Boku no Dangan Academia

Hope's Peak Academy is a school renowned for educating the best of the best and ensuring they have futures that others could only dream of. They say if you go to this school, you are set for life.

Enter Midoriya Izuku, the Ultimate Lucky Student and a killing game that plans to bring Ultimate Despair.

(My Hero Academia x Danganronpa crossover. Updates should hopefully be every Monday.)


4. To Survive

While this whole situation has been confusing for me, there is definitely one thing I know when I wake up.

This is not the same room I blacked out in.

The rest of the class are scattered around the hall and, while they’re pretending not to stare, I know everyone is aware I’m awake. When I count the number of students and see we’re one down, my heart sinks. There’s no way it would have been a dream, but I’d wanted to deny reality for a little bit longer.

Uraraka Ochako, our friend and classmate, is gone forever. We’ll never be able to see her smile or try to cheer us up again. I can feel her absence in the air of the room and I’m sure the others can too, judging by the deathly silence.

Tenya is the first to speak up, though it takes a second to realise he’s talking to me.

“How are you feeling, Izuku? It looked like you’d hit your head with some force.”

I lift my hand up to the back of my head, wincing when I feel a sharp pain. I was so caught up with thinking about Ochako, I didn’t even realise I’d hurt myself.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I mumble, more for my own benefit than his. “Why are we here though?”

Tenya looks like he’s not sure how to answer, when Todoroki speaks up.

“When we found out Uraraka had been killed, Nezu told us that we needed to meet down here. After those DVD threats, I don’t think anyone’s planning on disobeying any time soon.”

At the name, I suddenly get angry. “Nezu must have been the one to kill Ochako, right? It can’t have been anyone else!”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to think again, Mr Midoriya,” a voice calls out from the podium. “Because I certainly didn’t kill her. One of you did.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?!” Kacchan yells, surprising no one. “Why would someone do something stupid like that?”

“I’m afraid only the killer can answer something like that, though it does bring me onto the next part of the Graduation Clause.” Nezu says smiling. “You see, while the killer has done very well with the first part of the clause, they still need to get away with the murder. In order to do this, they will need to get through a class trial, where everyone will have to state their arguments as to who they think committed the murder and then vote for the culprit. If the majority vote correctly, the killer will be punished accordingly. But! If you choose the wrong person, then I’ll punish everyone besides the killer, and allow them to graduate.”

Mineta narrows his eyes suspiciously. “What kind of punishment are we talking about here?”

Nezu’s smile widens, as if he was hoping someone would ask that question. I have a horrible feeling about his answer.

“Well, murder is a serious matter, you know. Naturally, it wouldn’t do for the punishment to be anything less than execution.”

It’s clear what he’s saying hasn’t been lost on anyone. If we don’t find out who the killer is… we all die…

“Anyway, I understand that you are all new to this detective work, so I’ve arranged some basic information about the subject, which will appear on your e-handbooks.”

There’s a beep from the object in our pockets which confirmed this.

“Okay then. Enjoy!”

He disappears and the room falls into silence once more. I look at the other students; everyone seems to be dealing with what we just learnt differently. Some are examining the e-handbook; some are staring into space; some look like they are trying to focus on random objects in the room, while blinking back tears. But whatever people are doing, there’s one thing that’s the same all around.

No one is happy about this situation.

Then suddenly, the people reading their handbooks simultaneously widen their eyes in shock and look at each other, as if to confirm that what they are reading is true. I should probably read it as well, but before I can read my hand into my pocket to get it, they look at me with the same expression.

It looks like they seem shocked and betrayed, though I’m slightly unsure as to why. What have I done?

Yaoyorozu speaks hesitantly. “Midoriya… Is what the handbook’s saying true? Was… was Uraraka really killed in your room?”

I’m surprised at the tone and question, but say, “Yeah. We switched rooms for the night and-“

Before I could continue, the implications of that fact dawned on me, combined with why everyone suddenly looks so scared of me.

“Wait! You think I killed Ochako?” I ask, shocked at the idea.

“Can you blame us?” Aoyama asks, almost offended at how baffled I am. “She was killed in your room and she had no reason to be there. I’m guessing you don’t have an alibi and you weren’t aware at the time that this whole class trial and investigation would be happening. The odds aren’t exactly in your favour.”

“But still! Ochako was my friend! What possible reason would I have for killing her?!”

Kaminari seems uneasy with joining in, but says, “We all saw a lot of awful things in those DVDs. For some people, it might be enough to push people over the edge and make them want to do anything to escape.”

Tenya seems to have had enough with the others ganging up on me and walks over to stand next to me. “That’s enough! We can’t go around accusing people of murder without any solid evidence, especially considering how distressed this whole ordeal has made everyone. Instead, I’d advise everyone to use their time wisely, by gathering up as much evidence as to what really happened as possible, before it’s time for the class trial.”

Luckily everyone seems to agree with this.

“In that case, I think we need two people to stand at the scene of the crime and keep watch.” Kirishima suggests. “Otherwise the culprit might try to get rid of any crucial evidence.”

