Boku no Dangan Academia

Hope's Peak Academy is a school renowned for educating the best of the best and ensuring they have futures that others could only dream of. They say if you go to this school, you are set for life.

Enter Midoriya Izuku, the Ultimate Lucky Student and a killing game that plans to bring Ultimate Despair.

(My Hero Academia x Danganronpa crossover. Updates should hopefully be every Monday.)


7. To Move On

Warning: This chapter will contain the trial's execution, which may be distressing to some readers. There will be stars either side, so readers can avoid it if they want without missing out on anything important.

“Okay, it’s voting time! Everyone must cast their votes, or you will be punished.” Nezu explains, his large smile never wavering.

The room is silent for a couple of moments, with the exception of people pressing buttons in front of them. The moments feel like they’ll never end, but eventually they do and a screen appears above Nezu, flashing the word “RESULTS”.

Finally the screen changes to a grid with our pictures and names, along with how many votes there were. Most of the students have no votes next to them, but two stand out.









It seems like everyone breathes a simultaneous sigh of relief as Minoru is confirmed to be the culprit. It seemed highly unlikely that we’d got it wrong, but the knowledge that we survived is extremely comforting after the tense class trial.

Well, all of us but one have survived.

Minoru, on the other hand, is holding onto his stand for dear life and having a staring competition with the floor. It’s not until Nezu speaks again, that he finally looks up and, even then, his expression is the most terrified I’ve ever seen anyone.

“Congratulations everyone! You have successfully identified the culprit and, as a result, only he will be punished. I hope everyone’s feeling proud of the work you’ve done today.” Nezu’s expression is the complete opposite of that of Minoru, as he looks like he’s heard the best news in the world.

“Proud? I’m about to go to my death. Why should anyone feel proud about that?!” He shouts with disgust.

“Well, you did kill a fellow classmate and I warned you of the consequences of that prior to the murder. I’m not sure you’re in a position to act innocent,” Nezu comments politely.

“But it wasn’t my fault? She was the one who tried to kill me first. She led me on, so even if she hadn’t tried to attack me, she was asking for it! She was a stupid girl and I don’t understand why I’m the one being killed.”

I look around at the expressions of the others in the room and most of them had quite quickly adopted a dark glare at this terrible excuse. Even Nezu had lost his smile.

“Y’know what, dickhead?” Kacchan suddenly yells, making me jump. “I was considering feeling sorry for you, considering you didn’t initially plan to kill anyone. But after that, I think everyone would agree with me in saying you need to be put in your place. And luckily for us, that place is hell!”

He sharply turned to the headmaster and continued. “Nezu, if you’re gonna execute him, you should probably do it now. I hope you make him suffer.”

The smile returns to Nezu’s face, but it’s considerably more unnerving now. Kacchan’s just given him permission to unleash despair onto Minoru and it appears he fully intends to make the most of it. Yet, despite the chilling tone of the room, I don’t think any of us can find it in ourselves to feel sorry for the culprit.

“It’s time for the part everyone’s been waiting for. It’s time for the execution.”

Deciding that trying to argue isn’t doing him any good, Minoru instead turns to face me. “This is all your fault, you know!”

Now then, I’ve prepared a very special punishment for Minoru Mineta, the Ultimate Baseball Star.

“If you hadn’t given her your room, this never would have happened.”

Let’s give it everything we’ve got! It’s... PUNISHMENT TIME!

“I wasn’t the one she was trying to get killed. That was you!”

My breath catches in my throat at the last statement. It’s easy to see that from the murderous glare that he’s trying to cause as much damage as possible, while he still can. But that doesn’t make the pain of what he’s saying any easier to deal with.

Catching everyone by surprise, a door opens directly behind Minoru and something that looks like a mechanical claw reaches out from the darkness. As if in slow motion, the claw grabs him by the neck and drags him back through the doorway, while all he can do is flail desperately.

There’s a couple of moments where no one knows what’s happening, but then the screen that was previously displaying the votes changes. And the sight is pretty horrific.


Minoru’s tied up on a table, but the ropes holding him still aren’t the strangest part of the scene. What is strange is the fact that his hair is now tangled and has an obscene amount of baseballs stuck to it, like the kind of things you would use for a perm. They are definitely unusual, but don’t look completely out of place, for some reason.

Just when we didn’t think it could get any weirder, some music starts playing in the background and an army of... tiny Nezus? start surrounding him. They each grab one of the balls and, as the music picks up, they pull them out. It happens so fast that we can barely see what’s happening, though, from Minoru’s screams, that may not be such a bad thing. The arms on the tiny creatures get faster and even more balls are being flung to the sides, along with the new addition of random tufts of hair and brightly coloured blood.

