Eleanor Reid is a 24 year old woman who has a lot more up her sleeve than meets the eye. When an unexpected visitor comes back into her life will she be able to survive, or will she die?


4. Broken


It's as if the world has stopped moving and the air has been sucked right out from around me. I can see the faces of people smiling and laughing from my peripherals but I can no longer hear them, I can no longer feel the warmth of Max's hand on my back, just the inconstant 'lub-dub' coming from my chest.


 "He's here" I whisper feeling my breath fall with the words. I reach back to pull my gun from behind my shirt, never breaking eye contact for fear of losing him yet again.


"Ellie get down!" suddenly I'm back to my surroundings as Max yanks me down to the dead beer soaked grass around us. *POP-POP* the sound of a gun cuts through the air as the crowd begins running away from the festival. I regain my focus and pull my gun out aiming to where I last saw him but now he's gone. "Where was he?" Max pants as he scans around us his gun aimed and ready.


"He was over there by the sunflower field." I point but it't useless, through the crowd of people panicking for safety its impossible to see anything, I take off running.


"ELLIE!" I hear Max scream, but I don't care. I fight my way through the crowd, pushing people in front of me. "Move" I can hear Max getting closer, I get to the edge of the field and stop as I try to catch my breath, I scan around me but he is gone once again. 


"What were you thinking?!"


"I didn't ask for this!" I yelled "He probably wouldn't have even found me if you didn't come here to begin with! This is your fault." I slammed my fists into his chest but instead of fighting back he just stood there, absorbing every punch like a brick wall. "Why aren't you doing anything!"


"I am, I'm keeping you safe." I drop my hands and let them slap against my thighs, Max cups my face in his hands "It'll be okay, we'll get him." I shrug off his gesture, turn my back and walk back towards my apartment.




My door is cracked open when I arrive, from my training I know I shouldn't go on there alone but I don't want to wait for back up. I take my gun back out and push open the door with one hand, trying to make my footsteps as quiet as possible. I hear the sound of metal clattering as if someone is rummaging through my kitchen, I make a sharp turn around the corner and see the intruder bent down looking into a kitchen cabinet, unaware someone else is here.


"Freeze" I say in a stern voice, he jumps startled and slams his head on the top of the counter.


"Ow" he growns as he rubs his head. "Damn that hurt"


"Nate?" I sigh as I put my gun down. "What the fuck"


"Hey love." he says with a smile lowering his hands and resting them on the kitchen island. "Damn what's with the sour face, I thought you'd be happy to see me."


"Why are you here? I thought you wouldn't be back for a couple more weeks."


"We finished the case early, so I thought I'd come surprise you."


"By breaking into my house!"


"I didn't break in sweetheart, I still have my key." He pulled a blue key out of the front pocket on his jeans and set it on the counter. "I wanted to surprise you with dinner, but you don't really have any food."


"I'm not usually home." my voice is cold as I take off my coat laying it on the bar stool "We're not together anymore, you can't just come dropping in whenever you feel like it just because you have a key. Leaving my front door cracked open! Are you crazy? I could have shot you Nate."


"Well usually you're not packing these days, whats up with that anyways did something happen? If something is wrong let me help you." I roll my eyes as I turn to close the front door.


"I don't need your help" I say as I lock the deadbolt. "What's happening in my life is no longer any of your business." I turn around and hes behind me, I push him out of my way before he can speak and head toward my bedroom.


"Come on now." he follows me through the living room and down the hall. "I care about you, I want to make sure you're okay."


"Ha, that's rich coming from you." I laugh "If you cared about me so much you wouldn't have cheated on me." I hear a loud thud as Nate punched the wall. 


"Damn it Ellie. How many times do I have to apologize, I've tried everything I could think of to make it up to you." I turn around and look at him as I try to swallow down the tears that are welling up in my eyes.


"I trusted you, I loved you. I was pregnant! I gave you everything, I opened up to you after everything that's happened to me! and you cheated on me!" I couldn't control it anymore, warm tears ran down my cheeks.


"Ellie I-" I slapped him across the face.


"I hate you, get the fuck out of my house."  I slammed my bedroom door and slid onto the floor.

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