Boku no Dangan Academia

Hope's Peak Academy is a school renowned for educating the best of the best and ensuring they have futures that others could only dream of. They say if you go to this school, you are set for life.

Enter Midoriya Izuku, the Ultimate Lucky Student and a killing game that plans to bring Ultimate Despair.

(My Hero Academia x Danganronpa crossover. Updates should hopefully be every Monday.)


6. To Debate

I’m not sure what I was expecting when we got there, but I guess I thought it would be a bit more like real trial grounds? Either way, the red and black room that greeted us when we left the lift was more than a bit unsettling. There were also 17 spaces circling the centre.

“I see you took your time getting down here then,” Nezu states disdainfully, watching us from the large chair he’s sitting in. After a moment of silence, he adds, “Well, get on with it! You need to go to your assigned podiums.”

It’s hard to notice at first, but we’re quickly able to find out places using the carved names in the back of the wood. Unfortunately, I seem to have been placed between Kacchan and an empty space, filled only by a wooden picture of Ochako, crossed out in bright pink paint. It makes me feel sick to my stomach after seeing the state of Ochako herself, but I have to try and force my nerves down. Not only do I have to do this so that she can rest in peace, I also have to do this so we don’t all die.

We seem unsure of how to start this and eventually Nezu sighs and decides a prompt is in order.

“Why don’t I start by giving a basic rundown of the trial rul-“

“What’s the point?” Aoyama interjects, before Nezu can finish his sentence. “We already know who the culprit is, so we might as well just vote, so we can all move on with our lives.”

“Oh, we do?” Nezu asks, feigning surprise. I think everyone in the room knows he’s referring to me, though it’s a bit of a blow that Aoyama’s so confident about that idea. “Well, some people might have forgotten the rules, so I’d appreciate it if you were polite and kept quiet while I explained them. You can say your argument afterwards.”

Aoyama looks like he’s feeling a bit awkward about the passive scolding, but nods and keeps quiet.

“Okay, now I can start giving a basic explanation of the class trial.” Nezu begins. “Your votes will determine the results. If you can figure out who the culprit is, then only they will receive punishment. But, if you pick the wrong person, then I’ll punish everyone besides the blackened, and the one that deceived everyone will graduate. Are there any questions?”

While most of us stayed silent, Tenya’s hand shoots straight up into the air.

“Please, Sir,” he asks. “Why are there 17 places when there are only 16 of us?”

Nezu seems satisfied with the respect Tenya is giving him and says, “Well, since you asked so nicely, I suppose I can grant you an answer. Truth be told, I wanted to be able to see everything clearly during the trial and that would be difficult if I had students in my line of vision. An empty space would just ruin the look of the whole thing, so it was best to add in an extra empty space. Any other questions?” He looks around quickly and, since no one else speaks up, he nods. “Well then, onto the class trial!”

Aoyama seems to take this as his time to speak and proclaims, “Not to worry, Madams and Monsieurs! Since we already know the culprit of this terrible crime, we shall be out of here in no time.”

“Do we really know who the blackened is, though?” Todoroki interjects with a raised eyebrow.

“Of course we do!” Minoru shouts out, pointing an accusing finger at me. “She was in his room, so it’s gotta be him. Who else could it be?”

“What kind of evidence is that?” Todo asks, ignoring the last question. “Have you ever considered the possibility that the murder happened in Izuku’s room intentionally? After all, that would be the perfect way of diverting attention from the real murderer.”

“But-“ Minoru begins, but he’s quickly interrupted by Asui.

“Give it up, Minoru, we can’t just point fingers at each other and make random guesses. We only get one shot at this and if we fail, we’re all dead.”

Minoru shuts up after that, though I swear I can still hear some muttering coming from his direction.

Moving on, Tokoyami calmly suggests, “Why don’t we go over the details we know already. If someone gets anything mixed up, we’ll know to focus on that section, so then we can get everyone onto the same page.”

Everyone seems to agree with this idea and so we begin.

“According to the e-handbook,” Jiro starts, “Uraraka was killed sometime between 10pm and 12pm last night, in the room of Midoriya Izuku.”

“Her death was apparently caused by a knife through her stomach and the resulting blood loss.” Ojiro continues, looking slightly uncomfortable at the facts he is stating.

“Yeah, judging by the position of her body, it looks like she had been hiding in the wardrobe. She must have locked the door when she hid, meaning the killer had to break down the door to get to her!” Ashido added.

I gasp, looking straight at her, before shouting, “No, that’s wrong!”