From the speed the balls are being pulled out, I wonder if the creatures will just stop when they all run out. But this seems to be far from the case. Still listening to the constant screaming from Minoru, we watch as the balls run out and the Nezus look at each other briefly before deciding to join together to hold onto the nearest limbs.

It doesn’t take much imagination to predict what will happen next and as soon as they begin to pull, I quickly look away. As terrible as a person Minoru may have been, I don’t really want to watch him be pulled apart in an execution that’s too abstract for it to exist. I’m not the only one, as I notice most of the others also turning their heads to either look in the opposite direction or stare as hard as they can towards the floor. There are also a few who continue watching, either out of being frozen in fear or sheer morbid curiosity.

There are a few moments where all we can hear is a mix of pure screaming on Minoru’s part and some sort of tense music, which matches frighteningly well with the scene. Then, as soon as the music ends, the screams do to. I wait a few moments before turning back around, just in case it isn’t entirely over, but by the time I look back at the screen, the table that was previously covered in ropes is now only covered in blood. Once everyone has looked back and digested the scene, the screen disappears, leaving us to only state stare at Nezu.


“I hope everyone is now aware of the consequences if you disturb the peace in this school,” Nezu comments, as if he’d just shown us an educational video.

“Sir, I must argue against such a claim. Surely you are the individual who has disturbed the peace in this school, after those horrible videos you showed us. Furthermore…” Tenya trails off at the pointed look Nezu is giving him. Even the most naïve person who understand that the headmaster’s suggesting he quietens down, before he gets himself into the same fate.

Once Nezu is satisfied that everyone understands the message he’s trying to convey, he smiles brightly once more. “Okay, that is all! Everyone can go and enjoy some free time now. Bye bye!”

It appears that this is more of a dismissal for his sake, since he’s the first to disappear, leaving the rest of us looking at each other in confusion before moving in the general direction of the lift. I hear Kaminari quietly complaining that “we don’t have any classes anyway, so what else are we gonna do other than have free time?” – but other than that, I’m not sure anyone knows what to say.

Or maybe people are talking and I’m just blocking them out? I don’t know. I’m more distracted by the constant reminders from Minoru’s voice in my head, letting me know that he wasn’t the one she was trying to kill; not really, at least.

Thankfully, I feel a hand placed on my left shoulder and the presence of someone next to my right, which help to ground me. Looking around, I notice the hand belonging to Tenya and the presence being Todoroki. They both have expressions which are a mix of worry and happiness at surviving, though Todo’s is slightly less obvious.

I clear my throat, ready to attempt to push the voice to the back of my head.

“Hey you two. Thanks for all of the help back there. If it wasn’t for you, we probably wouldn’t have got through that trial.” I say, trying to smile at them. Despite my attempts this appears to make both of them more worried rather than less.

“You’re taking Minoru’s last words to heart, aren’t you Izuku?” Todo says quietly, seeing past my forced cheerfulness.

Sighing in defeat, I ask, “Well, can you blame me? It’s kinda difficult not to...”

“That doesn’t mean you need to shoulder the blame for this case alone, Izuku. After all, you did nothing wrong. Ochako played us all...” It’s suddenly clear to me that Tenya’s doing a better job of trying not to blame himself than I am and I suspect that last sentence was an attempt to reassure himself, as well as me.

I sigh again. “You’re right, Tenya. It just feels like I’m the one who set this whole plan in motion by being stupid enough to trust Ochako and swap bedrooms with her. And it’s not like I want to worry anyone else with my problems. I’ve been alone enough now that I should find it easy to deal with thing as without having to bother other people.”

I hear Todoroki give a light laugh at my words and I turn to stare at him confused. When he realises what he’s done, he just says, “Believe me, I know where you’re coming from, especially with my mess of a family. But at the same time, we can see you trusting those around you, even when one of your friends was a traitor. You need to hold onto that hope and trust, because it’s not easy to get back, even if it is possible.”

I’m surprised at how open Todo is about his experiences and presumably that surprise is obvious, from how quickly his confidence dies down.

“Sorry, that was... more than I was expecting to say. That was weird.” Todo says quietly.

“Don’t worry about it, Todoroki! We appreciate the honesty and are honoured that you trust us so much.” Tenya says cheerfully. I nod in agreement – it’s nice to see everyone here happy.

Then Tenya checks his watch and seems surprised. “It looks like it’s getting late. I suggest we should go and get some dinner and possibly an early night.”

“Yeah, now that I think about it, I am pretty hungry.” I say, my mind now almost entirely fixated on the idea of food. “Let’s go!”

After eating dinner in the dining hall with the others, we all go our separate ways and go to bed. Tenya’s quietly informed me that if I don’t want to go back to my room after what happened, I can always share with him for the night. But, given the circumstances, I think keeping the default rooming arrangements is probably best.

