The Fairy Tale Case File

A family massacred and a child thrown down a twelve feet deep hole was treated like a fairy tale story only to become worse when an obsessed-psycho woman started her killing spree to woman whom she addressed into her fairy tale princesses respectively.

Now, Detective Prince Kieth Ferer had been in charged of the case, realizing that he had a connection with it as he opens a path unraveling the story of an every tenth year rules that will lead him to the true killer with the help of his partnership with the new comer agent Zanelee Heathers.


2. Mystery 1: Once Upon A Time


One hot afternoon welcomed him as he made his way inside the hospital entrance door. It was fortunate that his tardiness had lessen after his second month in job because of dealing with too much attention being taken towards his lady coworkers, receiving a more than enough scolding for the day by his superiors that he was so tired of and had decide to pull himself over a new leaf, forcibly doing his best to come to his superior’s office.

Detective Prince Keith Ferer sighed after receiving his next case that early morning in his office and this afternoon, he decided to visit the surviving victim and at the same time, the only witness as of the moment. He was making his way towards the silent hallway only finding the eyes that give him glances from the bench they sat or nurses passing by. His was young and good looking man who managed to enter the job when he was just nineteen years old. He studied earlier and in advanced, having sharp intuitions from the previous crimes given to him and closing the case earlier than expected. This case wasn't supposed to be his', but after finding no detective available for the moment, the chief decided to assign him for it.

Finally, he reached the room, staring at the white door for a while before he decided to hold the knob and twisted it open finding a little girl who was watching a cartoon he remembered correctly was entitled Sponge Bob. He stepped closer to have a better sight of the child who was sitting down her bed, behaved and quiet.

"It’s a nice show." He started to take the girls attention. But he didn't think that she was actually this young. "So, you're Adelicia Janefer Alvarez. Right?" he asked.

The little girl turned to his direction, her face shown clear to the Detective's sight. Green eyes. It was the first one that registered in his mind. Then he observed more. The child was pale skinned -must've lost her blood that much, she had a wavy rib length soft curled hair, small nose, semicircular shape of face and thin pink lips. A young doll like girl blankly staring at him with such innocent face. Breaking the eye contact with the detective she just looked at, she turned her head back to the television as she opened her mouth. "A-li-cia..." she said trying to make her name clear.

"That your nick name?" the detective asked softly while he stepped closer to the girl's bed and sat on the chair just beside it. The child nodded right after the detective asked. "Its a nice name. Is that how your mommy calls you?"

For a moment, the child's expression quickly subbed with an unexplainable fear. She grabbed her blanket and started to shake. "M-mommy..." she whispered, tears beginning to form out of her terrified eyes that made Prince stood up and went close to the child worriedly.

"Are you okay?" he asked caressing the girl's hair.

"Mommy?" She repeated again but now it wasn't a whisper but a fearful call. She was reminiscing the events that occurred that day when the family was murdered. She was shaking violently not just because of what she remembered on that night, but also the trauma had caused her to forget what her family even looked like showing only silhouette and a bright crimson stains of blood. She was looking over the silhouette of the woman stabbing her nanny and she could perceive the red liquid gushing out of the corpse's chest. She started to scream and thrashed as the detective tried to pin her down on her bed for her not to hurt herself further. He watched as the poor child started crying out loud, screaming and struggling from an enormous fear that the killer must've inflicted to her while she was in its harmful arms. Such innocent and fragile child broke down in front of him making him felt the anger and the urge to pursue her case getting that bastard who destroyed her childhood into such horrifying start.




"Get out!" an old lady roared as she dragged the helpless woman out of the door grabbing her hair and that pain had made her follow ahead over the woman's movement. She pushed the woman almost thrashing her away from her house while the latter just cried and pleaded.

Lauren was the old lady's maid. She had been enduring the work all around her boss' house aside from the fact that she had been suffering maltreatment from her but she stayed and continued on. But now, it seems like she's over. "I'm sorry ma'am. Please give me another chance!" she cried, kneeling down on the ground of the front yard and hands intertwined together on her chest like a girl praying as she asks for the old one's mercy.

"Huh! And you even have all the guts?!" She mocked angrily kicking Lauren away as she tilted off on the floor with her hand supporting her. "Rats like you even thought to be that ambitious?! Who do you think you are?! Get out!" and she shut the door close in front of Lauren. No more chance given. She's all done.

