The Fairy Tale Case File

A family massacred and a child thrown down a twelve feet deep hole was treated like a fairy tale story only to become worse when an obsessed-psycho woman started her killing spree to woman whom she addressed into her fairy tale princesses respectively.

Now, Detective Prince Kieth Ferer had been in charged of the case, realizing that he had a connection with it as he opens a path unraveling the story of an every tenth year rules that will lead him to the true killer with the help of his partnership with the new comer agent Zanelee Heathers.


3. Mystery 2: The First Princess

Mystery 2: The First Princess



The crowd couldn't keep the attention away as the two made themselves comfortable on a chair from a fast food chain.


It was a bit awkward for Detective Ferer after he's taken the child witness with him to be accompanied into the Chief inspector's office. The child had been better after some days of rest inside the hospital for recovery but still the words from her mouth still are limited. One word was enough for her in one day that made it harder for the investigation to go further.


That day, while in the middle of the ride the child pulled Prince's sleeves making the detective gave a looked at her while the stop light was red. She pointed to her belly and looked at her with pleading eyes showing that she was hungry. He looked around the sidewalks in search of some food court and lucky enough, there was a fast food close by that when the red light twitched into green, he turned his car towards the parking lot he found and carried the child out of the car. Just from the entrance, the girl's outfit already out stood and took more than enough attention that urged the detective to back away. However, he thought, for the sake of the girl's empty stomach he moved forward and made his way into the counter while carrying the girl in her blue Victorian dress as though the child had been in an old English roleplay or was from a grand party. It was the only dress provided by her personal dresser back in the mansion and there was no more fashion than those kind of dress.


"Okay. What do you like?" He asked the child who was staring wonderingly at the cashier with her green hazel eyes. The woman smiled back at her but she didn't return the favor. Prince noticed her lack of attention to the food she would want to eat so he decided to order something for her. "Uhm... Miss, pizza and fries please." he said.


The cashier began to tap on her counter and pressed the orders the detective had said. "And for your drinks sir?" she asked.


"Regular soda and coffee please." Prince added.


"Is that all sir?" she asked and Prince nodded. She repeated the orders again and placed a tray over the counter to place the orders he had there. After that she smiled sweetly. "You have a very adorable daughter sir." she praised.


Prince lightly shook his head. "I think you're mistak -" he wasn't able to end his denial when the woman spoke again.


"I forgot to add sir, she really had taken resemblance more from you than her mother." she said before tending the next costumer that made him unable to defend.


After his loss of words, he decided to make his way towards a seat nearby the window, carrying the orders he got placing it on the table and putting the child on the seat across him. Then he looked at the child who grabbed a slice of pizza and started digging in.


"Do we really looked like somehow related? She seemed confident with the compliment." he asked but the girl didn't give any attention to what he asked. Or more specifically, could it be possible that he's now a father? Well, going back to his past years ago, there were times that he visits clubs and ended up waking in a hotel room naked and at loss with a girl sleeping beside him. Bad memories clouded when he thought about it. It was also a bad thing that at the end of the night, he would experience a strong slap from a girl’s palm before she leaves or sometimes he would lose his valuables because of his in deliberate drinking of alcohol.


He took a sip from his coffee while watching the girl take another slice from the pizza with the sides of her mouth left with bread piece and sauce sticking in. It made him chuckle in watching over the child that seemed to be very hungry from when they left the hospital. He took the napkin on the table and wiped her messy cheeks. "You really are still a kid." he said and placed the used napkin back on the table. But after that Alicia just continued eating and Prince continued watching her amused after the girl had been cautiously avoiding to mess the food on her cheeks while eating. And now she's craving to eat the fries.


"You want some catsup?" he asked holding a small cup of red tomato catsup in his hand. The girl nodded that gave him the privileges to open the lid...



The woman laughed as she made her way inside a cabin while dragging a man dead. His heart was stabbed by a dagger that remained buried in his chest.


It made Lauren cried after watching the man getting dragged helplessly. She was tied tightly by a neon fiber which was also connected to the chair she was sitting in and was wearing a blue and yellow gown... same with Snow White's. "Please let me go!" she pleaded still tears moistures her cheeks.


But the woman didn't paid attention. "By the way Snow White. I want you to meet the hunter who let Snow White go." she laughed pointing to the corpse like she was just joking. after that she made her way to a cabinet and grabbed a ceramic garden dwarves, aligning it around the floor where the woman centered her chair.


"What are you going to do?!" she asked stuttering in fear.


