Eleanor Reid is a 24 year old woman who has a lot more up her sleeve than meets the eye. When an unexpected visitor comes back into her life will she be able to survive, or will she die?


2. Black


The hairs on the back of my stand up, the room becomes colder as if winter decided to hit all at once, I go up on my toes and move toward the table in the hallway where I keep a gun under the tabletop as quietly as I can. I move my gun into position and slowly walk toward the sound, I can hear the intruder trying to hold their breath as I get closer, only about 10 steps away now. I take in a deep breath as I prepare myself for what is about to happen, and then there's a knock on my door.


I look toward the door and back but I can tell that they're gone, lifting up the back of my shirt I put the gun between my back and jeans as I open the door.


"Hi, are you Elanor Reid?" I look at the woman standing across from me, I think she lives a floor below but its not like I try to make friends around here.


"Uh, yeah"


"I have your cat." I sigh and roll my eyes as I open up the door wide enough to get him inside, I smile as I shut the door taking Biscuits with me.


"You're a damn idiot, its surprising you've lasted this long." I walk to the window with my coffee cup, the only nice thing about the apartment is the view, you can see the whole town, including what appears to be a circus in right in the center. "Huh, maybe I should give you to the circus." I look at Biscuits as he rolls around waiting for me to play with him .


*Beep Beep*

I walk over the the couch where I had left my pager, the life of a surgeon means never getting a day off even if you request it. I grab my car keys and my jacket before heading out toward my car, it doesn't normally take long to get to the hospital but for some reason there's traffic even thought it's crummy outside, it takes about 15 minutes before I get to the city limits.


I park my car and begin to head toward the main doors of the hospital. "Hey Randall" I wave at the security guard at the front desk, but the look on his face tells me something is very wrong.


"Eleanor Reid?" A deep voice calls from behind me, I turn around and see 3 tall bulky men in black suits approach me.


"How can I help you?" The man in the middle reaches into his pocket and pulls out his FBI badge, I feel my heart beat start double timing  as my hands get clammy.


"You need to come with us." My mouth opens but no words are coming out as I see the man to his left reach into his pocket pulling out another badge, my badge. He hands it to me and I open it up -Eleanor Reid, FBI BAU.


"I don't understand I said I was done with the BAU years ago." I stare at my badge trying to control the shakiness of my hands when I feel someone touch my shoulder from behind.


"Ellie, hes come back" and then everything is black.


Joseph Conrad said. "The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness."

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