The Four Elements

“You have your night walker the lowest rank vampires they are what we call ‘soul drageons’ its French for soul suckers, they feed off anything and everything very scrawny basically look like death. Then we have day walker’s high rank vampires they can walk in the day light without burning to death and looks completely normal but obviously when feeding eyes go red, most of them think they own the fucking word, and then you have the royals.” Rubie said with a smirk on her face her lips reaching her eyes.
“Millions of years ago the supernatural world was ruled by top three royal super naturals werewolf, witches and vampires. With the vampire royals we have the elements basic four survival elements are earth, fire, water and air, four vampires were born or when turned into a vampire got the gift. They were all females that got the four main elements, then their mates which and control anything that has to do with their mates element. And you my friend are a royal fire element like me I’m t


Author's note

Will try to update when can thank you all
The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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