The Fairy Tale Case File

A family massacred and a child thrown down a twelve feet deep hole was treated like a fairy tale story only to become worse when an obsessed-psycho woman started her killing spree to woman whom she addressed into her fairy tale princesses respectively.

Now, Detective Prince Kieth Ferer had been in charged of the case, realizing that he had a connection with it as he opens a path unraveling the story of an every tenth year rules that will lead him to the true killer with the help of his partnership with the new comer agent Zanelee Heathers.


10. Chapter 9: I love Prince

Mystery 9: I Love Prince

Dr. Santos opened her eyes after feeling her striking head ache.

Not the usual thing that she could just intake some pills whenever it felt this horrible. But now it’s with fear. Her mouth was covered with duck-tape.

What was happening? She remembered having a visitor yesterday. A woman with a friendly smile painted on her face standing on her welcome door mat in front of her door step. A stranger that comfortably entered her house intrudingly and then facing her with the same attitude introducing herself as her new neighbor. Finding no threat to the said woman, she invited her in and lead the way towards her living. Few moments later it suddenly turned black.

The back of her head was aching as much as though it had made a crack. That woman seemed to have hit her head with something hard. And now she woke up finding herself tied.

The door opened entering the said woman. Her hair messed around her shoulder with a grim smile on her lips.

“Well hi.” The woman said fully closing the door behind her.

Eleana tried to struggle and kept squealing trying to get some help. But because of her low and weak voice there’s no dim candle lit of hope for aid to come noticing that her clothes changed into something else. A kind of silk blue Arabian fashion.

But wait!  This thing was familiar and in her head processed the details she could never forget upon facing the mysterious girl. No. her fists were shaking. It was all in Alicia’s drawings. Alicia’s warnings. Those were all connected to her. those messages are for her. a warning, a threat… Aladdin’s princess.

Her tears began to drop down her eyes, corrupting her sight blurry into the woman’s face. Pulse raising in fear and adrenaline. Negative thoughts began to gush out of her nerves corrupting her insides shivering in an unbearable pain and any minute now she threw up. But she can’t. Her vomit went back to her throat because of the thing covering her mouth, not feeling anymore disgust because in the first place, fear was the one that was corrupting her now.

But why her? what was her fault?

“What’s wrong Jasmine? Why are you crying?” the woman went near wiping her shedding tears.

But fear made Eleana tilt her head away from the woman’s hand making her hiss in annoyance and irritation slapping her face hardly. “Assuming too much doctor?” she whispered making her way to the couch where Eleana saw where the basketball bat was lying. The bat that was supposed to be displayed in the living room that was owned by her younger brother who was currently studying abroad. It was his remembrance for her for her was one of the lucky students a couple of years ago who was chosen to become an exchange student. She was happy receiving that gift from her brother, but now she was afraid of that thing because of the psychopathic woman holding it.

The woman checked the baseball bat up and down then turned toward Eleana making her tremble even more in fear.

“You know what? You shouldn’t have set your feet into the boundary.” She said. “You shouldn’t have tucked your tail in front of Prince.”

And that explained everything. The little girl knows what this woman is capable of and she’s trying to warn her. but it was too late. Too late to fight back and too late to take back her love for that man.

“You know Alicia, right? That little pest. A really hard to kill pest that a fall will not kill her after all. So now that I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll make sure she’ll die the second time around. Or to be more general, I’ll kill all the pests who tries to get in Prince’s and my way which includes you.”

She slammed the woman with the baseball bat on her feet. Eleana can’t do anything but shut her eyes feeling the pain. Then to her belly, continuously inflicting pain until her senses had closed down after this agonizing pain, tasting blood and nearly choked in it. Air blocked in her throat making her lose all the strength to shout or make any louder noise for help. She did it more accurately as not to make her fight back immobilized into her own nerves. And the most horrifying thing as she does that is she was laughing unearthly. It was like a demon’s.

After making her immobilized, she dragged her body towards the living room where a carpet was lying on the floor. She left Eleana there, weak and losing all her capability to move an inch until the woman went back holding the same lamp Aladdin found. A gold teapot like lamp. She poured gas on it and lit the pointy edge on it to create a candle. The doctor shook her head weakly pleasing her to stop, she even groaned but no words came out strong enough to let her hear.

All her life, nothing of this event she thought that might happen to her. She always plays safe. But when she met Prince, she thought she might want to give it a try, but seems like she ended up being treated as simply a professional woman who could help Alicia out. And yet not making any move to let him know, she’s already here, trying to breathe her last moments.

She was not even given the opportunity to apologize to her mother because they had a quarrel. And she knew it was her fault. She pressured her mom on getting off with her new guy. She really loves her mom but she didn’t like the idea of her mom loving that man. For he used to be her patient. On what case? His aggressive behavior towards women. Yes, he was fine after sessions but she thought sooner or later when the relationship will have a problem hard enough for them to fix, he might get back to the way he usually was and might attempt to kill and worst case scenario is it would be her mom.

Her thoughts went back when the woman sat in her belly. Everything’s so numb. She can’t even feel the pain anymore.

“Bring all your fears out now woman. You’re going to feel the weirdest pain you’ve never imagined possible. And after this, no more pain.” She whispered.

“W-why?” Eleana stuttered.

“You already know why, dear. You’re a psychiatrist s you know what I have in mind. You know the things that kept on pushing me.

“Yeah.” She replied with a croaky voice. Then gave her a smile. “Obsession, an unrequited great wanting for someone that can never belong to you.”

The woman’s eyes grew in anger, slapping Eleana again. “He’s mine! No one is fitted for him but me—“

“Wrong. I’m a psychiatrist, remember? It’s too bad that I can’t do anything to help you anymore.”

“I’m not sick! I don’t need you!”

“I cure people in need of psychiatrist. And my abilities is not sufficient enough to save you.”

Now the doctor held herself together. To be strong for the last time in her last stand. She needed to be true to herself and say the last things she had to before it’s too late.

“I’m. Not. Crazy.”

“Then I shouldn’t be dying right now if you weren’t.”

“Shut up. He’s mine! He’s mine!”

With her final smiled poured with all her heart and final breath she looked at the woman in through her eyes. “I love Prince.”

The woman’s face contorted in anger. Full of rage, she snuck the lit lamp into Eleana’s mouth as the fire grew inside her orals. Going in deeper as it spreads through her entire being feeling the burn inside of her. The fire burnt her mouth that made her open her lips even wider that made the pointy edge of the lamp hit her throat. Her body began to shake as blood gurgles out of her mouth.


 The body stopped after the woman have said the word. She stood up and tied every side of the carpet using the chandelier as a pulley to hang her up in the air. Her head hanging into the extent of the carpet, eyes wide open looking at her as though she’s not yet dead.

“Aladdin’s magic carpet is all yours.”

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