Boku no Dangan Academia

Hope's Peak Academy is a school renowned for educating the best of the best and ensuring they have futures that others could only dream of. They say if you go to this school, you are set for life.

Enter Midoriya Izuku, the Ultimate Lucky Student and a killing game that plans to bring Ultimate Despair.

(My Hero Academia x Danganronpa crossover. Updates should hopefully be every Monday.)


5. To Investigate

The kitchen is almost completely quiet when we enter. The only sounds being made are from Yaoyorozu and Kirishima muttering to each other in the table at the centre, clearly deeply in thought about something. However, that doesn’t matter to us at the moment. Todoroki completely ignores the two and walks past them to face the counter opposite the door.

“Just as I suspected,” he states, making the others break out of their conversation and look at him. Considering there may be a killer among us, it isn’t surprising that most people are staying secretive and keep their investigation private. On the other hand, while Todoroki isn’t necessarily the most outgoing of people, he certainly isn’t trying to hide his findings at all.

I walk over and stand next to him, spotting the item he’s staring at. There’s a block holding kitchen knives of various sizes, which looks like it’s been pushed unceremoniously out of the way, if the disrupted layer of dust is anything to go by. It’s not this that’s the cause of suspicion though – it’s the fact that there’s a large hole at the back, where a big knife would normally be placed.

“It looks like someone took the biggest knife.” I comment, comparing them.

“And would you say it matches our murder weapon?” Todoroki asks, clearly only expecting one answer.

“Hmm…” I think back to the size of the knife that killed Ochako and compare it to the size of the knives still here. “Yeah. It’s kinda hard to tell, but I’d say so.”

He smiled slightly, satisfied with my confirmation.

“Wait, so the murder weapon definitely came from in here?” Yaoyorozu says from behind us. When we turn to face her, it’s obvious that whatever conversation she was having with Kirishima has ended and they’re now focused on our conversation as well.

“Yeah, it seems like it,” I confirm. “Why do you ask?”

The two exchange a look before turning back to us.

“It’s just that, after the DVDs were played, Yaoyorozu and I felt like we needed a distraction,” Kirishima explains. “So we came down here to have some coffee and get our minds off things.”

Todoroki’s eyes widen. “So you two were in the kitchen all evening?”

“Not in the kitchen,” Yaoyorozu adds. “Just in the Dining Hall outside. But, that means whoever we saw going in could have got the murder weapon, right?”

“Yeah.” I confirm, excited at the possibility of extra clues. “Did you see anyone?”

However, when I see them exchanging a look again, my heart sinks. That isn’t the look of two people who have information they’re comfortable with sharing.

“…We did see one person.” Yaoyorozu says hesitantly. “But just one. Which means they must have taken the knife.”

It’s a few seconds before anyone says anything, but, when it’s clear that neither Kirishima nor Yaoyorozu want to say who exactly they saw, Todoroki sighs.

“Look, you don’t have to tell us right now,” he says. If he’s disappointed about this revelation, he’s doing a good job of not showing it. “Just… if it becomes crucial to the case during the trial, will you tell us?”

Kirishima smiles softly, relieved that we aren’t putting any pressure on them.

“Of course we will,” he confirms. “If getting the wrong choice means we’re all gonna die, there’s no way we can get it wrong.”

“Thanks for all the help, guys.” I say, hoping to somewhat lift the mood.

“Thanks, Midoriya.” Yaoyorozu grins, looking a lot happier now. “And for the record, Kirishima and I don’t think you’re the culprit. From what we’ve seen so far, you couldn’t hurt a fly.”

“I appreciate that.” I reply, before we bid each other farewell and Todoroki and I leave the kitchen.

We walk to the end of the corridor in silence, allowing me to think about what Yaoyorozu said. After so long of struggling to interact with my peers, it seems that I’m finally starting to develop relationships with other people. To be honest, I’m still slightly confused about how Todoroki and Yaoyorozu could trust me, despite the fact we’ve barely interacted. Maybe this is the kind of class I’ve always wanted to be in, with people I care about and trust?

‘It’s just a shame the circumstances weren’t different’, I muse to myself.

Once we get to the end of the hall, Todoroki looks around, before facing me.

“I can’t think of anything else that seems obvious to investigate now,” he states. “Is there anywhere in particular you want to look at? Or should we just look around the murder scene again?”

“Hmm…” I think for a second. “Oh! Do you think we could try to find the cleaning area and furnace? If any evidence has been disposed of, I guess we’ll see it there?”

