The Four Elements

“You have your night walker the lowest rank vampires they are what we call ‘soul drageons’ its French for soul suckers, they feed off anything and everything very scrawny basically look like death. Then we have day walker’s high rank vampires they can walk in the day light without burning to death and looks completely normal but obviously when feeding eyes go red, most of them think they own the fucking word, and then you have the royals.” Rubie said with a smirk on her face her lips reaching her eyes.
“Millions of years ago the supernatural world was ruled by top three royal super naturals werewolf, witches and vampires. With the vampire royals we have the elements basic four survival elements are earth, fire, water and air, four vampires were born or when turned into a vampire got the gift. They were all females that got the four main elements, then their mates which and control anything that has to do with their mates element. And you my friend are a royal fire element like me I’m t


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3. Chapter 2: Rose’s back story……Investigation……..

Rose POV

As I make my way down the school corridors all I could think of is that girl I mean who is she? Where did she come from? What does she want did dad’s blade? How did she know where dad’s secret study was? I was taken out of my thoughts when my body come to a halt looking up only to realise I’m right in front of my English class, I quickly check my phone to see what the time is 9:45am, I’m 45 minutes late great.

I open the door to my English class interrupting Miss Fragle’s mid lecture probably about how disrespectful the class is and how she deserves better. “See what I mean perfect demonstration right here, you’re 45 minutes late Rose, where is your late pass? Let me guess it fell out of your pocket?” Miss Fragle ask with a scrolling tone and a hints of sycasim only making me roll my eyes.

“Just sit down Rose I don’t want to hear it just go take a seat at the back.” Mrs Fragle sighs in frustration as she runs her hand through her platinum blonde hair, turning her back to the class writing down some more homework questions on the board making the whole class groan in frustration. The whole lesson well what’s left of it, I couldn’t pay attention to Miss since all my mind could think about is that girl, it just doesn’t make sense! I’ve always knew something was up with dad’s secret study but this I just can’t explain.

Once the bell rings I pack up my stuff and rush out of the class room making a sharp U tern into the library. “Good morning Rose, how can I help you?” Mrs Loup ask in her thick French accent giving me a warm smile showing off her pearly white perfect teeth. Mrs Loup is the schools librarian she is my favourite teacher in the whole school, she is 37 years old about 5’7 so fairly tall silky jet black hair, with ocean blue eyes always wearing vintage trendy clothing with beautiful tan olive skin.

“Good morning Mrs Loup, I umm need to do some studying am I able to have access to the spare room this break?” I ask lowering my voice, you see I’m not the type of person that you would find in the library, more so outside sitting in the sunlight going on my phone secretly reading a book. While my friends are hanging at our table talking about the latest gossip.

“Yes here is the key to the room and my card to access the online books, you can use the upstairs room since you’ll have access to the faster internet.” Mrs Loup said walking to her desk going through some draws pulling out a bronze key and black key card.

I thank Mrs Loup as I take the key and card walking up the stairs case to the seconds story off the library heading pass all the halls of books it’s just like a maze the way to the back until I see the light grey door with newly painted matt black trims. I unlock the door opening it reviling a small room with a freshly varnish timer corner desk and new IMac set up.

I shut the door behind me walking over to the desk sitting down in the big soft black chair, as I move around the chair I could hear something crunching underneath me. I stand up to see a small little sticky note on the bottom of the chair.

~Tu n’es pas en sécurité, avec le chasseur quand tout est clair, rencontre-moi à la cascade de la forêt~

I insteadly recognise that this writing is French and I knew she wrote this but how did she get in here? How did she know what I was going to do? I log onto the IMac and go onto French translation to English, I type into the French the words by word and click on to translate.

~You're not safe, with the hunter when all is clear meet me at the waterfall in the forest. ~
The hunter does she mean dad and what does she mean all is clears I pull out my phone clicking on my memo recording. I recorded her little self-conversation this morning.

~“J’ai bessoin de truover la fille avant qu’elle ne se transforme en vampire et le chasseur la tue.”~
"I need to find the girl before she turns into a vampire and the hunter kills her."

Vampire, me a vampire is this chick fucking psychotic I close my eyes opening them again letting out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding. I pack up everything opening the door walking down the stairs leaving Mrs Loup’s key and card key in her draw, walking out of the library letting my brain process everything.

Whatever is going on I’m going to find out what it is before shit gets real, say if what this mysterious chick is saying is real. She said she needs to find me before I turn into a vampire right? So how did I turn into a vampire is my father is a vampire hunter? So that crosses off genetics.

So how am I meant to turn into a vampire? The only answers I can get is if I ditch school and investigate dad’s secret study. Only problem I can’t leave school because if I do the school will call dad saying I’m wagging and he will get extremely sussed.

“Rosy are you okay?” I look up to see Ryder we used to be the best of friends when we were little but we went our different ways when we reached high school. I started to hang out with the popular kids and he just hand out with his own little group of cool kids trouble makers I guess.

Ryder has light brown hair with golden brown eyes a small diamond nose stud very well build and good looking. Muscular jaw line and face with high cheek bones with big brawled shoulders, 8pack Vline I mean he’s in the basketball team but he must do something else to stay this fit plus he’s really smart, and tall about 6’3.
“Yeah it’s just I need to go home and look up some stuff but if dad finds out I’m home and ditched school I’ll be in major shit.” I said running a hand through my hair when I remembered when I was little Ryder and I both found dad’s secret study.

“You still on about that secret study Rosy, remember when we were 7 and we wanted to read the adult books you pulled the red book and we found that place and decided we would never tell anyone it was our little secret.” Ryder said chuckling at that memory.

“I’ll call the office pretending to be your dad and say you need to come home early because you have a doctor’s appointment” Ryder said pulling out his phone as I squeal pulling him into a hug. “I will repay you one day Ryder you name it and I’ll do it.” I said kissing his cheek pulling away as he dials the office.

“Hello Grace, this is Darrel Stone I called Rose reminding her about her appointment she has with the doctor Rose so she’ll be leaving right now for her doctor’s appointment this afternoon, since this is the only time I fit her in where it doesn’t affect my work.” Ryder said into the phone.

“Yes thank you Grace Bye.” Ryder said the hug up the phone facing me with z smirk on his face making my eyes light up in joy. “Thanks Ry.” I said then walked out of the school getting into my baby and driving off soling this mystery.

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