It'll Be A Spies Life For Me

An Aot/Snk AU
I've added my OC and her twin sister by the way



My breath was fast. Blood. Screams. Piercing screams. Help! I'm dying. Lucy's dying. Everything's black, no, wait, everything's red, blood red.


I sat up, my eyes wide open, cold sweat layered across my brow. I sighed, the nightmares are back again.

I swung my legs off my bed, I groaned and stretched, all my joints popping as I moved.

I pulled a dressing gown across my chest to cover up a bit. I sighed and opened the door trudging down the stairs to the kitchen, where I saw Captain Levi, along with Hanji, Erin, Mikasa, Jean and Marco.

"Hi guys." I said grumpily.

Hanji sat up, "Nightmares again?" She asked.

I nodded.

Hanji nodded as well, then went back to talking with the captain.

Everyone went back to what they were doing, Captain Levi talking to Hanji, Jean and Marco flirting, and Erin and Mikasa arguing, actually, I think those two didn't even stop.

I got myself some breakfast and went to boil the kettle. I sighed and rubbed my eyes, trying to get rid of the nightmare. The kettle had finished and I instinctively went for the tea draw.

Captain Levi smacked my hand away.

"Hey! What was that for?!" I asked.

Levi glowered at me.

"Shortcake." I said mockingly.

Captain Levi's glare intensified.

I smirked.

"Oh come on Levi, let her get a drink!" Suggested Hanji.

He removed his hand from the draw, "Fine." He said forcefully.

I smirked again, I poured myself a cup of tea.

"What's today's time?" I asked before I went up the stairs.

Marco looked up, "Twelve."

I nodded, continuing on my way back to my room.

I opened the creaky door and stepped into the grey box that is my room.

I picked up my phone to play some music. I got dressed into my normal clothes (FOB t-shirt, ripped black jeans and converse).

"Rube? Are you decent?" I heard Jean say from the corridor.

I opened the door, "Morraly, no. But otherwise, yes I'm wearing clothes."

He handed me a box, "Equipment for today."

I nodded "Ok." I took the box and had a look through, everything was marked with 'R.E.D' in big red lettering. My equipment, there was no doubt about that.

I dug through the box to find the new Bluetooth, and hand gear.

"'Light invisible high quality Bluetooth headset.'" I read out from the plastic package, I slipped the Bluetooth into my ear and rigged it up to the tester, well, it worked alright, now for the hand gear. I was a slick-looking, spider-like, wiry glove-thing.

I slipped the hand gear on, I flexed my fingers to allow it to adjust to my long fingers.

It clicked into place, once I was satisfied, I slipped on my signature black arm warmers, embroidered with neon flowers and stripes.

I kept digging through the box, finding all the new gear.

"Holy crap this shit is amazing!" I exclaimed. I had just found a nail varnish coated with memory storage capsules, and what's more, it was black, and the capsules looked like blue and purple glitter.

I painted my nails and noticed it was the new insta-dry stuff.

I rigged up all the new gear, checking it worked, then I found the x-Ray concealer, spraying it on the equipment, I smiled, this was probably one of my favourite parts of being a spy.

I walked down the stairs, still smiling at my new gear, I flexed my fingers, earning me looks from everyone.

"What? You guys know I always love the new gear." I said innocently.

They all chuckled and smiled (except the Captain of course).

"So," I said clapping my hands together, "Where are we off to this time? And for how long?"

Captain Levi checked his phone, "I just got the email from Commander Eyebrows, he says that our team is going; Spain, Sweden, Norway, Russia. One month in Spain, one in Sweden, two in Norway and three in Russia." He informed us.

I nodded, "Cool, I like Norway and Russia, I have an contact in Moscow." I told them, I downed my drink and picked up my backpack.

My new camera hung proudly around my neck.

"Do you have to bring that thing?" Questioned Erin irritably.

I rolled my eyes, "Duh, surveillance. I can look like a tourist while actually scoping out the area."

"Hey Rube, the new contacts look good on you." Laughed Jean, prompting everyone to look at my eyes.

We all had contact cameras, they were like prescription stuff, but mine were still the colour my eyes were when I first joined, bright green. Since I first joined my eyes had faded to a steely grey.

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