Out of strength to try begging for mercy, she just gave up and voluntarily left on her own with tears streaming down her cheeks. She sat on the sidewalk just beside the house where she used to work and wiped the tears with her sleeves. She miscalculated. She thought the old lady wouldn't see her because she was so busy over talking with her friends on the phone. But it was a mistake after all.

She just fell in love...

She tried to love secretly...

And she loved him. Him that the old lady's son. The young man was the only one he fell in love to after what he said about the rights of women to be respected -even with her kind of status. What he said enlightened the dimming light from her heart and commuted herself from serving them more despite his mother's strict and unlawful treatment towards her. From her everyday life of doing house chores, she never let herself forget to visit the young man's empty room and would kiss his picture before continuing her restless job. But she was caught today. Her secret love isn't a secret to the old lady anymore and it turned her into rage and dragged her out of the house without second thought. How unfortunate.

She sighed again, finding a car that suddenly stopped in front of her. and from the window was a young woman peering down at her covering half her face with shades and a blue bull cap smiling sweetly that made Lauren uncomfortable. "I saw what happened earlier. I mean, I'm sorry about what happened." she started casually.

But it didn't seem like she was that sorry about what she saw or she's not even feeling sorry at all. Lauren thought.

"Hop in. Do you know anyone around?" the woman asked. "I'll take you there." she offered.

"Yeah. I guess I know someone." Smiling, Lauren replied as she stood up. "But its okay. I think I'll just commute."

Declining the woman's offer, her smile disappeared. "Are you sure? You'll commute looking like a... maid?" she pointed down on her outfit that Lauren followed with her eyes realizing that she's still in uniform. She even mouthed 'oh no' as she stared at it for a couple of seconds. "See? You need a ride and I insist that you must." the woman called again.

Out of option, Lauren scratched her neck while making her way to the passenger seat. She opened the door and fit herself in. "Thanks, by the way." she awkwardly said.

The woman handed her down a handkerchief and a bottle of water that Lauren accepted with gratitude and she started her engine, running the car to the exit of the village. "Now, where?" She asked after Lauren had wiped her eyes with the cloth and drank the bottled water to ease herself.

"Ah, it’s just near the national road..." Lauren replied sheepishly rubbing her eyes as she felt it getting heavy.

"What's your name by the way?" she asked with a successful grin on her lips.

"Uh... its... Lauren. And you?" her body was getting relaxed as she leaned her weight on the seat and her heavy eyelids winning over her consciousness.

"Me?" Her smirk later became wider. "I'm your worst nightmare."

Lauren collapsed. Her consciousness lost as she dropped the bottle of water she had drank from and fell to slumber.

The woman succeeded over capturing Lauren.

While she was driving the wheels, she couldn't feel but get annoyed over what happened weeks ago. She couldn't help herself anymore patience of waiting and through calling him. And unfortunately, the boy was out of reach. She loves him so much that even when she made contact with other men, he's the only one she could think about. She thought that the wait is over and he wants him now. And now means marriage. But when she called the other contact, it was her mother who answered the call and that they spoke about what she wanted. She used the child and told her that she was their daughter. The fruit of their love. But despite her story, the old lady laughed mockingly at her saying that her son doesn't need a woman like her and instead, hand over the child she claims to be her son's daughter so that she would receive a good future. She doesn't like how it ended up. What she wanted was the man for herself that it made her enraged. And now the daughter of hers is so useless. She even got annoyed with the child because she's the only one who got the benefit from that conversation. No way!

She doesn't like third wheels. And if its needed be death to put a stop to their interruption, then she would gladly stab them for love. Like what she did to that stupid child. Alicia whom is a threat to their love to his one and only. She taught her well about fairy tales. That only one princess is allowed for a prince, and these women, found the wrong prince that they deserve death.

Now her lesson begins. She looked at Lauren who was still down on the front seat laughing out loud as she pulled the maid's hair closer to her. "What princess best suited you, Lauren?" she asked as she pushed her away that caused her to slam he head on the door. The car was now out of the crowded city only to be welcomed by the endless trees. "Aha! How about the roe of Snow White, Lauren? That's just great!" she suggested, clicking her finger as if it was the best idea. Her smiled getting more and more unpredictably evil as time passes.


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