extrovert and confident. She is resistant, but more than a little dependant. She tends to make mistakes a lot, but always learn from them. She loves activities that are in the sky, and love heights. She loves hot-air ballooning, sky-diving and bungee-jumping. She enjoy shopping, socialising and taking photos.


Name: Chloe Amphitrite
Age: 100
Element: Water
Chloe became a vampire at 18 because a certain vampire Rose saw her in a forest dying from a wolf attack, Rose bit her saving her life and also thought her character would be useful as a fellow vampire and friend. In human appearance, Chloe have Brown eyes, a very pale complexion, with sun blonde long hair. She like to wear a lot of dark colours. She is short in height at 5’6 with average boobs at D14 with a tone waist and tone booty.

Chloe is cool and calm. She is collected and peaceful. She is kind and laid-back, but when she get angry, you can create quite a storm. Laura are easy-going when it comes to people, and finds it easy to talk to others. She have lots of friends, and share she trust around. She have logic, and intelligence, but she don't flaunt it. Chloe is funny, but not annoying, and have a tranquil personality. She enjoy any water-based activities, including canoeing, swimming, kayaking and surfing. She loves the beach and marine life, and find it easy to connect with her inner-self. She also enjoy yoga and calming exercises, like running, but she don't enjoy high intensity workouts or working out in the gym. She like to write and listen to music.



~~Name: Rubie Gaea
Age: 100
Element: Earth
Vampire blood runs Rubies family. In human appearance, grey eyes, a pale complexion, and long dark brown hair with light brown high lights. Rubie is of average height and petite. Small C12 boobs small tone waist and the height of 5’6
Rubie loves to wear dark navy clothing. She is everybody's friend and is are not someone who can easily get angry.


 Rubie is sweet, gentle and patient. She is selfless and kind, always caring for others. She is shy and quiet, and absolutely adore animals. She feels best in nature, and while Rubie is helpful and compassionate towards others, being around people can make her anxious. She prefer to be on her own, and she only have a small circle of friends. She generally put everyone else before herself, and loves everyone she knows. Rubie is patient, and rarely ever gets angry, she is good-hearted and haves strong morals. She enjoy any activities to do with nature, including hiking, camping and rock-climbing. She are independent and empathetic.




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