The Fairy Tale Case File

A family massacred and a child thrown down a twelve feet deep hole was treated like a fairy tale story only to become worse when an obsessed-psycho woman started her killing spree to woman whom she addressed into her fairy tale princesses respectively.

Now, Detective Prince Kieth Ferer had been in charged of the case, realizing that he had a connection with it as he opens a path unraveling the story of an every tenth year rules that will lead him to the true killer with the help of his partnership with the new comer agent Zanelee Heathers.


9. Mystery 8: The Crime Scene

Mystery 8: The Crime Scene

“Baby, do you remember what mommy looks like?” Zane asked watching the girl who was savoring her spaghetti. The girl swallowed, looked at her and shook her head. “But you remember mommy?” she asked again and the girl nodded.

Prince and Zane sighed. “She really took in all the fear, devoured her and made her forget what she fears the most.” The detective slurped from his cup of coffee. “But there’s still things that she could remember. Maybe bits and fragments. Her psychiatrist may have had a clue about this. You see, the girl’s been trying to draw some kind of Aladdin.”

“Aladdin? Maybe she’s trying to say that someone will die based on the story—“

“Certainly! It’s possible that that’s what she’s trying to tell.”

Zane laughed. “Detective, I’m just kidding aside.”

“But I seriously agree with that. The girl had hinted the same thing with my former maid.”

“Your former maid?”

“Lauren Cruz. She worked for my mom as our house maid. And Alicia. That day of Lauren’s death, she kept mentioning Snow White.”

“Zane’s face brightened. “So Alicia gives the hint of what princess will kill? Like what happened to that disgusting mirror-slamming poison-feeding psycho. And now she’ll play Aladdin?”


“We should look for clues then! Where does she live?”

“Well, that’s about 8 kilometers away.”

Zane smiled and turned to the girl. “Baby, is it okay if we visit your house?” she asked.

The girl simply nodded.

“Now then detective, let’s go.”

“You seem pretty excited, aren’t you?” The detective asked a bit amused.

“Man, detective. I’ve seen her bloody picture. Wearing a cute blue Victorian dress and fragments of expensive antique tea cups. Do you think I’d want to miss a house that I can certain as a gothic mansion? Come on!”

“Good guess.” The detective chuckled, took out his wallet on his pocket and paid their meal. After that, the group had stood up and left the fastfood and separated after reaching the parking lot. Prince and Alicia went to the detective’s vehicle while Zane rode her motorbike. The man started the engine and began to take up the road going to the Alvarez’s residential area. Zane was following behind as they wander into the empty road to the mountains. Minutes later, they were already facing the high fence that separated this mansion away from the modern city where it came from. They stood at the gate covered in vines, inside that welcomed them were a fountain where an angel gloriously stood in the middle holding a jar slightly looking down the water as though she was an Aquarius type of angel.

She whistled. “I knew it. This is a bloody mansion.”

“That’s where they found the child.” The detective pointed over the big tree that have grown on the end left of the front yard surrounded with a square shaped police sign. They both went towards it while Prince held Alicia’s little hand who seemed to have not remembered the place where she had faced her worst nightmare.

Zane entered the police boundary slouching her back to peep down the depth of the hole. “How deep?” she asked, grey eyes staring blankly into the hollowness.

“12 feet.”

“Now I hate that hole.”

“Everyone does.”

They set that thought aside and made their way towards the entrance. Of the wide house. On the entrance, the detective set the police sign that was blocking their entrance before entering the double door. They were welcomed by the spacious hall. The emptiness overpowered by the bitter-cold wind that whispers out in the open window sweeping the crimson curtains flawlessly into the bright afternoon.

Zane looked at Alicia as they launch themselves in. “Baby, do you still remember this place?” she asked her.

The girl made her way forwards a ripped up crimson curtain pointing it specifically to the two. Her body moving as she imitates a person stabbing the curtain with a knife on hand, making the dust spreads out of the air that allowed her to sniff fragments and let out a strong sneeze. It was loud and high pitched, but what surprised both of them were her being thrown on the floor with it. The detective and the agent laughed. The girl stood up and ran after the detective, raising her hand upright to tell that him to carry her.

Prince smiled. “Okay.” He said leaning down to carry her. The girl quickly coiled her arms around the detective’s neck.

Zane giggled. “There’s no need to be embarrassed.” She said.

They continued rummaging the wide residence. First, the kitchen. It was all messy that the blue marbled floor had no longer lingering the shine it once made. The dust already devoured the color entirely. Traces of old blood also stained the white wall particularly on the left corner where Alicia’s nanny was found lying bathing on her own blood.

The girl struggled from his hold so he leaned down again and gently placed her down. She started running out of the kitchen entrance as the two followed her tracks going to the staircase leading to the second floor. The two still tailed up and when they reached the hallway on that floor, the girl’s presence disappeared.

The hallway manifested drops of blood from that evening. The fear still surrounding the atmosphere after the days of that time. When the couple mr. and mrs Alvarez were massacred by that psychopath. Every parts of their body were found on that same corridor aligned. The officers had followed the parts cautiously. First was the head, a head without ears or eyes or tongue or nose. Then going to the first two steps showed the hand. Another two steps showed the arms and another part until the finished line wherein they found their hearts. The master’s bedroom where the heart will never beat forever.

The child had seen or haven’t seen it? Or she might have been the first one who was attempted to be killed before they do.

“Oh God.” Zane whispers under her breath feeling the overwhelming unjustified atmosphere the place possesses. “Why does Alicia had to be in this place? That poor angel…”

They continued walking until they found an open room. There they saw the little girl lying on the bed. Lying down, arm spread wholly while looking up the ceiling . Zane went near and laid beside the girl. “Do you miss home?” she asked.

The girl shook her head, mouthed a very soft whisper that neither have heard. “Come again, baby?” Zane requested putting her ear closer to the girl’s mouth.

“I’ll die. Mommy will kill me.” She repeated that gave Zane a priceless expression upon hearing her words.

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