Boku no Dangan Academia

Hope's Peak Academy is a school renowned for educating the best of the best and ensuring they have futures that others could only dream of. They say if you go to this school, you are set for life.

Enter Midoriya Izuku, the Ultimate Lucky Student and a killing game that plans to bring Ultimate Despair.

(My Hero Academia x Danganronpa crossover. Updates should hopefully be every Monday.)


1. Welcome to Hope's Peak

I’ve always admired Hope’s Peak Academy. A school where the best of the best go to enhance their skills and are raised to change the world. It is said that if you go to Hope’s Peak, you are set for life. An academy of Ultimates and my biggest dream was to one day join them. Of course, that doesn’t really work when you aren’t the best at what you do, so my chances of getting in were pretty slim.

People told me I’d be the luckiest guy in the world if I managed to get in.

Boy, they were more correct than they thought.

The first day of term at Hope’s Peak is well-known throughout the country. Forums talk about the newest students, news reporters try to get as much info as they can and the public watch clips of everything happening. I normally watch as well, though I definitely wasn’t expecting to be walking in myself this year, clutching an invitation.

I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Midoriya Izuku and I’m the Ultimate Lucky Student.

It’s definitely a new talent. The school did a nation-wide lottery, where a Japanese student would be chosen and informed they had ultimate luck. I guess weird things happen which help me at times, but I wouldn't have said I was particularly lucky. In fact, I was tempted to decline, since I don't have a proper talent. But, it has always been my dream and Mum kinda had a go at me when I suggested it.

As I walk up to the front doors, I can sense something changing in the atmosphere. It feels more elite. Like the world is changing and, from here, we will be able to see it all. I can still hardly believe it. The best students in the country and I’m about to join them.

However, stepping through those doors, something changes again. The school in front of me is getting more blurry and the thousands of thoughts in my head are becoming increasingly more tangled.

I think… I need to… have a sit down… for a second…

Then, I black out.

…   …..  ….  ..  ……….

When I finally come to, my surroundings are a lot different. I’m in a hallway, yes, but it’s definitely not the same one I initially blacked out in. Maybe someone saw me and moved me out of the way?

But looking around, I can’t see anyone. The corridor is completely barren, to the point of being slightly eerie. You’d think the school would be full of students by now, wouldn’t it?

Wait, what time is it?

When I look at my watch, I can’t help but yelp out in surprise. The entrance ceremony was supposed to have started 5 minutes ago! Is that why there’s no one else here?

Either way, I really need to get going. Grabbing the letter next to me, I start running to find the hall. In a school as big as this, it’s definitely a challenge. Especially as it turns out, as I have to run down stairs, that someone put me out of the way, on the first floor. Luckily, I manage to find my way back to the corridor I was initially in and figure out where the entrance to the hall is. (Although the fact the school’s doors are completely sealed informs me that I’m definitely late.)

I run to the entrance to the hall and almost crash into the large group of people as I get there. Thank goodness the ceremony hasn’t started yet. Does that mean I’m not really late?

Unfortunately, a student with dark hair seems to think otherwise. “You there, with the green hair! Don’t you know that you were supposed to be here exactly 9 minutes ago?!”

“Sorry!” I say, feeling slightly awkward. “I blacked out as I was coming in and for some reason woke up on the first floor. It took a while to figure out how to get here.”

A brown-haired girl then turns to the guy and says, “See, Iida? He’s in exactly the same situation as us! We can’t blame him if he woke up in such a random place. The only reason you got here so early was because you woke up right by the entrance!”

I’m confused by this. “Wait, so other people blacked out as well?”

The girl looks back at me and smiles. “We all did. The moment we stepped into the school, everyone got light-headed and woke up in different parts of the school. But, now that you’re here, this must be the whole class!”

A girl with a ponytail looks surprised at this statement and asks, “Why do you think that?”

“Isn’t it obvious? 16 students seems like a good number for a class!”

Everyone looks like they want to argue against this statement, but can’t really find a reason to.

The ponytail girl shakes her head and instead says, “Well, why don’t we all introduce ourselves? Our method so far has been a bit haphazard, so doing so as a group would probably be a lot easier.”

Then a familiar voice yells out, “Fine, but I’m going to go first, since you’re all just extras!”

I turn my head. “Kacchan! You’re here too!”

Kacchan rolls his eyes at the statement. “Of course I am, idiot. I’m the ultimate Pyrotechnician. But why the hell are you here, Deku? You aren’t good at anything.”

