It'll Be A Spies Life For Me

An Aot/Snk AU
I've added my OC and her twin sister by the way


1. Just So You Know

Ok so, before we start, the is an Aot/Snk fanfic, it's an AU set in modern day England.

The military is a spy organisation.

MP = data protection agency, the store information gathered by the others and keep British secrets safe.

Garrison = border intelligence, they gather information on other countries but stay in England.

Scouts = missionarys, these guys are the 'proper' spies, meaning, they are the people who are sent on the missions to other countries. They are often provided with the latest technology, before even the government know about it.

I am on the Scouts, yeah, I know, there's very few girls on the scouts, but who cares, there's Mikasa, Hanji and Sasha, so I'm ok. Hi. I'm R.E.D, Ruby Elizabeth Dyner (Die-ner), me and my sister Lucy work for the military. I'm a scout, she's an mp.

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