Violet eyes

In this world you are sorted not by intelligence or capability, but on your eye colour. If you have blue eyes you are a royal you can be a king or a queen, a duke or a duchess. If you have brown or hazel eyes you are middle class, you live in a village and have jobs like farming or baking. If you have green eyes you are a slave or a servant. If you are very rare and have purple eyes you get taken away from your family and friends and brought where? No one knows.


1. good byes

On your fifteenth birthday you get sorted into your way of life. If you’re a blue you get a royal title. If you’re a brown you get a job. If you’re a green you get shipped away to work. If you’re a purple you get taken and brought who knows where. Today is my fifteenth birthday and I’m dreading it more than anything. All of my friends will get royal titles on their birthday because like their family they are blues. That’s normally how it works, if your family has blue eyes, you have blue eyes. Of course there is sometimes a person who doesn’t have the same colour eyes as their family, but as I said that’s rare. However it’s even more rare if you have purple eyes like me. My name is Sash Sinclair and I am the daughter of the king of Rubyfire (there are seven kingdoms, Rubyfire, Diamondfire, Amberfire, Topazfire, Quartzfire, Pearlfire, Emeraldfire). I would have been his heir to the throne except my eyes are purple and that means the throne goes to my irresponsible younger brother Blaze. Blaze has always acted entitled. He thinks he do what ever he wants whenever he wants. It makes me so angry to know that he is the one who will get the throne, not me.

My whole life I knew the day where I was brought to the unknown would come but I never truly believed it would happen. I never truly believed I would go from the princess of Rubyfire to the girl with purple eyes who, like all of them, was taken away. As I sit up on my bed I wish I could stay here in my home with all my exquisite clothing and dazzling jewelry. However I know that there is no way out of my destiny, so I will face the music and join my life’s path like everyone even if I don’t want to. After I get dressed into my traveling clothing I begrudgingly pack a bag with all my favourite outfits and accessories I make my way down the gigantic staircase into the grand hall. In the grand hall my parents are talking to a woman, the woman was skinny with wavy dirty blond hair. As she turns around I see that her face is covered in freckles and she seems to be only a few years older me, probably around twenty. I gasp as I look into her eyes, they are like mine, a vibrant violet.

“Yes it can be surprising when you see someone else with purple eyes, but don’t worry you get used to it.” The woman chuckles “where are my manners, my name is Lacy Grenlea and I am here to take you to the place where you will start the rest of your life.”

“Excuse me?” I look at my father hoping he will say something but he just stands there not meeting my eye.

“Good you already have a bag packed, say your good byes and then we will leave. We have a long journey ahead of us.” Lacy said ignoring me. I look around the grand hall and it seems my parents are the only ones who came to say goodbye.

“We just wanted this moment to be with your family.” My mother said as if reading my message mind.

“Then where is Blaze he is part of the family.” I say. Even though I just want to fall to the ground crying I keep my face like stone because I don’t want the last thing my parents remember is me sobbing at there feet begging to stay and skip my fate.

“Your brother should be here any second.” As my father speaks Blaze comes walking in the room. Once he stops in front of us he takes one look at the scene and tears start welling in his eyes. I run over to him and take him in a huge embrace.

“ I will never forget you, do you understand.” I whisper into his ear.

“Stay safe.” Is his only response. Next I hug my mother who is sobbing into a a handkerchief. I nod to my father and he nods back neither of us has shed a tear because we both know we need to be strong. But what I wasn’t expecting was when he came over and gave me a swift embrace and whispered

“I know you don’t want to go, I don’t want you to go. You would have made a great queen but if you don’t leave then the order is broken and the kingdom will break out in chaos. But do something for me okay, give them hell.” Then he let go and left me in awe because that was the nicest thing he has ever said to me.

“Alright it is time to go.” Lucy says and she picks up my bag then we walk out of the beautiful oak double doors. I do not look back because I know if I do I will start to cry, so I just keep my head forward as I enter the carriage. Then we start moving and only now do I let the tears that I have hidden flow.

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