The Fairy Tale Case File

A family massacred and a child thrown down a twelve feet deep hole was treated like a fairy tale story only to become worse when an obsessed-psycho woman started her killing spree to woman whom she addressed into her fairy tale princesses respectively.

Now, Detective Prince Kieth Ferer had been in charged of the case, realizing that he had a connection with it as he opens a path unraveling the story of an every tenth year rules that will lead him to the true killer with the help of his partnership with the new comer agent Zanelee Heathers.


4. Myster 3: Snow White

Mystery 3: Snow White

The detective didn’t even notice that he had already fallen asleep on the bed of his condo unit because of fatigue. He was peacefully asleep, resting his head down on the soft cushion of his pillow.

While on the other hand, Alicia stood in front of the bed and was watching him sleeping. The girl was sure she’d seen that man, but because of the events that happened to the young girl, it’s not impossible that she’ll have a jumbled mindset on the process. She’s forgotten a lot of things especially of the time when she was desperate to run away from the woman who wanted her damned from existence.

“Snow white…” she whispered under her breath. Her silent voice coping with the loud sound of the air-conditioned room as if remembering something but forgetting it at the same time, she just walked towards the detective’s bed, hardly trying to lift her small body from the high furniture and laid back down beside him staring up at the ceiling where the bulb was lit open closing her eyes too and quickly caught up with the nets of dreams.


It was morning then…

Prince decided to take the child to a department store to get her some ‘normal’ clothes to wear. After preparing for the day, he noticed the blue Victorian dress the child was wearing again.

“Your mom really loves blue, doesn’t she?” He asked the child while trying up the ribbon at her back.

“Snow white…” the child muttered again.

“Snow white? Do you want to watch it?” he asked her.

The child shook her head to show that it wasn’t what she means but now she remembered what it was… it was a story her mommy used to read in her sleep in Tuesday and yesterday was Tuesday too. “Let’s go?” Prince called the child holding out his hands to hold hers and they began to walk out of the door. They

They made their way towards the basement where the detective’s car had been parked opening the door for the child towards the front door and as the child enters, he made his way on the driver’s seat and placed on the girl’s seatbelt for safety before beginning his drive into the mall. And after longer than twenty minutes being stuck in the traffic, they were able to reach their destination and started walking inside the department store. The child was looking around, observing her surroundings while Prince was firmly holding her hand to avoid a scenario of her getting lost into a crowd of strangers.

“Prince!” A soft voice called out behind them. The detective looked back and checked the familiar voice that called him, finding a woman in a sale’s lady uniform approaching him with a smile on her lips. She waved a hand and merrily reached him but soon stopped a meter away after noticing a child behind the man.

Not particularly paying attention to her surprised expression, he smiled. “Long time no see, Emily. How have you been?” he asked nicely.

Emily smiled back. “Is it really that long?” She laughed lightly. “Say, who’s the girl with you? Your kid?” she asked with a tone of teasing.

Prince laughed back. “Oh no. She’s just a temporary kid in the house.” Half true he reasoned out. A case like hers was placed confidential since the murder case was a private task for him to solve. Even the media didn’t have a word about it, making the case a secret to public.

“Is that so?” she smiled, waved at the girl but she hid herself on the detective’s back.

“I’m sorry, she’s a bit shy and… quiet.”

“I guess that can’t be helped when you’re facing strangers right?” she just said. “By the way, what makes you come here?” she now asked to change the subject.

“Yeah about that. I’m looking for something proper for her to wear.” He said. “Can you help me with that? It’s kinda hard for me since she’s a girl.”

The woman nodded. “Sure. It’s not that hard.” She said nicely.

Alicia left the detective’s back and made its way towards the adult section standing below the lane of mannequins that were dressed up into some fairy tale princess costumes.

“Alicia, those are for adults. Come on, I’ll help you find some clothes.” Emily went near and softly caressed her hair.

But the girl quickly evaded her hand and ran towards the detective. She raised her hand to show that she wanted to be carried and so the man sighed and obeyed, lifting her up and carried her in his firm arms. That made Emily laugh again. “She resembles you somehow.” She said and tapped his shoulder. “Come on, let’s get her some clothes.” She said leading the way towards the children clothes section.

Emily happily helped out to pick clothes for her that made it easier for them to finish up quickly than expected. Prince thanked her before they decided to leave the store and walked into the crowd again. While outside the mall, the detective couldn’t help but notice the girl who kept on looking down on her clothes that made him stop from walking and checked on the girl.

“Is something wrong?” he asked.

She shook her head and continued walking alone. Prince simply followed her but an abrupt moment made them both surprised. A woman who was running into a different direction unexpectedly bumped her legs on to Alicia who was nearly hitting down the floor but through the woman’s quick reflex, she was able to grab her by the arm.

Shocked from the sudden grip, Alicia let out a scream and struggled desperately from her hands that she quickly let go. “Sorry!” she apologized and ran off without even checking on the girl.

“Damn!” the detective cursed under his breath and carried the girl who was still wailing down on the floor. “It’s okay, don’t cry.” she leaned her chin on his shoulder while he caressed her hair. “It’s gone now, okay?” he softly said and lulled her. The girl just continued sobbing, placing her hands on the detective’s neck. She remembered her mommy grabbing her arms after that moment happened like a flash of a scary memory terrorized her that she couldn’t help but fear. But after how many minutes that the detective gave her comfort, she stopped from crying.