The woman stood up after fixing the dwarfs around her going back to the cabinet and grabbed a mirror. "Then the queen says: 'Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of one's all?'" saying those words, she placed the mirror in front of Lauren and showed her reflection. She laughed insanely again as the poor maid flinch and shivers in terror. "Since the queen was furious, I will avenge her." and without second thoughts, she abruptly slammed the mirror in Lauren's face continuously. As the mirror breaks, her face was being peeled off and some of the shards of the broken mirror entered her eyes and cheeks. When the mirror was fully destroyed, it seemed that the woman wasn't satisfied with just one mirror, grabbing another set from her cabinet and continued to slam her again and again. Lauren couldn't scream after that since once she would decide to scream, the shards would enter her mouth and that's what's keeping her. Her hands and feet were clutching in and trembling like a leaf feeling the unbearable pain and stings of the damage on her face. She couldn't shed tears nor does she have the voice to speak.


Finally, the woman stopped. "Poor Snow White." she said pretending to be all concerned then she laughed again.


Lauren’s blood was dropping down the expensive gown. It also messed up around the floor and the walls that made it more and more disgusting. How could she digest such a terrible sight? What was Lauren's fault? Why does she have to get involved with this crazy woman? She was so afraid, and so this fear was the last beat she would have for the last time.


The woman walked back to her, carrying a fruit in her hand. A red ripe apple. She ducked down to level her face to Lauren as she pulled her chin up to make the latter face her. Forcing her mouth open and when she succeeded, she made Lauren's mouth scrape a portion of the apple and made her have to swallow it whole.


"There, there Lauren. The poisoned apple. But unfortunately, no prince in the right mind would even dream of kissing someone as disgusting as you do." she said tossing the apple somewhere and went out of the old cabin...




"W-what?" Detective Ferer couldn't believe what he's just heard.


"I've said it Detective. That Young Adelicia will be at your custody for further protection while solving the case." the chief repeated. "And besides, I don't think that you'll be having a hard time with the kid. She seemed to be comfortable with you."


Both adults turned towards the unaware child. Meanwhile, she was crawling around the floor and even crawled in between the detective's feet entering the chief's desk and then around back to where prince stood. "Okay enough with that. You'll get dirty." He said, carrying the child up into his arms, looking back to the chief seriously. "You haven't given me the full investigation sir." He said.


The old man grabbed a portfolio from his locker and opened it making the contents show itself to the detective. "Adelicia Janefer Alvarez, Jacob Alvarez, Carmen Alvarez, Florida Romero were not the only bodies found in the Alvarez mansion. In fact, when the premises have been operated for search, there are seven skulls found badly decomposed in a secret underground basement. All were wearing dresses that identified themselves as women." It made the detective's face serious. "And unfortunately for us that only one survived. A young four-year-old girl who is traumatized."


"Shouldn't we be giving this child's custody on proper field?" He asked.


"Detective, this is a secret case." The chief stood up looking back from where his window had been placed. His eyes fixated down on the cars in the busy road. "Once this case will be made public, the child's safety and private life would be altered in the future. I'm sorry for making you shoulder the responsibility to the child, but her safety is the top priority we want to establish and solving this case is only next to what's important." He looked back and smiled at the him.


Life is more important than putting up a dot to an unsolved puzzle. That's what the chief used to teach Prince when he was starting up with his field. He was one of his superior that introduced the importance of protecting life before death and that made him looked up to the man who is three years from now is reaching up with his retirement.


"Okay sir. I'll keep her temporarily." He agreed after that he looked down on the files seriously and started reading. Alicia looked at him while he was showing a frown as she imitated him by forming her brows down the same as the latter.


It made the chief laugh. “Look at that detective. It looks like she’s imitating you.” He said fund of the young girl in front of him.


The detective gave the child he’s carrying a glace and it made her stare back up at him. He raised one eyebrow as the girl gave the same strikingly the same expression. Then he smiled, showing his two deep assets down his cheeks… his dimples that have caught a lot of attention from many girls that was impossible to resist while the girl started at him for a moment with him thinking if the girl could actually imitate him this time. Alicia blinked twice pursed her thin ripe lips then after that, gave a beam revealing two deep dimples on both her cheeks, making the detective stunned and amazed over the child’s capacity to actually have all the assets that he possesses.


“Now I’m starting to doubt if that’s really mr. and mrs. Alvarez’s ever having that child of theirs. Or did you actually have something to do with mrs. Alvarez?” the chief teased.


Prince grimaced. “Sir, married women are out of my list.” He admitted. “I think it’s just co-incidence. And besides, look at her eyes. It’s green and her nose is small.” He even compared from his features. The girl seemed to understood, seemingly trying to look at herself through putting her eyes in the middle as if it would actually make her see her own eyes then touched the tip of her nose putting her other hand to the detective’s.


Again it made the chief laughed. “Oh dear. Do you want to stay with papa Prince for a while?” he asked softly.


“Sir…” prince taunted in complain.


“Papa? Papa!” the girl exclaimed after running her arms around the detective and dug her face between his neck and shoulder. It made prince surprised for a short while, after that he just sighed and caressed her soft curly hair.

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