She looks slightly taken aback by my interjection, as does the rest of the class around me. I give an awkward smile and say, “Sorry. I just felt like it was the right time to do that. I won’t do it again. It’s just... Ashido, did I hear you correctly? You said that Ochako locked the door behind her, to keep her safe?”

“Uh, yeah?” Ashido says, confused. “All of the wardrobes have locked doors and there’s no other reason for the culprit to break down the door otherwise.”

“Ah, I see what you mean now, Midoriya!” Kirishima says. “Ashido, that’s not the case at all. It’s only the girls who have locks on their wardrobes... for some reason.”

A couple of people glance at Nezu at this, but all he replies with is, “What? Don’t look at me. That was the decision of the previous headmaster. The guy was such an airhead, he probably bought half of the locks before realising he couldn’t afford the other half. He might as well have just not bothered.”

I don’t think anyone knows how to respond to this, so I just continue with the point I’m making.

“Yeah, my wardrobe doesn’t have a lock on it, but it is pretty unusual from the others. You see, the door doesn’t really fit the frame, so it gets stuck easily. If you want it to open properly, you need to open it in a specific way, which Nezu showed us.”

“You say ‘us’. So who else knew the way to get the door open?” Sero asks.

“At the time Nezu explained the door to us, there was me, Tenya and Ochako in the room.”

“Wait, so it was just the three of you in a bedroom together? No wonder you were all on a first name basis.” Minoru says with what looks like the start of a nosebleed. From next to him, Kacchan swiftly slaps him in the back of his head, causing him to yell out in surprise.

“Shut the hell up, Minoru. We’re all trying to save our asses and all you’re doing is making things weird.” Kacchan then glares at me and shouts, “And what the hell are you staring at Deku?!”

I involuntarily shrink back at the shout while Tenya takes over. “I can confirm Izuku’s statement. The three of us were all aware of this fact, which would raise some questions if he was the culprit. It’s clear that Ochako used this fact to her advantage to try and save herself. In that case, why would she do such a thing if Izuku was the one trying to hurt her, since he would already know the trick to opening the door?”

“Exactly,” Todo nods. “If Izuku was indeed the blackened, then the door would be as beaten up as it was. No one can deny that, can they?”

No one does, giving me some hope. If we can really convince everyone I didn’t kill Ochako, we might be able to make it out of here alive!

At least, that’s the optimism I hold until Aoyama argues back.

“Still, that piece of evidence alone also isn’t enough to completely clear Midoriya of guilt, even though we may have a bit more faith in him now. After all, what if he forgot? Or what if he broke the door for that precise reason – to throw us off him being the blackened? There are still too many questions to be answered.”

Todo doesn’t bat an eyelid at the argument, almost as if he was expecting such a question.

“Yes, but this trial was never going to be solved with a single piece of evidence. I’m just trying to convince everyone that the best way of going about this isn’t to single out a particular person straight away.”

The others seemed to think about it for a few seconds before accepting what Todo said. Of course it would be too simple for this case to be easy enough to figure out immediately; scenarios like this don’t work that way.

“So what should we talk about next?” Tokoyami asks.

“I think... we should talk about the murder weapon.” I suggest. “After all, it’s a big part of the incident and whoever was seen last with the knife is also likely to be a suspect, right?”

“But what is there to say about it?” Kaminari asks. “It’s a knife and it was used to kill someone. It’s not like there’s any way of knowing where it came from.”

“That’s wrong though,” I say, trying not to get too enthusiastic this time. “We already know where the knife came from; it came from the kitchen!”

“It did?” Sero seems surprised. “How did you figure that out?”

“We went to check there earlier.” Todoroki explains. “I took note of how big the murder weapon was and it definitely matched the missing knife in the kitchen.”

“Plus we have witnesses who apparently saw someone go in and out of the kitchen, so whoever it was might have been the culprit, right?” I add.

“Really?” Iida asks, curious about the part of the investigation he was absent for. “Who was that?”

“Yaoyorozu! You and Kirishima had view of the kitchen entrance for the whole evening, didn’t you?” I ask, directing my attention to the two students in question. Neither of them seem particularly happy about the fact the conversation’s turned towards them though.

“Uh, yeah.” Kirishima says after having a short, silent exchange with Yaoyorozu. “We went to the kitchen straight after the motive meeting, so we could have some tea to calm down. The knife was definitely there at the time. We then sat outside, in the dining room for the rest of the evening, before returning our tea cups to the kitchen when Nezu said it was night time. When we went in, there was no knife there.”

“Interesting.” Jiro comments. “And presumably you saw people going in and out of the kitchen throughout the entire evening.”

“Not really.” Yaoyorozu says with a grimace. “We saw… one person going into the kitchen. We didn’t see anyone else for the entire night.”