Eyes were glaring at the child on the other side of the place. It hissed annoyed crumpling its fist and gritted her teeth. “You little pest… why are you still alive?” she whispered before turning her back on the child and left.


Prince handed her a cone of ice cream before sitting beside her. They quietly ate for a minute until a phone call destroyed the silence. When Prince checked the caller, the name of the chief inspector was written on it. He sighed, answered the call and placed it into his ear. “Yes sir?” he asked.

His brows furrowed after the chief had ordered him to come all the way to a certain area. The call quickly ended and after Alicia was done with eating her ice cream, Prince called her down and they made their way back to his car to obey the chief and went to the road he was talking about. When they reached the area, it was a cabin hidden down the woods on the open road. He went out of his car, instructed the girl to stay and she nodded in response as he observed. There were police officers around the area taking notes, taking pictures of the place and a group just came out of the door, carrying two stretchers that holds two people covered in white cloth. Corpses? He thought to himself and approached one of the officers asking him about the situation before he asked him to keep an eye on the child on his car before entering the door.

He found the chief inside staring down on the crime scene as if he was imagining the scenario of how the victim was killed. The detective went near him and stared with wonder. “What happened sir?” he asked.

“There was a woman and man who were killed here. But I’m more concerned with how the woman died…” he pointed over the bloody chair surrounded by seven ceramic dwarves that also had droplets of blood painted on their faces. “Just looking at these scattered mirrors and the casualty when we got here, it’s been hypothesized that these mirrors were slammed into her face countless of times, making her face unrecognizable by anyone who would find her.”

Prince felt disgusted. “Is there anything else sir?” he asked.

“The casualties were wearing costumes… Snow white and the huntsman.” He said.

Then a thought came in to the detective’s mind… “I remember Alicia mentioning Snow white earlier this morning. But I just think it’s a co-incidence, right?” he doubt the connection.

“We can’t miss a hole in this case, detective. Everything about that child has something to do with this murder.”

“I understand sir.”

“Good.” The chief nodded in content. “The bodies will be off to be autopsied. We must finish this case as soon as possible, private detective.”

“Roger than.” Prince casually replied. “How did you find the body in this kind of secluded place, by the way?” he asked.

“A woman called. Saying that it found a corpse.”

“Where is she?”

“She’s not anywhere found after she gave the coordinates of this house. Maybe she was a hiker or a resident nearby.”

“Or the killer itself.” Prince continued with full suspicion towards this mysterious caller. The Chief also turned serious after hearing his opinion. Partly true. But why would it call? Why not let the bodies rot until someone else find it if it’s the killer and this forest wasn’t that far from the mansion where the Alvarez family lives.

All the investigators were outside. A news writer was outside too, asking questions from the group. Harvey Carlson who was known to be a young writer on a competent publisher. He was a novelist, particularly in the art of mysteries and was pursuing as a press writer to gain more experience in order to fulfil his dream, to write a best-selling mystery novel that will flip the world. Something impossible but he’s a man of many possibilities. His knowledge shows superiority towards certain topics that he has taken interests with that almost made him a scary man in the argument once the topic is in his radar.

He stood in front of the female corpse who had her body covered. Pulling the white sheet as he stared at the distorted face of the corpse. He shrugged feeling disgusted, but disgust even make her excited about solving this kind of problems. “Hey! Don’t just go on pulling that sheet off.” A police officer went in, lightly pushing him aside and covered the corpse back to hide it’s face.

Harvey smiled, brought his notebook out and approached the officer. “Do you think the suspect had a relationship with this woman but he suspected this idiotic looking he-corpse, or maybe he caught them fucking each other and decided to kill them both?” he asked.

“It’s still under investigation.” He answered briefly and annoyed.

“Last question—“

“Enough sir. You’ve asked me too much questions earlier that I couldn’t answer because this case is still under investigation so please step aside and allow us to do our job peacefully.” The emphasis the officer left him was too deep that he already wanted Harvey out of sight. That brat was worse than just a new writer.

Harvey blew his cheeks and sighed after as he ran his eyes around until his attention turned into a certain person who was quietly sitting on the open door of the driver’s seat. Her little feet moving like pendulum as it moved back and forth staring in front of the cabin a couple of meters away from her. It made him raised an eyebrow. A brat? He thought approaching Alicia. The girl seemed to notice that he was coming so he greeted with a wave of hand until he reached her. The first thing he noticed were green eyes seemingly taken from the freshest leaves of nature. A cute child.

“Hi kid.” He greeted. “What are you doing here?”

The girl pointed towards the cabin while giving a pout.

“Are you with your daddy?” he asked.

She still pointed towards the cabin.

“Wanna go there?” he asked again. The girl turned up at him. She gave a nod and stood up, grabbing his right hand where he holds the notebooks and pulled her towards the cabin’s direction. But he pulled her lightly for a stop. “No kid, that’s a crime scene. You shouldn’t go inside, it’s scary there.” He tried convincing. But Alicia seemed persistent that when he really didn’t bulge from her weak pull, she just let him go and run towards the cabin. Harvey tried shouting at her to come back, but the child just went on that he had no choice but to catch up.

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