The Fairy Tale Case File

A family massacred and a child thrown down a twelve feet deep hole was treated like a fairy tale story only to become worse when an obsessed-psycho woman started her killing spree to woman whom she addressed into her fairy tale princesses respectively.

Now, Detective Prince Kieth Ferer had been in charged of the case, realizing that he had a connection with it as he opens a path unraveling the story of an every tenth year rules that will lead him to the true killer with the help of his partnership with the new comer agent Zanelee Heathers.


5. Mystery 4: Clues

Mystery 4: Clues



Prince opened the last cabinet of that small house noticing a cloth scattered below it. He pulled it up in his two hands to see the whole design of that clothes. “A maid suit?” he asked. When he looked at the part on its waist, it was stained with an orange color that looked clearly as juice itself. He smelt it and it was confirmed that his intuition was correct although the smell was beginning to fade.

“Papa!” A high pitched voice surprised both him and the chief who was looking around. The chief who was holding up the mirror he found in the cabinet he opened nearly fell after the child’s scream it was a good thing that despite his age he still had the capacity to show a good reflex. While the detective dropped the clothes he was wearing and quickly approached the girl few steps before she could step into the yellow lane where the body was found.

“Alicia, stay outside for a while.” The detective said but the girl didn’t obey him, instead, it went further, stepping in to the yellow lane where her shoes touched the blood that dripped down on the floor. But one thing was noticeable with her behavior, she seemed happy.

“Hey kid! I told you this is a crime scene, didn’t I?” Harvey caught up that made the two turned towards his entrance. “Oh, I’m sorry to bother. I am Harvey Carlton, a news writer.” He quickly introduced after finding the old chief inside the cabin.

“Yes, I’ve heard of you from my group.” The chief acknowledges.

“You did?” Harvey said very pleased. “I’m honored.” He said coming close to the chief to shook his hand, completely losing his motive to claim the child back to the car where she sits.

The chief laughed. “Well, sad enough you’re a bit of a pain in the investigation I heard.” He said.

“Well, if asking question to solve a mystery, it will not be, right sir?”

“I understand.”

“Sir!” Prince called. Both turned towards him, finding him standing inside a cabinet. “Alicia entered a secret door.” He announced and went on, disappearing into their sight after entering the secret passage that he mentioned. The two followed him. They also entered the stiff passage until they were welcomed by a stairway down. Unlike the cabin that was made of wood, the place was solidified by concrete which made the atmosphere colder as they went further below. The light bulbs were on but dim that made their every steps careful not to trip down over the small way until they reached a hidden cellar. Wider than what was seen upstairs, the cellar had an odd things hanging on some poles. Chains, shackles and even three knives engraved on the poles that seemed to have receive stabs too and some dried blood. The smell had nothing in common with rotting corpse, instead, it simply smells like dust. Observing further to the area, they found a dog cage with a doll lying inside it and beside it was a big chest where the girl was. She was trying to reach something there fully using the length of her small body to get it. Above her was a birdcage… with two skulls and boned birds.

With all her height left, Alicia tip toed even higher as she reaches the book she’s been trying to get with her small fingers, but because her toe couldn’t carry all her weight and balance, she flipped back on the chest creating a bit of shaky motion into the box that caused its door to shut close that gave a noise as strong as a gunshot with the bird cage falling from above it.

“Alicia!” Surprised from the sudden slamming of the door, all eyes abruptly turned towards the chest. Prince ran towards it, opening the door quickly and looked down, finding the little girl sitting inside as she embraces the book she was trying to reach earlier. She looked up after a couple of seconds and met the detective’s eye, standing up as she raised a hand upward to portray that she wanted him to carry her out of the box she’s trapped in. The man sighed. He obeyed the child defeated as he pulled her up in his arms and carried her to stop from wandering around the dangerous place. “Just stay still, okay?” he said. As he was lifting the girl from the case, his eyes caught something inside the chest, a metal suit case.

“Detective!” A call from the chief took his attention. He turned his head towards the one who called and found him together with Harvey who seemed to be in disbelief standing in one corner, looking down on what it seems to be a hole. “You have to see this.” He ended.

Prince went ahead, joined the two and looked down. Surprised by the sight that welcomed him, he quickly turned back not to make the girl he was carrying see it. Who the hell would do this kind of shit?! He thought. However, he was too late. Alicia was able to take a glance when he froze and saw it a few more seconds before he could even turn around. And it turned out that the girl wasn’t even scared of what she found instead, she was more delighted to see it again. “Princess!” she exclaimed happily as if to inform the detective about the human skulls and bones they saw in that hole.

He was not prepared for that response coming from a four-year-old girl after seeing corpses. At least it would ease him more if the girl could have cried or hid herself to avoid the sight. It made him have chills over the child’s reaction than the bones he saw, realizing that the girl he’s carrying in his arms has a mystery herself too, an innocent child who had a part in a massacre.

