The Fairy Tale Case File

A family massacred and a child thrown down a twelve feet deep hole was treated like a fairy tale story only to become worse when an obsessed-psycho woman started her killing spree to woman whom she addressed into her fairy tale princesses respectively.

Now, Detective Prince Kieth Ferer had been in charged of the case, realizing that he had a connection with it as he opens a path unraveling the story of an every tenth year rules that will lead him to the true killer with the help of his partnership with the new comer agent Zanelee Heathers.


7. Chapter 6: Warning

Mystery 6: Warning

It was deep night…

The detective was sitting down his balcony viewing out on the high infrastructures around his condo, smiling while his mobile phone was attached right to his left ear. On the other hand, little Alicia was in his room sleeping soundly.

It was passed midnight. The breeze blew harshly on where he stood making him feel the cold venue on high places. But the night never manifest silence on a balcony of a condominium, especially if it was built in a busy road just like other companies around his residence. The cars are never ending that’s for sure. Morning till evening, whatever the time on the clock is there’s still cars running, engines purring. And how pitiful it is to see humanity devours the world with industrial existence. Even rural areas threatens to move on to modernization.

People makes, earth suffers. Good or bad inventions ends up with the same situation, it is man-made.

“So, how’s your job, babe?” a woman softly asked the detective on the other line.

“It’s great.” He began sarcastically. “I get to meet and take a babysitting to a kid.” He said.

“Wow.” The girl giggled. “I somewhat want to meet the kid, babe. Can I?”

Prince smiled. “The kid? Or me?”

Now she laughed. “Okay, just the same. Please!”

“Okay, okay. After her session tomorrow. So, where do you want to go?”

There was a long silence. Prince waited for a response for a little longer but there was nothing but a long beep from the phone being hung up and it was the only thing he could hear in his ear. He frowned. Maybe someone else was on the line and she decided to cut it. He tried dialing the number again but only her voice mail was answering.


Zane raised an eyebrow after finding out what’s the cause of her phone’s vibration. A chain message delivered through an unknown number.

Absurd! Send to 290 people? Why do people do these stupid messages threatening others to spread rumors to other people, vice versa? It’s just kind of idiocy to make it. And of all things, they threaten others by using God’s name! How immoral.

Just because not sending 20 messages to any other numbers for God’s love, if you fail, you or your family suffers misfortune? What a bullshit.

She sighed. Threw her phone back through the drawer and weighed herself to her white sheet bed. “What a fight, I didn’t know bars here also gets this far…” she complained under her breath.

Zane is an agent. Not a detective. She came from Europe and was only known to be interested with twisted cases that was why she flew in this country because Alicia’s case was her next target. But while she’s on her leisure times, she ended up in a riot earlier on a night club. The normal situation, someone’s maniac boyfriend came up kissing her… with tongue. Then girlfriend finds boyfriend and they made a scene, another war and she’s totally involved. The break up became a riot after the girl throwing a whole unopened bottle of vodka in front of her that she dodged and it hit someone else. And they’ve began to make it bigger.

Boring lifestyle. It’s been three months since she went through that kind of situation again and again every night. She thought, maybe she was a trouble charmer. And really love the thought.

“He’s totally fine though.” She muttered while thinking about the guy she kissed. He was good looking and she was totally looking for a night companion. She needs someone to accompany her after the night had become even colder but it didn’t go well as she had planned because it was the same time when the police had come to raid the place.

She was just clever enough. Showing her heroic special agent ID, and she’s out of the jail picture. But to be honest, she could’ve used the powder room for escape route. It’s easier that pulling out a wallet out of her pocket and searched for an ID after the other on the guys she doesn’t even want to hit on.

“Argh.” She roared in irritation as she sat up, removed her leather jacket and tossed it on the end of her bed then her eyes went to her boots, removing it and threw it randomly on her room floor. When all the heavy cloth was out of her body she finally lay comfortable on her soft bed.

As if she was hypnotized by the deep night on the lullaby of the busy street out of her hotel room, she instantly fell asleep.


It was 8 in the morning. Alicia was having her session with Dr. Santos and the little girl’s now at the peak of her little patience. Always drawing! Now she’s starting to think that school’s worse one day. But for a 4-year-old girl her drawings were not flowers, houses, stick girls, sun with a face or other cute stuff she could imagine.

Again, another carpet and a woman and a lamp. And now things like knives, hammers and sort of tools added up. She showed it again to the woman after. And it was a wonder to Elaena. She drew the tools very detailed and correctly than the person and the carpet, it was as though it seems she was immune to it. “Alicia, can I ask you something?” she softly started. The girl nodded still staring at her with those wondering green eyes. Alicia seemed half foreign but why does neither her parents didn’t have green eyes. “Will you tell me what’s the meaning of this?” she said while staring at the drawing.

The girl climbed up the sofa and looked at her drawing too as if thinking of an answer. But as moments passed, she didn’t answer and just stared at the illustration.

“Are you trying to tell me something?”

The girl nodded.

“What is it?”

The girl just gave a stare.

“Come on Alicia. I won’t tell anyone.” She still tried to convince.

Alicia still stared, but for moments, she smiled.

God! For almost three years in her job, Dr. Santos never imagined that she would meet a creepy kid. It was not in her plan to actually get involved with this kind of patient, hard to read. But what concerned her was that the child was the only one who could give her this kind of scare.

She successfully treated insomnia, traumas, double personality. But why is she threatened to a girl who doesn’t even speak? The child seemed to have grown in that kind of environment. She might’ve grown up on that kind of treatment. She can feel that this was totally something wrong.

“Detective Ferer.” She called.

Prince blinked twice after hearing her call. Then she looked at Eleana. “Yes?” he asked.

“What kind of family is mr. and mrs. Alvarez? Are they some kind of strict family?”

“Well, according to rumors, the family is simply kind and loving to their child as we have heard from the other former people who work there years ago. And as of the neighboring community, they were known to be very secretive but were also helpful. Why’d you ask.”

“I just… well, I’m feeling uncertainty about her behavior now. She’s the first case that I’ve felt more intense.”


“But that’s not the case. After all, because she witnessed something that a child shouldn’t and that might’ve worsened her behavior.”

“Worsened?” Prince asked a bit confused.

She handed Alicia’s drawing and let the detective see it. “Look how she drew the ‘weapons’ well.” She said pointing the knives, hammers and other tools on the drawing. “Her drawings of this woman in the carpet is a bit different then in this tools, as though it just flashed out of her mind. And differentiate them and you’ll see it.”

“What does this mean?” he asked still trying to catch up.

“This means that Alicia had a clear image of the tools because she’s grown seeing it in her environment everyday. And this drawing of the woman in the carpet was still in progress which made it interpret that this image is just from her imagination or she’s only seen it once or twice. Alicia’s artistry is prodigious and I know you can tell that’s why I tried to looked at the drawing thoroughly.”

Prince nodded to agree. And as he stared at the illustration, he could actually tell now what was Eleana trying to tell him. “Yes, you’re right.” He replied.

The doctor’s worries swiped away when she stared at Prince. What a strong charisma from the man she just met yesterday and she couldn’t help but stare. He was handsome and just one look on you, it will become something more like hope. But the worry came rushing out again because of a whisper.

“My mommy will get angry when her prince charming finds a wrong princess.” She threateningly whispered. Because of fear, the chills almost shuddered all over her spine and the girl continued. “And mommy kills them like what she did to me.”

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