“So that must be the culprit!” Ashido proclaims excitedly. “Who was it?”

“Um… I don’t think it was the culprit. In fact, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t.” For someone who was very hesitant about this subject, Yaoyorozu seems very confident with this fact. “You see, the person we saw going into the kitchen… was Uraraka Ochako herself.”

I can hear people around the room gasping at the revelation, but all I can feel is my heart sinking. When could she have done that? And why would she steal a knife from the kitchen?

“She did seem pretty jumpy last night. Maybe she wanted a knife to protect herself?” I suggest, trying to shake off the bad feeling I have about the situation.

“Or,” Todo says gently, “there might be a more obvious explanation. From what we’ve said so far, it sounds like the person who got the knife was the one who plotted a murder. I know you don’t want to hear this, but maybe that was still the case.”

There are a couple of moments of horrified silence and the bad feelings are increasing, as if feeding on the fact Todoroki is currently saying what the voice in the back of my mind was thinking.

“But… she can’t have planned to commit a murder. She had no reason to!” Iida argues, clearly thinking along the same lines as me. We only knew her for a couple of days, but she was still our friend and there’s no way she would have betrayed us.

“Of course she had a goddamn reason to kill someone!” Kacchan argues. “We all did. Those shitty DVDs weren’t given to us for no damn reason.”

“Surely whether she did or didn’t plan to kill someone is completely irrelevant though, right? I mean, she’s the one who ended up dead.” I say weakly. I’m not sure why though – maybe in a vague attempt to change the subject?

Instead, Todoroki sends me a pitying look. “I’m afraid the two factors may connect more than you want them to. I have some evidence I would like to share, which convinces me of it.” I understand why he’s continuing with the trial, because we have to. But that doesn’t make the pain of him continuing the subject any less painful in my chest.

“I was investigating Izuku’s room when I found something of interest.” he continues, pulling out a notepad. From what we can see, it looks like someone’s scribbled over the paper, with some faint markings standing out.

“You know that thing people do, where they use a pencil over a piece of paper to see what’s been written on top?” Todoroki asks, his cheeks going faintly pink. “It was a bit of a long shot, but since it works so well in detective things, I thought it would be worth a shot. And, well, I guess it was.”

Since the writing on the page isn’t very clear from a distance, he reads it out for everyone to hear.


So, I’ve been feeling really down lately, after all of the stuff with the DVDs. I was wondering if we maybe meet up and chat about things? Y’know, to make me feel better and to distract me from everything that’s going on.

I’ll be in my room at 11pm if you want to meet up. Make sure you check the door sign, so you have the right room!


Uraraka Ochako Xxx”

Given the contrast between monotone voice Todoroki uses when reading out the note and the content of it, in any other scenario, it might have seemed funny. But now, all I could feel was my blood running cold and most of the thoughts causing havoc in my brain going silent. Could Ochako have really planned to kill someone?

“Hold on a second!” Tenya cries out, clearly determined not to give up on Ochako. He seems to be having an easier time of it than I am... “There’s another, simple explanation for all of this. It appears to me that she merely got scared, wrote a note and shoved it under someone’s door.”

Asui frowns at the suggestion. “Why would she ask to meet up with someone that late at night though? It makes no sense.”

“I’ll admit that it seems a bit strange that she would go to the trouble of asking to meet up with someone when she switched rooms anyway,” Todoroki thinks aloud. “Especially when she told the person to check the door sign.”

“Oh no,” I whisper a realisation suddenly dawning on me. To be honest, I’m not sure I want to say anything, but Kacchan overhears me and glares.

“What the hell does ‘Oh no’ mean, Deku?” he says, loud enough that everyone’s attention is immediately on me.

“Um,” I hesitate, not sure how to explain. “You said something about checking the door sign, Todo? Well, when I looked outside, it wasn’t my sign on the door. It was Ochako’s.”

It seems that the same conclusion has come to everyone about what this means, but I haven’t given up on her completely.

“That doesn’t mean anything though, right? I mean, it might be a system the school has where the door automatically changes depending on who’s in the room.”

“As much as it pains me to burst your bubble, Mr Midoriya, I must ask.” Nezu joins in. “But if we couldn’t even afford locking wardrobe doors for everyone, what makes you think we can afford something as high tech as that?”

I have no words at this. “But… there has to be some reason for it.” I say, quieter now that I’m running out of possibilities.

“There is a possibility, you’re just trying to ignore it as much as you can.” Todoroki says sharply. “Uraraka planned to meet up with someone in your room so she could kill them and you would be punished for it. There’s nothing else it could be, whether you believe what I’m saying or not.”

