The Fairy Tale Case File

A family massacred and a child thrown down a twelve feet deep hole was treated like a fairy tale story only to become worse when an obsessed-psycho woman started her killing spree to woman whom she addressed into her fairy tale princesses respectively.

Now, Detective Prince Kieth Ferer had been in charged of the case, realizing that he had a connection with it as he opens a path unraveling the story of an every tenth year rules that will lead him to the true killer with the help of his partnership with the new comer agent Zanelee Heathers.


8. Mystery 7: Partner

Mystery 7: Partner


“We’ve managed to identify the victim.” The chief began.

Harvey Carlton took a sip on his coffee cup after nodding over the chief’s statement, taking out his notebook out of his coat pocket pretending to be a professional journalist himself, beside him was little Alicia sitting quietly on the couch with a picture book in her hand leafing the contents seconds to seconds.

“Her name is Lauren Cruz, 24 years old and graduated of a vocational course. And she is currently working as a maid in your residence, detective.” The chief and Harvey eyed the man who stared back seriously at them.

Prince inhaled sharply over the revelation the chief had revealed. But he tried to compose himself and focused on the investigation. “What could’ve been the reason she’s killed. Knowing her long enough, I know she’s a nice person.” He countered back.

“So, detective, let us assume that Lauren was a nice girl as you’ve said. Is there a possibility that she has something to do with this little girl?” Harvey asked, pointing to the little girl beside him. “Could it possibly correct that this child had a relationship with the victim?” he asked.

Prince thought for a moment. “If we could see through the other employer of Lauren, we could confirm that thing.” He said. But over thinking that, he came over to the last call he made with his girlfriend. He’s been trying to call her and she’s not answering. He knew she was busy being a school teacher, but she’s not the kind of person who would suddenly cut a call for that matter. He sighed.

“Why are you here again, mr. Carlton?” the chief asked the young journalist.

“I’m helping you with the investigation, sir.” Harvey replied. “My intel and resources are wide, you know.” He said arrogantly.

“And so does the police.”

“Well, the more intel the easier to find the cause.”

“I guess that can’t stop you.” The chief sighed.


“And by the way, detective Ferer.” He started that made the man looked at him. “Someone requested to join the case you’re currently holding…” Prince still waited for his continuation.

“She’ll be coming here any minute now.” He ended and both eyes went to the little girl who was currently sitting on the couch trying to tie her shoe lace.

Harvey hid his notebook and looked at the girl too. “Having troubles?” he asked. Alicia looked up at the man and shook her head showing that she was really having a hard time. The man sighed, knelt down to voluntarily tie the knots of her shoe and after doing the knots, he stood up. At the same time the door opened and a woman wearing shades and in a motor chic fashion entered boldly holding her portfolio.

All men watched her entrance struck by her strong appearance. She removed her shades before sitting down a wooden chair just across Prince and beside the table where the chief was. “Good day, gentlemen, I’m Zanelee Heathers. I believe you know why I’m here.” She said straightly and confidently.

The chief tried to cope up from being struck, he cleared his throat and gave a welcoming smile. “Yes, good day to you too miss Heathers. Since both of you are here now, I want you to meet detective Prince Kieth Ferer who holds the case.” he pointed to the man who was sitting across her.

Zane stood up showing her courtesy facing the man. “Good day detective, I am Zanelee. You can call me Zane for short.” She said nicely.

“Yes. Nice to meet you, miss Zane.” And they shook hands.

“I’m Harvey Carlton.” He suddenly spoke and Zane gave a smile. They both shook hands before Zane began her objective.

“I’m here because I dislike the way how the young Alvarez was murdered. She’s so young and very adorable, yet that’s how she was treated badly. I’ll make sure in the name of justice that her killer will rot in hell.” She said full of determination.

“Umm, actually miss Zane—“

“Ah wait! Do you have a picture of her? The better ones? I mean, the one without the blood.” Zane cut through Prince’s response.

“Why would you ask a picture? If you could see her personally?” Harvey asked.

Her light grey eyes widened. “Really? Her corpse’s here?” she asked. “Or the ghost?”

Prince laughed at her amused. “There’s no such, miss.”

“Huh?” Zane looked at them wonderingly while looking at the men who looked at her a bit amused. Then to her surprise, two small hands held hers. She looked down, found a pair of green eyes staring up at her that in an instant caught her attention. “Oh. My. God.” She said astonished.

“Prin-cess…” the girl stuttered.

She knelt down to suffice with the child’s height. Pinched her cheeks and looked at her with admiration. “You’re so cute…” then she cuddled her. “And you’re alive! That a good sign!”

“Ahm.” Prince cleared his throat trying to call the girl’s attention.

Zane let the girl go giving Alicia the opportunity to run over to the detective. She nearly tripped from running but the man was able to catch him, lifting her up as she quickly coiled her hand around her neck obviously embarrassed from being tripped down on the floor.

“I guess you know that the case I’m holding right now isn’t just about Alicia.” The detective began.

“Then kindly fill me up with the details.” Zane replied.

“Lauren Cruz turned out to be the second victim.”

“Any lead?”

“The crime scene. Little cabin in the woods is owned by the Alvarez family. And according to the autopsy, the one that killed her was a poisoned apple.”

“Apple?” Zane’s brow raised skeptically.

“Yes. An apple bought from a supermarket that we are still trying to certain where. The apple was added up with different kind of toxic. They injected a lot of them. Just thinking about it makes your stomach turn.”

“Can I see the file? I need a recap.” She requested.

“I just want to ask, are you an officer?” Prince asked curiously.

“I’m an agent.”

Prince nodded. “This is the first time that I’m going to work with an agent.”

Zane laughed. It was also the first time she is going to work with a detective like him. A handsome and gorgeous detective, having his hair dyed with brown highlights and messy, clean shaved, dark-brown eyes, tall nose and kissable lips. Fresh white shirt and a red jacket atop, black straight cut jeans and a black running shoes. He also looked young. Weird.

“By the way, detective. How long have you been in service?” she asked letting out her curiosity.

“3 years now.” He answered.

Both Zane and Harvey frowned in disbelief. “You’re nothing like 25 years old.” They both said in unison. Probably the normal age for a grad student to have after 3 years of service.

The detective laughed. “Pardon. I’m just 22.” He said making his way towards the couch and lie the girl there who was already fast asleep.

“So, in solving this murders.” Zane started while staring at the file of information and images of the victim. The broken Lauren, she looked at it with both sympathy and disgust. “This fucking psychopath. I hate how she do her thing with this prettiling.” She said trying to shrug the thought away that his new partner was just the same age as her. She’s already 22 and she’s serving a year in service.

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