“We have to inform this to the group.” The chief said after the long silence.

“Let’s go back up then.” Prince suggested as all gave a nod to agree.

Harvey on the other hand, before moving out grabbed his camera and took a picture of the ‘crime scene’ then followed ahead. He didn’t know what’s going on, but it turns out that the mystery he’s trying to hypothesize on the cabin turns out to be even bigger than what he thought. Questions started running down his head until he remembered the little girl mentioning about the princess that he didn’t pay much attention to earlier. It was just then that he thought about it. The girl knows about the place, knows about that secret passage, then probably, she knows what’s going on in this crime event, she’s probably the only one who can answer the questions he had in his mind. The big mystery in his head can only be answered by a one four-year-old child. When they got up from the cellar, he stared at the child leaning her head on the detective’s shoulder still thinking about his questions and the child’s seemingly connection to the case.

“Is she your kid?” He asked the detective after coming close.

Prince gave a look with a surprised expression. “Not you too…” he murmured but soon replied properly. “She’s not. She’s a part of the case.” He said.

Harvey’s face brightens. “Then can I ask her questions?” he asked, more like asking permission to take dissection on a clueless child.

Prince had a thought of doubt for a second. But she’s still a part of the investigation and questioning her isn’t forbidden. So he sighed. “Good luck if she could answer you.” He allowed.


Taking a sip from her cup of coffee, Zane gave a sigh. Leaning her elbow atop of the table and placed her chin on her palm as she leafed her portfolio to the next page.

Her grey eyes hiding under the height of her long lashes illuminated the bright sunny day beside the window that who would caught her eyes will feel admired together with her tall thin nose and red tempting lips, having a long wavy waist-length hair and pale skin.

Her reading was distracted by a couple just across her table showing both irritation and disgust. It made her raised an eyebrow before putting her attention back to the pictures of corpses in her portfolio, all brutally murdered that can actually make anyone’s appetite flip once they see the images. She took another sip from the coffee before paging the book to the next picture of murder case. The picture in that page made her smile. “Oh, just look at this poor adorable child.” She whispered staring at the image of a child sitting down surrounded by expensively broken antique tea cup set. “I’ll give you the best service.” She said and stood up making her way out of the shop. But before fully getting away from where she sat, she stopped on her tracks and looked at the couple who still had their eyes on her, giving a smile at both of them and ended it up with a flirting wink towards the boyfriend before flipping her hair behind her shoulder, continued walking and disappeared in the closing exit door.


The skulls and bones recovered from that cabin were aligned outside the house. All of it were wearing different color of expensive ball gowns that gave a lead for them to know that every bones there were women. Unfortunately, there was no other way for them to identify the casualties to know who they were from the missing women the past years.

The gowns were exposed with what was obviously the stains of dried blood that certainly belongs to them and the tip and sleeves of the dresses have already ripped off and covered in dust. These women might’ve suffered the same fate as of what the victim who has been recently murdered had experienced. Their bones were broken and some had parts of their bones even missing out and some ribs also broke off and the skulls had cracks and holes. Poor lives, wasted up for one evil intention. Prince sighed, offered a short prayer and condolence of silence before staring back at the corpses again. In that moment there, he felt a sense of injustice for these lives that are lost, but what does he know about the truth? It had giving a sudden sympathy even if the corpse is in front of him and the killer is out on the loose to even kill more of them. What he means is, maybe there was a reason why it all happened. Maybe, these women have done something so heavy and unforgivable. But what would it be if it was? And still. His thought remained on one resolve. Murder is a sin in the eyes of the law.

He finally blinked. Looked back and turned away from the corpses making his way towards his car. There, he found the child sleeping on the passenger seat, embracing the book that she got from the chest at the cellar. He also entered back the driver’s seat and sat there for a while, weighing his back on his seat as he felt something touched the side of his feet. The metal suit case. He thought about coming back for it earlier when they got back up from the cellar. When Harvey was trying to convince the child to give him answers that, in the end, caused the child to fall asleep because of boredom and showing no interest to the young man’s questions.

He pulled the case up placing it on his lap and observed it. He tried pulling it on opposite direction with all his strength but he wasn’t even able to make it open up. He tried shaking it and it started clinging like it’s content wasn’t actually that heavy and hard. Usually, things placed in this kind of suitcase were important documents. So, he thought, maybe the content was actually papers. So if he would be able to open the case, he might be able to unlock a puzzle piece. He sighed, closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. The case had been giving him a hard time ever since from day one. It was a messy yet a hardly defined murder. Alicia, who was even a witness can’t remember her killer’s identity. Talk about selective amnesia.

He gave up for the day, placed the case at the back of his car, started the ignition and left.

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