The Four Elements

“You have your night walker the lowest rank vampires they are what we call ‘soul drageons’ its French for soul suckers, they feed off anything and everything very scrawny basically look like death. Then we have day walker’s high rank vampires they can walk in the day light without burning to death and looks completely normal but obviously when feeding eyes go red, most of them think they own the fucking word, and then you have the royals.” Rubie said with a smirk on her face her lips reaching her eyes.
“Millions of years ago the supernatural world was ruled by top three royal super naturals werewolf, witches and vampires. With the vampire royals we have the elements basic four survival elements are earth, fire, water and air, four vampires were born or when turned into a vampire got the gift. They were all females that got the four main elements, then their mates which and control anything that has to do with their mates element. And you my friend are a royal fire element like me I’m t


Author's note

Will try to update when can thank you all

2. Chapter 1: Rose's Back story

Rose POV

I woke up groaning to my stupid alarm clock going off I slam my fist on it as I roll of my bed jolting up as my body makes contact with my ice cold timber floor. I walk into my bathroom stripping off my clothing getting into my shower letting the warm water droplets run down my ice cold skin, as shives go up my spine in delight.

I’m not a winter person at frickin all more of a summer person the days get longer my skin get darker, the drinks get colder and my hair goes lighter. I mean seriously summer is the best time of the year.

“ROSE HURRY UP YOU HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL TODAY!” My father screams banging on my door my body trembles in fear with flash backs coming back of last night. I turn the warm water off stepping out of the shower my body freezing. “SHIT!” I cuss forgetting to turn on the floor heater and the exhaust fan, looking at my now fogged up mirror from the steam of my shower.

I flick on my marble heating switch as I dry all the water droplets off my body then walk into my wardrobe putting on a green high waisted cameo pants, Calvin Klein sports bra and black cropped hoodie and my black leather lace up combat boots.

I walk back into my bathroom to see my mirror has cleared up finally I look at myself in the mirror to see the deep purple bruise on my right cheek from last night, I shake my head pushing the incident behind me it was an accident. I keep telling myself more so convincing I lift up my hoodie to check out my shoulders cringing at the massive cut on my shoulder blade.

I put my concealer and some BB cram then my bronzer with some lip gloss then filled in my eye brows with my eye brow gel and put on some mascara. When I’m finished I changed my helix bar putting in my rose gold one, my square diamond studs in my firsts on my earlobe, then my seconds I put in my slightly smaller diamond stud with rose gold trim around it, and for my thirds a small plain rose gold stud then my small rose gold nose ring and belly bar.

I check my appearance loving how big my round booty looks in these pants fitting like a second skin then my black hoodie showing off my tiny waist with my tone abs, my boobs looking big as usual got to love being an E cup, I love my hour glass figure. I brush my mid length light brown with honey blonde and platinum blonde high lights then add some product keeping my hair nice and wavy and not frizzy, I look into the mirror realising my mascara really does make my green eyes pop.

“ROSE I SWEAR TO GOD I-“Dad screams banging on my door I open my door stopping him midsentence, giving him a small smile. Avoiding eye contact as I stand in my door frame letting dad examine my appearance, you can cut the tension in the air with a knife it’s that thick.

Once dad nods his head I speed walk down the halls way making a sharp left turn walking through the living room down the main hallway, passing through the maids chill out room. Just as I’m about to walk into the elevator dad gets in making me turn my hells looking down at the Massive stairs case.


I let out a sigh as I basically run down the stairs case “Screw this.” I mumble getting onto the wooden railing and sliding down the stairs case for about 1 minuet saving a 4 minutes run, I jump off the end walking into the kitchen sculling down my protein shake.

As I finish my last gulp of my shake I could hear dad revving his Lamborghini speeding off down the drive way, I place my drink in the dish washer walking through the chef’s kitchen. Through the laundry room, taking short cut through the screening room and down the hallway. Walking into dad’s office moving the green book in his library, making the wall spin revelling the secret entrance.

I walk down the cold concert stair well and flick on the light switch once I reach the bottom I stop taking a look as I feel my pulse rise. The smashed glass case the blade covered in my blood making my shoulder blade throb, over on the other side is my school bag.

~“WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN HERE!” I freeze like kangaroo caught in head lights my body shaking as my father slowly walk towards me like a lion hunting its prey. I drop my bag I bend down to catch it knocking over dad’s glass case.

“NOOOO!” He screams running towards me I scream out in pains as something penetrates my back sliding down, as my body falls to the ground. “LOOKS WHAT YOU HAVE DONE ROSE……YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!” Dad shouts in a rage before his fist connects with my face making everything go black. ~

“Why would he leave his secret entrance door open?”

“Shit…Shit...Shit...Shit!” I cuss under my breath as the person takes me out of my flash backs I run and jump over the smashed glass cabinet and squeeze my body between dad’s desk and the concert wall hiding from the person.

I could hear the footsteps coming down the stairs when I spot the intruder, but then again I’m not meant to be down here too it’s forbidden. I see her reflection through the glare on the broken glass I thought it was one of the maids but it’s a teenage girl by the looks. She was grey eyes, a pale complexion, with long dark brown hair with light brown high lights. She is about average height 5’6 I think and quite petite small C12 boobs by the looks with a tiny tone waist and round butt.

“The blade.” She whisper yells running to it picking it up the same blade I cut myself on last night what I saw next put me in complete shock. She pulls the blade up to her nose smelling it then lowers it down to her mouth lightly pressing the side of the blade against her tongue licking the blood off it.

That’s wasn’t the freaky part her eyes went from green to blood shot red as she licks her lips closing her eyes letting out a sigh, then reopens her eyes which are now back to its normal colour.

“J’ai bessoin de truover la fille avant qu’elle ne se transforme en vampire et le chasseur la tue.” She whispers in a thick French accent then runs out of the room within seconds like Uasin bolt. All I could make out from what she said was vampire, transform and the.

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