“I’ll do it.” Jiro volunteers.

Tokoyami nods his head in agreement. “As will I.”

And with that, everyone seems satisfied and goes to start their individual investigations. I can see from the uneasy looks people give me that I’m still the number one suspect, but that only makes me more determined to find the culprit. Otherwise, we might all die.

I start walking out of the hall, making a plan as I go, when I get stopped by Todoroki.

“If you don’t mind, would you join me in investigating?” he asks. “I think your input would be particularly valuable.”

I’m surprised at the proposal. “Sure, but why? Don’t you think I’m the murderer too?”

Todoroki shrugs his shoulders at that. “There’s no way to know the truth without investigating. If you are, I’ll be able to find more evidence against you as we go. If not, I think you were close enough to Uraraka that anything you can provide may make or break the case.”

I can see his point. And while I don’t particularly like the idea of him analysing me the whole time, at the moment, I need all the allies I can get.

Todoroki nods, sensing that I’m in agreement with him, before heading towards the stairs. Unsurprisingly our first destination is my room, the room which started it all.

--------------------------------------------------INVESTIGATION START! ----------------------------------------------------

It’s silent when I first walk through the door, but it was the kind of silence you hear when you know everyone in the room was talking about you beforehand. It’s not very surprising in this case, but while I’m busy thinking about that, Todoroki’s already started investigating by walking over to Ochako.

It takes a bit of mental preparation, but when I’m reading to look at the crime scene, I walk over next to Todoroki, who’s examining one of the wooden doors. It’s off its hinges, and the handle’s come completely off.

“Midoriya, would there have been a reason for you to break the cupboard?” Todoroki asks, not looking away from the object in question.

“I don’t think so,” I reply. “I know the door didn’t fit properly, which made it difficult to open at times, but Nezu already told me, Ochako and Tenya how to open it properly.”

“I see,” he murmurs, presumably analysing everything I said. Despite the fact he’s the Ultimate Affluent Progeny, you could be mistaken in assuming him to the Ultimate Detective. Finally making eye contact with me, I have a feeling he knows exactly what I’m thinking.

“My father was never at home very often, so I had to find ways of entertaining myself,” he confesses, standing up straight. “My preferred method was to play murder mystery games and watch detective shows.”

Huh. I guess that makes sense. Now that I look at it, his style of investigation is reminiscent of popular detectives as well.

Moving away from that topic, I decide to look at Ochako closer. From the knife in her chest and the lack of blood coming from anywhere else, it looks like she couldn’t have died any other way than to have been stabbed and left to bleed out.

However, there is some blood which is out of place. On the back of the cupboard, Ochako’s slightly obscuring what looks like a code painted in blood.

“02-3… What could that mean?” I mumble to myself. Todoroki seems to have noticed and gently moves Ochako slightly, to see if there’s anything else.

“It looks like the blood trails off there,” he sighs, clearly hoping for more of a clue. Still, a dying message must be important somehow, right?

I’m trying to make sense of the situation and figure out who would do something like this, but at the moment it feels like we’re just flipping through a notebook. The information is there and appears to be quite clearly laid out, but we need to comb through it in more detail to understand it in depth.

It doesn’t seem like there’s anything else here, and I’d rather not look at my deceased friend more than I have to. So, I move away from my previous position and begin walking to the door, only stopping to look at Todoroki when Ochako’s completely out of view.

“I think I’ve seen everything I can for the moment, so I’ll be waiting outside while you finish up here. Then we can move on to the next area,” I explain.

He smiles sadly at me, understanding my reasons. “I have a couple of things I would like to look at first, but I’ll be as quick as I can.”

With that, he goes back to his investigation and I walk out of the room.

I don’t notice until I got outside, but I definitely need the escape from the humid room we’d been investigating in. I guess we’d been so distracted with finding the truth behind Ochako that my mind was ignoring everything else.

The corridor I’m standing in is entirely empty, since everyone’s either in my room or investigating elsewhere. Trying to distract myself for a bit, I look around the walls, hoping to find something to stare at. I success when my eyes land on the sign outside my door, which is supposed to tell everyone that the room belongs to me.

But it doesn’t.

Where I would expect to find my name, I instead find Ochako’s, in addition to her picture as a replacement for mine. It’s confusing. Why would the names have switched? Do they do that automatically when people switch rooms? The screws on the corners haven’t been tightened completely, so maybe Nezu did it?

I sigh in disappointment. The reason we switched in the first place was so no one would know where Ochako was. But it looks like that didn’t work.

I’m awoken from my thoughts as Todoroki comes through the door I was investigating, surprising both of us. He looks confused as to what I was doing, but as I just shrug, he ignores it.

“So, where do you think we should go next?” I ask, ready to continue the investigation.

“The kitchen, I think,” Todoroki responds. “That knife had to come from somewhere and it’s a good place to start looking for it.”

Whatever happened to Uraraka Ochako, I could see we were both determined to find out the truth. But, no one could have predicted what really happened, least of all us.

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