Boku no Dangan Academia

Hope's Peak Academy is a school renowned for educating the best of the best and ensuring they have futures that others could only dream of. They say if you go to this school, you are set for life.

Enter Midoriya Izuku, the Ultimate Lucky Student and a killing game that plans to bring Ultimate Despair.

(My Hero Academia x Danganronpa crossover. Updates should hopefully be every Monday.)


2. Welcome to Despair

When we first go in, the hall seems completely empty. Aren’t entrance ceremonies normally supposed to involve lots of teachers? I know Hope’s Peak isn’t a normal school, but you’d think it would have some similarities.

It’s only when we’re all inside the hall that something seems… off. The doors swing shut behind us and, while there’s no sound of a lock, I get the impression that we aren’t supposed to leave until we’re told we can.

I look around us. Despite the hall seeming unusually clean, it looks like an average sports hall. You’d think the best school in the country would have something more… elite? But, maybe that’s just me having unrealistic expectations.

“Excuse me! May I have everyone’s attention please?” A voice comes from behind me. I thought it would be the head teacher, but as I turn around, there seems to be a bear behind a microphone.

A polar bear?

Kaminari seems to be the first to speak. “Woah, a talking bear? That’s so cool! What are you, robotic or something?”

The bear seems disgruntled by that. “I’ll have you know, I’m your Headmaster. My name is Nezu and- Would you get off of me?!”

Whatever Nezu was planning on saying next is interrupted by Uraraka and Jiro examining his paws. If he is robotic, they’re probably trying to find out more information.

“Hmm, the material is very light, which explains the fluidity of its movements. Though how the inventor was able to find material light enough to use and strong enough to be stable, I have no idea.” Jiro says critically, moving the paw up and down slowly.

“Wow, the fur is so soft! I’ve never worked with fabric this soft before, even when we had to make handmade baby clothes for my cousins.” Uraraka exclaims. She’s only stroking the fur on the other paw repeatedly.

“I said, get off of me! Children these days are so rude. You don’t just go around playing with people’s paws. It’s common decency!” At this, the girls reluctantly step away, Uraraka looking somewhat ashamed of herself, while Jiro just looks annoyed. I have a feeling she may try to find out more at another time.

Nezu cleared his throat (somehow), before beginning again. “Right, where were we? Ah, yes. Welcome to Hope’s Peak Academy. From this day forward, this school is your entire life!”

That’s weird. I know the school’s important, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it should be our entire life. Kacchan seems to feel the same, though he expresses it in his own way.

“What the hell do you mean, our entire life? In three years, we’ll be rid of this dump and move on with our lives, same as any past students.”

For some reason, Nezu begins to frown. “Ah, there seems to have been some miscommunication here. You won’t be leaving in three years. When I said this school is your entire life, I meant it. From this day onwards, you will remain here until the day you die.”


“You’re kidding, right? That’s not a thing!” Kirishima says disbelievingly. “No one else has lived here their whole lives. Why should we?”

“It’s a new process.” Nezu explains, shifting slightly. “Though there is one way of being able to leave. We call it the Graduation Clause. If you successfully graduate from Hope’s Peak, you will be able to go home and never return.”

Aoyama sighs in relief. “Thank goodness! So, how to we graduate?”

“That’s where things get interesting. You see, the process you need to follow to graduate is simple. In order for life in this school to run smoothly, peace must be maintained. If someone were to ruin that peace, they would naturally have to leave. So, all you have to do is kill one of your classmates and get away with it!”

Again, WHAT?

Iida’s the first to speak up this time. “How could you say such a thing?! We would never kill anyone, let allow our fellow classmates!”

“Then you’d better get used to living here,” Nezu smiles. “Because from this moment, your killing school life has begun.”

No one else has anything to say, so Nezu just turns to leave. “I’ll summon you all later for your first temptation. For now, though, I’d recommend settling in and getting to know each other. Of course, you may not have the chance to know certain people for very long…”

With that, he’s gone and a heavy silence has fallen over the room. The people we’ve only just begun to know are apparently now potential murderers or potential victims. It’s clear that we aren’t supposed to trust each other and some people are definitely taking that to heart.


“Well, if he hadn’t made himself a clear potential victim before, he definitely has now.” Todoroki murmurs next to me, almost making me cry out in surprise in the process. How is he able to move that quietly?!

I rub the back of my neck and chuckle. “Well, Kacchan isn’t exactly known for making friends. If there’s ever an opportunity for him to remind everyone he’s above them, he’s going to take it.”

“You seem to know him well. How long have you been friends?” Todoroki asks curiously.

I start coughing in surprise at this question. “Whatever relationship I have with Kacchan, I think I’d compare it more to a concerned classmate than a friend. He’s never exactly had a positive attitude towards me.”

Todoroki raises an eyebrow. “Is that so? Forgive me then for assuming. The familiar tone you two used, combined with the use of the nicknames brought me to the conclusion your relationship was similar to that of Jiro and Kaminari.”

I laugh. I think their relationship would be the exact opposite of ours. But, before I can say anymore I’m suddenly being dragged away by Uraraka. I manage a wave goodbye at Todoroki before I have to turn in the direction I’m being pulled, for fear of falling over.

When we finally stop, it seems Uraraka’s brought me to Iida. “Guys, we should all see what our rooms look like. You two seem trustworthy enough, so I should be safe in a group like this!”