I suppose Todo has to be right. I guess Tenya and I just didn’t know Ochako that well. It’s strange – we were only together for a couple of days, yet it felt like the three of us had been friends for years. Was I really just that desperate for a friend, that I blindly trusted someone who was secretly planning to frame me for murder?

Ashido frowns. “I know we’ve figured that much out, but we still don’t know who killed Uraraka. The letter didn’t have a name on it since it was probably slid under someone’s door. Do we have anything that gives us even a suspect?”

Surprisingly, it’s Tenya who breaks out of his stupor and speaks. “If I may, I think Todoroki, Izuku and I found some evidence that might be of use. It doesn’t immediately point to anyone, but it might be a good starting point.”

When I’d looked over previously, it seemed like he was as deep in thought as I’d been. It didn’t surprise me, since we were both in similar situations, but he seems to have been able to bounce back easier than I can. He really is amazing, but, then again, he is an ultimate for a reason.

“We thought,” he continues. “That a potentially useful place to look might be the cleaning area, in case the culprit tried to dispose of anything.”

“That seems like quite the clever idea!” Aoyama says, flashing Tenya a grin. Todoroki and I are well aware that it wasn’t Tenya’s idea, but he seems so happy about the praise that it seems better to leave the subject alone. Besides, from the fact he’s pretty much glowing at the attention, it’s kind of cute.

“W-Well, as I was saying,” Tenya tries to pick up from where he left off. “I had devised a cleaning rota, due to the fact that only one person per day is allowed access to the area to clean up. As the person who devised the rota myself, I ensured that I would set an example by taking the first day’s chores. However, this means that the culprit could not have stepped inside of the cleaning area.”

“Hold up! Why does that mean they couldn’t have gone inside of the cleaning area? What if you were the culprit?” Minoru interrupts, looking suspiciously at Tenya. The possibility is one none of us hoped would be noticed, Tenya least of all, judging by how quickly his face turned white.

“There’s no way Tenya was the one who killed Ochako!” I say quickly, before anyone else can think to agree. “He helped us to investigate the area and has been completely open about the fact he’s the only one able to get access to the area. Why would he do that if he was the blackened?”

“Plus, there was some very crucial evidence Iida found, which proves it wasn’t him.” Todo adds, looking at Tenya, so he can elaborate.

I think Minoru mutters something along the lines of, “How convenient for him…” But, from the glares he’s getting around the room, I’m guessing he doesn’t feel like completely sharing his thoughts. Trying to ignore him, Tenya explains.

“When we were looking around, there was a piece of fabric sticking out from the furnace, which looks like the sleeve from the uniform. This doesn’t tell us much though, so I’m not sure how crucial it was.”

“It’s crucial, because it shows that you couldn’t have been the culprit,” Todo states firmly. “Since you had access, you would have been able to dispose of any evidence completely and would have clearly seen the sleeve beforehand. No, the culprit must have been someone who was at a disadvantage like, say, attempting to get rid of the evidence from a distance and having metal bars in the way.”

“You’d still have to press the button next to the furnace to activate it though, wouldn’t you?” Ojiro asks. “How would that work if you couldn’t get past the bars?”

“The sleeve wasn’t the only thing we found there,” I explain. “Directly underneath the button, we found some broken pieces, which look like they came from a glass from the school store.”

Sero’s eyes widen as he understands what we’re getting at. “So that means the most obvious explanation would be that someone balled up the evidence, threw it into the furnace, and then threw the glass at the button to turn it on, right?”

Kaminari frowns. “But you’d need to be pretty talented to do something like that. Who would even be able to?”

“I have my suspicions and have done for a while. From observing them during the trial, my thoughts have been supported so far.” Todo then turns to face me. “What do you think, Izuku? Do you know who I’m talking about?”

“Hmm. For someone to be able to accomplish something like that, it would have to be…” I point at the person in question.


Minoru’s face pales at my statement, but he doesn’t look entirely surprised.

“W-What? You can’t seriously think this was on me,” he says anyway, refusing to meet anyone’s gaze. Then he straightens up. “I know girls are weak, but that doesn’t mean I decided to kill her.” He tries to dodge the blow to the head coming from Kacchan, but considering Aoyama also tries to hit him, he ultimately fails.

“Why not?” Todoroki says, his eyes never straying from the potential culprit. “I’ve been watching your actions throughout the trial and you’ve been very quick to put the blame on other people. You’ve been in such a hurry for us to vote for someone, it seems almost as if you wanted us to get the culprit wrong.”