“That makes sense. Let’s go then.”

It takes a while for us to figure out where the room in question is, since neither of us have had a particular need to go there so far. But, when we do, my optimism for the room being extremely helpful somewhat diminishes.

“Wha-?! How can it be locked away?” I ask, staring at the metal bars stopping us from examining the furnace on the other side.

“Ah yes, we thought the furnace might be the obvious choice for an investigation.” A voice comments from below us, making me jump. Looking down, I’m not sure whether the sight of the white bear is one that makes me feel calmer or more worried.

“If it could be important to the investigation, then why’s it locked?” Todoroki asks, slightly annoyed at the obstacle in our way.

“Well, we can’t just let anyone in! What if the culprit were able to dispose of any evidence they may have left? That wouldn’t make for a good class trial at all!” Nezu says, almost sounding shocked that Todoroki would ask such a question.

“Then what’s the point of the furnace in the first place? The whole reason for the furnace is to dispose of rubbish.”

I don't know what to say during this interaction, but there's something telling me that getting involved probably won't solve anything.

Eventually, Nezu huffs and says, “Look. You want to look at the furnace so badly? Then ask the person who has the key for it. There's a cleaning rota for precisely this reason, you know.”

I see Todoroki raising his eyebrows. “When did we get a cleaning rota?” he asks, sounding as baffled as I feel.

“Did someone ask about the cleaning rota?”

Another voice comes from the doorway and it’s at that moment that I fully realise how glad I am for someone to change the subject slightly, especially as it’s Tenya.

He continues, “As the Ultimate Moral Compass, I am proud to say that one of first things I did to make this academy run smoother is to devise a cleaning rota which would suit everyone’s needs!” And, as if the situation couldn’t get even more surprising, he produces a rota from his back pocket and proudly presents it to us.

“Wow. It’s colour-coded and everything!” I exclaim. “When did you even have the time to make this?”

Tenya goes slightly red at his rota being complimented, but still says, “I had a bit of spare time after the motive meeting we had yesterday and thought this would be the best use of my time. Naturally, I wanted to set a good example, so I’ve put myself down for today’s duties. However, I will be expecting each and every student in this class to do their part as well!”

Something clicks in my and Todoroki’s minds at this statement.

“Wait, so if you’re on duty today, then surely that means you have the key to unlock it,” Todoroki states. “In that case, you can unlock it so we can investigate for any clues.”

“I suppose so,” Tenya frowns. “But why would you need to look there? No one other than myself has been past those gates.”

“Please, Tenya, it’s important,” I plead, trying to get through to him. “There’s nowhere else we can think of which could be more important, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

He looks between me and Todoroki and, seeing that neither of us are going to give up any time soon, he sighs.

“Alright. If it will help with the trial, I don’t see any harm in it,” he agrees.

It’s at this point that I notice Nezu has slipped away, presumably due to no longer being important to the situation, but I quickly ignore his absence and focus on the fact that Tenya is now unlocking the door and entering the barred-off area.

Looking around our surroundings, I can see there’s a lot to look at, and suddenly I’m even more grateful for the fact there were three of us here. As well as the large furnace in the centre of my vision, there’s also recycling bins and random clutters scattered around the room.

Todoroki and Tenya have already started looking around when I spot the first potential piece of evidence. Next to the large button on the wall, which would normally activate the furnace, there’s some broken pieces of what looks like glass. If there was something around that it could have fallen off of, I wouldn’t be too worried, but, looking around, I can’t see anywhere it could have come from.

I’m about to call someone over to verify what I’m thinking when I suddenly notice Tenya standing directly next to where I’m knelt down.

“Izuku, it looks like there’s a sleeve hanging from the furnace. Unfortunately, it’s a sleeve from our school uniform, so it doesn’t point to any particular suspects, but it’s better than nothing, right?” he states, sounding like he’s still unsure of what he’s found.

I stand up from where I was kneeling and look at it, at the same time Todoroki comes and takes a look from wherever he’d initially been looking. Judging by the spots of blood around the edge, there’s no doubt in any of our minds; this is definitely from whoever killed Ochako.

“Wow, that’s really important to the investigation! Thanks, Tenya.” I grin, watching him grow slightly red at the idea that his find was helpful.

“It was nothing. Anyone could have found it and it doesn’t tell us too much.”

