Boku no Dangan Academia

Hope's Peak Academy is a school renowned for educating the best of the best and ensuring they have futures that others could only dream of. They say if you go to this school, you are set for life.

Enter Midoriya Izuku, the Ultimate Lucky Student and a killing game that plans to bring Ultimate Despair.

(My Hero Academia x Danganronpa crossover. Updates should hopefully be every Monday.)


8. Boy's Life of Hope

Whatever plans we’d made for getting around the gate vanished as soon as we got there. Just like the gate had, apparently.

“How did it disappear so quickly?” I wonder as I walk up to where it had once been. “No one noticed anything when we came back from the trial, so we can assume it was still there then. In that case it must have been removed overnight. But how was it removed so easily and quietly? Surely someone would have heard it? Of course, the dorms are sound-proof, so that’s not necessarily the case…”

I don’t notice I’m getting lost in my thoughts until Tenya brings me back to reality by placing a hand on my shoulder.

“Right, sorry.” I apologise, though Todo and Tenya just look bemused.

“It’s alright, Izuku. While it is admirable that you are able to make so many deductions based on small changes, a more concise method may be more effective in the future.” Tenya says with a small smile.

On the other hand, Todo seems to have moved closer to the staircase, looking at the walls.

“You do make a good point though, Izuku,” he says without looking at us. “Considering there aren’t any dents in the wall, it doesn’t look like the gates were actually bolted on. Maybe the bolts are just for show and they are designed to be easily removed by the mastermind?”

He then turns back to us. “Regardless, we discover more by going to the second floor. Shall we?”

We make our way up the stairs to find hallways that are pretty much the same as the ones before. The only differences seem to be the rooms they lead to, and, while it does mean that it’s not very easy to look around without getting lost, it’s nice to see that the building does still seem like a school.

I suppose the bolts on the windows and stairs to the third floor could work against the school atmosphere, but I have a feeling some people would say otherwise.

We’re exploring for most of the morning, but we still learn a lot. Not only do there seem to be classrooms for the first time (though the ones we saw were almost identical), but there is also a swimming pool with changing rooms and exercise equipment, and a library. While these may not seem like much, the school looked like it had several more floors above this, so at least we are making progress. Though, if we gain floors every time there’s a class trial, maybe it would be best not to make a habit of it.

Considering we have Tenya with us, it’s natural that we get to the dining hall ten minutes before noon and try to help Yaoyorozu with making and putting food on the tables. Once again, people arrive in groups, but everyone seems a lot happier now than they were this morning, despite what happened yesterday.

With not much else to talk about, conversation naturally leads to talking about anything we’ve noticed today. Despite not seeing anyone else on our side of the building, it seems that most people ended up investigating the second floor via the staircases on different sides, though everyone focused on different areas.

Kaminari and Jiro are talking about their time, mostly spent in the library. They seem particularly excited due to the fact they came across a computer and, while they couldn’t currently turn it on, Jiro had made it her personal project to get it working again soon. It sounds like they were briefly joined by Yaoyorozu, though she left early to begin making lunch.

Asui, Aoyama, Ojiro and Tokoyami are a fairly surprising group, I’ll admit, but they were all quite interested in the new swimming pool and surrounding area. Asui’s interest is obvious, due to the fact she is the Ultimate Swimmer, and Ojiro is just happy that there’s a space for his animals to swim (though he does promise to clean the pool after they do so). Even Tokoyami’s interest can be explained through the amount of exercise equipment there is. Though, everyone seems confused at Aoyama’s interest.

“Did you not look in the lockers?” Aoyama asks when someone questions this. “We each get a swimming costume tailored to our size. I just wanted to see how fashionable they look and whether I can help them become as beautiful as the swimming costumes we have at home!”

“Is that why you were collecting the spare swimming costumes from the storage room then?” Asui questions.

“But of course!” Aoyama responds. “What kind of artist would I be to assume I could make them perfect straight away? While there are a large number of standard sized swimming costumes, we only have one perfectly fitted to us each. So, I can only practise on the standard ones for now."

While I don’t doubt Aoyama’s abilities as the Ultimate Fashionista, I’m slightly concerned about how focused he is on this.

Meanwhile the ‘Bakusquad’ (sans Kaminari) seem to have stuck together all morning, considering they are all talking about the classrooms they looked around. It seems that we missed a lot of other rooms and, while I’m happy to have avoided Kacchan for most of the morning, it seems that some of the rooms were more unusual than the others.

“They were so weird,” Ashido comments. “You'd think with a school this high standard, all of the rooms would be perfect. But, some of them had graffiti on and it wouldn’t come off when we tried to get rid of it.”

“Clearly whoever did that had no respect for the authority and status of this school! To what extent were they defacing this property that wasn’t theirs?” Tenya says, seemingly more worried about the morals of graffiti than any meanings behind it.

“It wasn’t a huge amount of mess.” Kirishima explains. “Most of it was just things you’d expect from a regular high school, like random symbols or messages. But on some of the boards, it looked like there were pictures of Nezus and the world on fire. Wasn’t creating a very optimistic view of the outside, I’ll admit.”

Looking at the other uneasy faces around the table, I'd say the others feel the same way.

After we explain our findings, which mostly just consist of guesses about the gate, conversation about the morning ends and the rest of lunch goes fairly smoothly. After we're all done, Asui and Tokoyami volunteer to do the washing up and everyone else goes their separate ways, this time for free time rather than investigating new areas.

But, considering there isn’t really many individual activities I can think of to do, I just stick with Tenya and Todo, and we decide to spend some time in the library.

Luckily the room’s empty when we get there, presumably due to the fact the only people with a strong interest in it were Jiro and Kaminari, and they've taken the computer elsewhere.

“Todoroki, I must ask. You and Izuku seemed to figure out the last case fairly quickly. Do you have any idea what kind of motive Nezu is planning to use next?” Tenya asks. Considering everyone’s pushed the last motive and the possibility of murder out their minds as much as possible, it’s a fair question.

But, Todo just shakes his head. “We were able to solve the murder through clues that were clearly presented to us. But, I suspect any plans Nezu has, he will want to cover up as much as he can. If we can predict what happens next, there's a chance of us stopping it pre-emptively.”

“Besides, it’s not like Nezu's working independently, right?” I add. “I mean, he's a robot. Even if he was an AI, which I don’t think is currently possible considering how life-like he seems, someone must have built him and given him instructions for this game.”

“One of the laws of robotics is that robots can’t turn on humans and harm them.” Todo says solemnly. I’d almost assume he's being serious if not for the small smile he was trying to hide.

When Tenya comes to the same conclusion, he laughs loudly.

“Todoroki, I had no idea you had a sense of humour!”

“I have a reputation to uphold. I can’t let everyone know.” Todo comments, slightly glowing at the positive feedback.

“Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. Your secret is safe with us!” I grin.

At this point, while the situation isn’t ideal, I feel like there isn’t anyone else in the world I'd rather be with.

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