“That’s not true! I just want to get this over and done with, so we can end this.” Minoru tries to reason. “Plus, I haven’t even been put near any cute girls...” At this statement, Ashido, who is the closest girl, fidgets in her spot, almost as if she wants to move further away but can’t. I don’t think anyone can blame her though.

“As the ultimate baseball star, you’d definitely be able to throw the evidence away though,” Todo continues to reason. “Even if there were metal bars and a large distance between you and the furnace.”

“That’s not the point. You have no real proof that it was me. Unless you have something with my name on, I’m not about to surrender to this bull-“

“Who says we don’t have any other proof that this was you?” Todoroki asks. I can almost see a ghost of a smile on his face as he looks at me. “Izuku, if you please.”

I know he has a plan, but how am I supposed to know what it is? I’m a bit confused, but it seems easier to go along with whatever he has planned.

At least, that’s what I think until I actually attempt to reason with Minoru. Despite my attempts to speak, he seems to have decided it’s best not to listen at all.

“It’s all lies! You can’t prove anything! I didn’t go anywhere near that girl!” He keeps repeating the same phrases whenever I open my mouth. No one seems impressed with his method, but they don’t seem to see the point in talking to him as well.

I’m beginning to think maybe someone else might be better suited to try and get through to him, but it seems my expression is making my feelings clear to him.

“See, you have nothing else you can say,” Minoru says, almost triumphantly. “There’s nothing that can prove I was the killer! Name one more piece of evidence you have, I dare you.”

But there is one more piece of evidence, isn’t there? We noticed it right at the beginning, but that must have been what Todo was referencing.

I stare Minoru straight in the eyes and shout, “ZERO TWO DASH THREE!”

He leans back in surprise, but quickly tries to recover. The others in the room, on the other hand are looking at me like I might have gone a bit mad. The only reason I know I’ve done the right thing is by looking at Todoroki’s face; it may not change much, but there are still subtle differences and the fact he hasn’t changed from neutral at all means that this is completely what he was expecting.

“What the hell does that mean? Do you really think shouting random numbers at me is going to make me admit anything?” Minoru asks, seemingly confident about his prospects now.

“No,” I admit. “But they aren't just random numbers. They were Ochako's dying message, weren't they? While they may seem like nonsense at first, they make it abundantly clear who killed her.”

“How? Are they some kind of code, like the A1Z26 cipher, or the Caesar cipher?” Yaoyorozu says, kind of sounding excited at the prospect. I’m guessing she’s a fan of puzzles, considering the knowledge she has about them.

“Not quite,” I reply, feeling bad about how quickly her face falls. “It’s a lot simpler than that, actually. You just have to look at it from the right angle.”

It’s difficult to explain, so I decide to write the message down instead, so I can show it to everyone instead.

0 2 – 3

“If we think about it from Ochako’s point of view, it would have been difficult to leave a message which was perfect, especially if she was on the verge of dying and had to write behind her to stop the culprit from noticing. When we consider it like that, it makes sense that she would write it as an angle,” I explain, noticing Minoru’s face fall further as he realises where I’m going with this.

“Looking at it from this angle, it just looks like numbers and a dash. But, if we look at it from this angle...” I begin, before turning the paper on its side. Now, everyone can see the real message.





The room is completely silent. Most people understand, but it’s left to me to say what it means aloud.

“The message obviously isn’t complete... But do we know anyone else whose name starts with ‘Mino’?”

“This... This is rigged... It’s all fake!” Minoru attempts to argue desperately. But if there was any doubt that he was the culprit before, there isn’t now.

“Give it up already.” Kaminari groans. “There’s nothing you else you can do to prove otherwise.”

“But I... I...” Minoru slumps in defeat. “I give up. Fine, I killed the girl. You can’t blame me for trying to survive though, right?!”

“Why would you do this?” Tenya asks. He sounds calm, but it’s easy to tell he’s having to try hard to stay that way.

“What did you want me to do? I thought a hot girl was hitting on me, but she was actually trying to kill me! I panicked and fought back, alright? It was technically self-defence.”

“Why would someone hit on you, you goddamn extra?” Kacchan demands, trying to make eye contact so he could successfully glare at him. Minoru is about to open his mouth when he speaks again. “You know what – just don’t. Whatever you’re gonna say, it’s not going to help anyone.”

It isn’t until Nezu starts talking again that I remember he’s still in the room.

“So, from what’s been said, it seems that you’ve found who you think is the blackened. Would you like to begin the vote?” He asks.

After looking around at each other, Aoyama decides to be the one to speak. “Yes, I think that might be a good idea.”

And with that, our first class trial comes to an end.

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