Iida seems concerned. “Uraraka, are you really that worried about this whole killing idea? It seems preposterous and highly immoral to me that one of us would kill someone, especially if that person is in the same class as us.”

Rather than answering the question, Uraraka exclaims, “Please, call me Ochako! If we want to survive in this place, we’ll have to work together and trust each other. What better way to begin doing that than by referring to each other by our first names?”

Iida nods in agreement with this. “Very well. You may refer to me as Tenya if you wish.”

“Ooh, Midoriya, can I call you Deku like Bakugo does?!”

I feel uncomfortable about that. “That’s probably not a good idea. Kacchan normally calls me Deku as a way of calling me an idiot.”

Both of the students in front of me frown at this.

“That’s not very nice,” Ochako says thoughtfully. Then her eyes brighten again. “Aha! So it’s a name you have negative thoughts about, right? Why don’t you retake the name and make it positive. If you let me use it, I can use it as a way to seeing you as a friend. Then, you’ll feel happier about it.”

I can see her point. Plus, Ochako looks like she finds the idea of a nickname very exciting, so I might as well give in now. “Fine. Use it if you want.”

“Yay! Now, let’s go and find the rooms!” She starts skipping away quickly, leaving us to follow after quickly.

It takes a while to figure out where the rooms are, especially since half turn out to be on the ground floor while the others are on the first floor. It seems that Tenya’s room is downstairs, while mine and Ochako’s are upstairs. From looking at all of our rooms, we come to the conclusion that they are all nearly identical, apart from the fact the rooms downstairs haven’t got locks on the huge wardrobes, while the ones upstairs do.

“Actually, that’s not quite right,” a voice from a monitor in the corner of my room states. We all seem very confused by it until the screen shows a visual of Nezu, presumably sitting in his office.

“What do you mean ‘not quite right’?” Ochako asks.

“Well, you were correct in the finding that only some of the wardrobes lock. However, it is only the girls’ wardrobes that lock. Don’t ask me why; this was already in place when I took over.”

“Why is mine locked then? I can’t open it at all!” I ask.

“Ah, that’s because you ended up with the one with the faulty door; it’s not locked, just broken. In order to open it, you have to lift the handle up slightly before pulling it.”

Geez, despite being the Ultimate Lucky Student, I sure don’t get much out of it.

As Nezu’s giving the explanation, Tenya goes over to the wardrobe to make sure what he’s saying is correct. When the door clicks open, it seems clear to all of us that it is.

Nezu smiles and it suddenly becomes clear to me that there must be a camera somewhere in the room. That’s a slightly unnerving thought.

“Okay, that’s all I wanted to say! You have an hour of free time before I would like us all to reconvene at the computer lab. There’s something there you’ll need to see.”

As Tenya gives his farewells and promises that we’ll be there on the dot, a shiver goes through me at the idea of whatever we’ll be shown in the computer lab. After the reveal about the killing game, I’m not sure it’s going to be anything good.

“If we only have one hour, I’m afraid that I must leave you two for now,” Tenya says apologetically. “It’s vital that we create as many relations with our fellow classmates as we can, if we are to stay here permanently, and the best place for me to start with that is to find out who else is downstairs.”

“That’s cool!” Ochako replies, “We’ll just be hanging out here if you want to come back later, right Deku?”

I’m momentarily surprised by the fact Ochako seems to have invited herself into my room for the hour, but it makes sense. There’s not really anywhere else we need to go yet. “Uh, yeah, sure! Have fun talking to the others!”

Tenya gives one last smile before leaving the room and shutting the door, leaving us to try and figure out what to do for the rest of the hour.

“So, uh, Ultimate Builder, huh? That sounds pretty cool.” I comment.

Ochako laughs slightly at this. “My whole family works in the building industry, so my earliest memories were of half-finished houses and worn-out workers.” Suddenly her eyes widen at what she’s saying and adds hastily, “Not that I was forced into building! Quite the opposite actually. Dad always wanted me to do anything but build houses. I kinda came to a compromise with this by expanding to building other things as well.”

She closes her eyes and gently smiles. “I just want to be able to build things that people will get excited by, ‘cus if people are willing to pay more for my buildings, they might be more willing to pay more for my family’s buildings as well. If it gets to the point where my family can live comfortably, rather than continuing to struggle with making ends meet, I’ll know I’ve done my job properly. Anything else would be a bonus.”

I remember seeing people talking about her abilities on the forums before we came to school. From seeing the pictures, it looks like more than just “houses and other things”. There were even some rumours that Hope’s Peak only wanted Ochako to study with them so she could eventually help with building a second Hope’s Peak Academy overseas.

Ochako then opens her eyes again and stares at me. “But enough about me! Do you have any other family?”

“It’s always just been me and my mum at home. Dad left when I was too young to remember him and Mum’s never had any interest in siblings. Though I know what you mean about families making ends meet, because she had lots of small jobs when I was younger. Luckily, that’s not so much of a problem now,” I explain.

If possible, Ochako’s expression brightens. “Wow, looks like we’ve got lots in common!”

For the rest of the hour, I think I finally get a feel of what it’s like to have a best friend. We talk about anything that comes to mind, from things in our past to hopes for the future. Before we know it, there’s only 10 minutes left and we decide to go and figure out where the Computer Lab is.

I don’t know what’s going to happen when we get there, and it’s still worrying to think about whatever ‘killing school life’ Nezu has in store for us. But, unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing until we get there

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