Flashbacks to when we were younger begin. I’ve been in the same class as Kacchan for most of our lives and he never let anyone forget that he was going to be the one to go to Hope’s Peak. With his knack of making fires and explosives, no one doubted him for a second, least of all the teachers. Of course, that only seemed to fuel his ego and encourage him to pick on me more.

I try to smile at him. “I’m the Ultimate Lucky Student!”

He stares for a second, then starts laughing. “You’re kidding me, right? That’s not a talent. You’ve never been lucky in your entire life. Are you sure they didn’t mean the Ultimate Unlucky Student?”

“Hey, that’s not nice! Knock it off,” scolds the nice girl from before. She then smiles at me again. “Oh yeah, I’m Uraraka Ochako, the Ultimate Builder. Nice to meet ’cha, Deku!”

“Yeah, my name isn’t actually Deku. That’s just the nickname Kacchan gives me. My name’s actually Midoriya Izuku.”

The girl frowns at this information. “Really? Alright then, nice to meet ‘cha, Midoriya!”

The class then looks at the guy who originally told me off.

“Greetings, Class 1-A! My name is Iida Tenya and I’m the Ultimate Moral Compass. I hope we can all get along and follow the rules.” An ultimate talent like that was expected. I think I read on the forums before that he’s been President of all of his classes from the moment the position began. So, if such a position is available here, it’s highly likely that he’ll take it.

Next is the girl with the ponytail. “Hi, I’m Yaoyorozu Momo, the Ultimate Magician.”

The guy next to her gets really excited by this idea. “Really, what kind of tricks can you do?”

Yaoyorozu looks like she was expecting this question, as she’s somehow able to pull a pencil from her arm. I have no idea how she does it and, from the expressions of the other students, it looks like they don’t know either.

The guy from before starts grinning like a child on Christmas and goes, “That was so cool! Again! Again!”

Then, a girl with shorter dark hair lightly hits him on the arm. “Stop it Denki, that’s rude! Anyway, I’m Jiro Kyoka, the Ultimate Programmer and that’s Kaminari Denki, the Ultimate Gamer. I apologise in advance for him.”

Kaminari starts pouting. “Kyoka, that’s rude!”

From this interaction it seems clear that those two already know each other. As if understanding the unspoken question, Jiro clarifies, “We’ve been friends for as long as we can remember. Whenever I make a new program, he tends to be the one to test it out for me.”

The focus then moves onto a guy with bright red hair. “Hey, I’m Kirishima Eijiro and I’m the Ultimate Team Manager! I organise sports teams and keep them happy.”

A guy with purple hair says, “Hello, I’m Minoru Mineta, Ultimate Baseball Star. I hope we can all… get acquainted with each other.” For some reason, I don’t like the tone he uses and from the uncomfortable expressions around us, neither does anyone else.

The next two girls introduce themselves quickly, edging away from Minoru. The bright pink girl introduces herself as Ashido Mina, the Ultimate Scientist, while the girl in green says she’s Asui Tsuyu, the Ultimate Swimmer.

The next guy looks like he was practically sparkling as he prepared to speak. “Aoyama Yuga, the Ultimate Fashionista, at your service. If anyone needs a makeover, I’d be happy to help. Speaking of which…” He looks at the boy covered in animals next to him, who laughs slightly.

“I’m fine thanks. The animals are very picky about the type of clothing they can sit on. I’m Ojiro Mashirao, the Ultimate Animal Breeder. And this is the gang,” he says, gesturing to the small birds sitting on his head and shoulders.

“They seem very calm,” a guy with dark, spikey hair comments. “I’m Tokoyami Fumikage, the Ultimate Flier. It’s a bit of a difficult talent to practise in a school though.”

“Have you tried prosthetic wings? I’ve got materials that could be useful,” suggests a guy with similar hair, albeit slightly calmer. “The name’s Sero Hanta and I’m the Ultimate First Aider. So if you ever get hurt, I’m happy to help!” At the wings suggestion, Tokoyami seems to be nodding slowly, considering it.

There’s one person left, with heterochromic eyes and white-red hair. He looks up, almost in surprise at the attention. “Uh, I’m Todoroki Shoto. I’m… the Ultimate Affluent Progeny.”

I recognise the name Todoroki. His family own a huge financial conglomerate called the Endeavour Cooperation. Through it, they pretty much control the whole of Japan. Though, he seems slightly uncomfortable with his talent.

As if the school was waiting for us to finish our introductions, the door to the hall suddenly opens, allowing us to enter.

And so begins our new school life here at Hope’s Peak.

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