I brace myself before I go in – so much has happened in one day – but when I enter, it looks like I didn’t need to worry. Any trace that a murder had ever occurred is gone, from the body and murder weapon to the blood and scratches around the room. It seems I’ve even got a new wardrobe, one that isn’t difficult to open.

It makes sense. Considering how much of a mess it has resulted in in the past few days, who knows what else it could do?

There are still a couple of scratches on the walls that serve as a reminder of what happened, but they seem to be the only traces. Still, with the things that have happened, I sigh as I lay down on the bed, ready for the sleepless night ahead of me.

It takes a few hours of tossing and turning, but eventually I find that I’ve nodded off to sleep from pure exhaustion. When I wake up, I thank whichever being allowed me to sleep without the plague of nightmares.

But, presumably I can’t get too used to my role as the Ultimate Lucky Student, because despite feeling anything but ready to face the day, I hear a sharp knock on my door.

“Coming!” I yell, quickly shoving on some new clothes. Unsurprisingly, when I open the door, there’s Todoroki and Tenya waiting for me, Tenya clearly anxious about being late.

“You know there isn’t an explicit time that we need to get to breakfast, right?” Todo asks Tenya, eyebrows furrowed.

“I know… But as the Ultimate Moral Compass, what would it look like if I was one of the last people there?! I would look lazy and fail to live up to expectations, something I cannot allow.” Tenya says, fidgeting from side to side.

“Let’s not worry about it! I’m ready now, so we can get going.” I try to reassure him, smiling as brightly as I can. Both Tenya and Todo give small smiles as well and we set off for the dining room.

Lucky for us, there are only Yaoyorozu and Jiro already in the dining room, meaning Tenya can be satisfied that his reputation remains unblemished. After we sit down for breakfast, people start arriving in packs, with Aoyama and Asui walking in and talking about the best materials for swimwear, followed by Ojiro and Tokoyami entering while discussing their favourite animals.

In fact, it’s only after most of us are finished with breakfast and are preparing to make a plan for the day that Kacchan storms in, the rest of the students in tow.

“Come on, Bakugo, don’t we at least get a thank you for waking you up?” Kaminari calls, trying to keep up.

“Why would I thank you?! I’m perfectly capable of waking up myself, you know!” Kacchan shouts back, refusing to look at the group behind him.

“If we hadn’t, you wouldn’t be awake for breakfast though!” Ashido pouts, “And the Bakusquad has to stick together, after all.” The last sentence seems to be enough to confuse Kacchan into turning round of face them.

“The what-now?”

“The Bakusquad. That’s what we called ourselves. Can’t have a cool group without a cool name, right?” Kirishima grins broadly.

“After all, with all of the teamwork we put into the last investigation, it seems we get along pretty well. And being the Bakusquad means you get to be the leader!” Sero reasons with a grin on his face.

Seeing Kacchan go silent, it looks like he’s debating whether being seen as the best is worth joining a friendship group. It’s not very visible, but from the small smile he’s hiding, I think he’s quite happy at the idea that people want to be friends with him already.

Composing himself again, he sits down at the table, leaving enough room for the five of them to sit together.

“Fine, I’ll go along with your cult. Now sit down before you all embarrass yourselves!”

Once they are all sat down, Tenya stands up. “Now, after the effects of recent events, I think it would be wise for us to have a free day today. However, since there is still a lot to explore, I implore you all to keep an eye out for new information. We shall convene here for lunch at noon and for dinner at 7, so anyone who has found anything out can share with the rest of us. Is anyone willing to be in charge of cooking for now?”

Yaoyorozu puts her hand up. “I’ve grown quite fond of cooking at home, so, while I can’t say that it will be the best food, it may suffice for now.”

Tenya nods. “Good plan. If you need any assistance to cope with the number of us here, feel free to ask anyone. Additionally, I must remind everyone that there is a rota for bin disposal and we must stick to it if we are to live here peacefully. That is all I have to say.”  

As he sits down, he seems slightly nervous. I’m guessing sticking to the rules and being strict is a coping mechanism for him, something everyone could find useful at the moment.

After eating breakfast, everyone naturally splits into groups and goes off into different directions. I eat fairly quickly, but wait for Todoroki and Tenya.

“Is there anywhere you guys want to go first?” I ask, trying to make conversation while I wait.

“There was a gate over the stairs to the third floor before. Would we be able to take a look at them to see how weak they are? More floors mean more clues.” Todo asks, having put a lot of thought into the idea.

“That’s a wonderful idea, Todoroki! Plus, while the floors of the academy are rather large, it won’t take long for us to feel claustrophobic in here. Any way to avoid such a situation would be ideal.” Tenya nods approvingly.

I smile, feeling more hopeful than I was this morning. The situation we’re in isn’t the best, but I’m glad to have found people I can trust since it isn’t a luxury I’ve had in the past. With this hope, maybe we can get out of this mess and everyone will be saved! I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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