Todoroki joins in and says, “Yes, but it tells us enough. We now know that the culprit got rid of some evidence here. Or at least attempted to.”

There’s not much more to say about the sleeve, so I point out the glass on the floor.

“I found it lying there, but it can’t have fallen off of anything. So how did it get there?” I ask, wondering as to what the answer is. I then move out of the way, so Todoroki can bend down to figure out what it is.

After a few minutes, he stands up again and says, “It looks like a glass or something. If it is, then there’s no way it came from here. It’s more likely to have been something from the school store, or somewhere like that.”

Listening to this, Tenya asks the question I’ve been thinking about as well. “If it came from the school store, then why is it here in the first place?”

“And how did the culprit get in here in the first place if it was locked?” I add, confused about the whole scenario. They must have come in if there’s half-disposed evidence here, mustn’t they? But how did they unlock the door if Tenya’s the only one with a key?

A thought seems to come to Tenya as his face pales. “Izuku, Todoroki, I swear I didn’t do it. I know I have the only key, but I would never kill Ochako!”

He seems to be getting increasingly distressed at the idea, so I put my hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

“It’s alright, Tenya. We know you didn’t. You believe in us, right? So we’ll believe in you too.” I say softly. “Right, Todoroki?” I then add, glancing over hopefully.

He seems to hesitate for a second, but he still nods anyway. “Right,” he confirms.

We are about to look somewhere else, when a bell suddenly rings and a monitor in the corner of the room springs to life. Nezu seems to be waiting behind a desk, tapping a pencil slightly impatiently.

“So, um, I think it’s probably best that we start the class trial now. I don’t like waiting for too long and, well, if you haven’t found all of the clues yet, you probably never will. There’s a lift you may have noticed near the entrance hall. I would like us all to convene there to await further instructions.”

With that, the screen turns off and everything goes silent. Tenya’s the first one of us to speak up.

“He gave us instructions and he is the headmaster... But is it really okay to have the trial so soon? We don’t know who the culprit is yet!” It’s easy to tell that Tenya’s worried about the situation and, truth be told, I am too. On the other hand, Todoroki seems completely calm.

“I wouldn’t fret too much about it,” he says, almost surprised at our expressions. “People in games and shows rarely know who the culprit is at the beginning of a trial. It’s normally working through the trial itself that reveals who’s behind it all.”

I try to smile, hoping it will make the atmosphere more positive. “In that case, let’s go. Todo, Tenya, let’s catch the person who killed Ochako!”

This seems to help Tenya and he leaves ahead of us without another word. On the other hand, Todoroki seems to have frozen completely.

“Um, are you alright?” I ask, slightly worried at the sudden chance.

It’s only when I hear him mumbling, “Todo?” that I realise what happened.

“Ah! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to shorten your name like that. It just slipped out, I swear.” I exclaim, panicked that I may have insulted him. But after a few moments, his expression soften again and he doesn’t seem too angry.

“It’s fine,” he says, rubbing the back of his neck. “It was just... unexpected. No one’s called me by a nickname before.”

“Oh, okay. Is it alright if I call you Todo? You can call me Deku or Izuku if you want?” I offer.

“I... Very well then. I’m happy with whatever you want to call me... Izuku.” He tacts the last one on hesitantly, but I feel very excited when he does.

“Alright! Should we go then, Todo? The others are probably waiting.” I ask, suddenly remembering the situation we were in.

“Ah, of course. Lead the way,” he says, smiling. For the first time so far, he looks genuinely happy, which is a bit of a surprise, considering we’re currently in the middle of a killing game.

It doesn’t take long for us to speed walk to the entrance hall, where the others were already in a group. By the looks of it, we’re the last ones here. I smile apologetically at Tenya, who seems to be stuck between wanting to be friendly and wanting to tell us off for being so late. Nevertheless, he never has to pick, as the doors to the lift open, clearly inviting everyone to step inside.

The ride downwards is extremely awkward, but, I guess after investigating with Tenya and Todoroki for so long, I’d almost forgotten that most other people in the class are convinced I’m the culprit. Unfortunately, this seems to be a difficult fact to forget at the moment, since people keep sending me clearly-negative looks. At least a lot of them are from Kacchan, so I’ve learnt to ignore them after so long.

Nevertheless, I’m feeling determined. Whatever happens next, I know that we’ll be able to figure out who the culprit is and make them pay for what they did to Ochako.

And with that, our first investigation ends, and our first class trial begins.

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