The Fairy Tale Case File

A family massacred and a child thrown down a twelve feet deep hole was treated like a fairy tale story only to become worse when an obsessed-psycho woman started her killing spree to woman whom she addressed into her fairy tale princesses respectively.

Now, Detective Prince Kieth Ferer had been in charged of the case, realizing that he had a connection with it as he opens a path unraveling the story of an every tenth year rules that will lead him to the true killer with the help of his partnership with the new comer agent Zanelee Heathers.


6. Chapter 5: Obsession

Chapter 5: Obsession


Prince woke up after hearing the doorbell rang. When his eyes opened to check the one who just rang his doorbell, he caught sight of the young Alicia seating down beside him her eyes focused on him in her wondering look. She wore the small pajamas they bought that was dyed blue with small cat paw prints scattered around it’s cloth and her hair portrays a messy long curls.

For some reason, it made him smile after watching the adorable young girl, however, the child replied back with a blink at him making the detective laugh realizing that the child was actually half asleep.

“Good morning.” He greeted and messed the girl’s hair even more.

Again, the doorbell rang and it was only then that Prince came to realize that someone was at the door. He stood up and hurried himself towards the door as he turned the knob open and at the same time, the following little Alicia peeked out behind the detective’s leg.

A woman wearing a white coat stood in front of their doorstep, hair pulled up and tied into a bun with a light make up on who seemed to have been star struck by the man who stood in front of him in his new day awakening.

“Is there anything you need?” the detective asked to break the morning silence.

The woman blinked twice and gave a cough to shake her thoughts off from his physical appearance. “Ahm.” She began and gave a formal smile. “I am dr. Eleana Santos, from now onwards, I’m going to be the child Adelicia Alvarez’s psychiatrist.” She introduced.

Prince nodded. “Ah, is that right.” He beamed and stretched a hand. “Dr. Santos, I’m detective Ferer.” And the woman accepted his hand for a shake.


“She’s currently suffering a short term memory loss. This actually causes from either the child had been suffering a high level of stress that made it harder for her to focus to what she wants to remember and sometimes, this causes her to forget.” She flipped the page of her paper to another one. “I also see signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. But watching her performance, I think she’s going to be fine after few more sessions.”

Sitting beside the doctor, Prince gave her a questioning look. “Is that… good to hear?” he asked.

Eleana gave a smile of reassurance. “Well it is a good news. But in order to make that successful, she have to help herself too.” She said and stared at her records of the little girl. “She’s a strong girl, detective. Despite not talking, she can cope up to children same age as hers. I’m even fund of her.”

Prince nodded to agree.

“I… I saw that picture of the crime scene on the hole she was found…” She said in a low worried tone. “Just looking how the little girl suffered, I see how much this person needs a ride back to the asylum.”

“Or the jail.” Prince added. But the conversation cut up after the girl stood up holding her drawing book as she handed it over to the doctor. From that illustration, Eleana identified a crimson carpet. Up there was a drawing of a stick woman lying down her mouth tainted with red crayon and a lamp drawn beside the woman’s head

“Alicia?” The detective looked at her questioningly.

“What’s this?” Eleana asked too, her heart feeling unease and head pounding.

“Aladdin!” The child chanted and went towards where the television was pointing it as if telling that she wanted to watch.

Prince stood up and went towards her, carrying her up and placed her back down to the living room table. “Your session’s not done yet. You will watch after this okay?” he said. Alicia simply sat on the floor and faced her art materials that was placed on the living room table enough for her small height to reach.

“Now Alicia, can you draw what’s on your mind now?” Eleana interfered before taking her gaze back down on the drawing the girl had given earlier. Honestly, it was bothering her in a disturbing way. It interprets something dark in her understanding, something deadly. Then she glanced back to the innocent girl again. She looks very harmless that even just looking at the pictures, it was almost impossible that it was her who drew it and too young to even say that she could actually see something unbearable as that. Not unless she grew up in that kind of environment and treatment herself.

It was more than an hour of Eleana’s stay on the detective’s flat trying to find more behaviors on Alicia and after that session, she said goodbye and hurdled out as if she was in a hurry. That gave them an opportunity to finally start their day, cooking breakfast and then going to work.


The door opened in front of the woman after knocking three times that afternoon. When she saw who knocked she gave a smile of greeting. “Oh, it’s you. What makes you come here?”

“Nothing much Kelly, I just want to see you.” The woman replied back.

Kelly opened the door fully and lead her hand in gesturing for the woman to enter and she did.

“So, how are you?”

“Just fine.” She smiled while walking the woman towards the living room. “Take a seat.” She offered. Making her way to the kitchen close by to prepare the coffee.

“Oh, thank you.” The woman sat on the sofa and looked around the room she was in observing the place while nodding. “You changed your curtains.” She stated.

“Ah that. It’s just that I have been thinking that yellow looked cuter and brighter. It kinda make the room spacious to looked at.”


Kelly laughed a little. “Yes. It kinda makes my mood a bit lighter.”

The woman nodded. “I saw your roses outside were blooming as well.”

“Yes, I’ve been taking care of them well these passed months.”

“Really now Kelly.” The woman laughed. “I’ll make sure when you die, roses will be present too.”

“Oh, that’s very thoughtful of you.” Kelly replied with a laugh coming back to the living room with a tray of teapots and teacups placing it on the table in front of the sofa. She poured the coffee in the cup and placed it on the table. “Have some coffee.” She offered.

“Thank you. So, how are you two going?” she asked.

Kelly seemed to be waiting for that question. And when the woman finally asked, she smiled excitedly and showed her what’s in her finger. A silver and diamond ring attached perfectly on her ring finger. “He already proposed! I’m so happy that after three years he wanted us to finally settle.” She said happily.

“O-oh. That’s nice.” It wasn’t the impression Kelly was expecting from her. She looked at her in the eyes and observed her seriously.

“Are you against us?” she asked. They both looked at each other’s eyes and fought with a stare.

“What? Of course not!” She looked down a bit sadly. “I just, envy you.” She lied.

“Really?” Kelly was not convinced.

“I mean. You know… you guys are so lucky to have each other.” Lucky? Yucks! She thought disgusted.

Kelly’s eyes softened as she stood up and went towards the woman, embracing her lightly. “Oh you. Don’t be like that, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the person who’s lucky to have you.” She said.

The woman again expressed her disgust. If you didn’t shove your ass in front of him, maybe we’re already lucky to have each other. And now you’re marrying someone else?! Cheater! Traitor! Her mind kept on cursing Kelly while she was clueless on embracing her.

It was three hours of her stay on Kelly’s house before she left more than enough time for her day to be destroyed by what she calls a ‘bitch’. And while she was walking down Kelly’s frontyard where the roses were blooming she hissed. “Yes. Definitely. I’ll make sure that you will die with these beautiful roses.” She whispered.

She smiled and left. For her, friends are nothing when it comes to love. Nobody’s going to stop her. All those who will get in her way will die. She will never hesitate with any of it. Those fake princesses will never be able to succeed with their ambitions. She will be the only one left for him, for the one she loves.

She entered her car, started the ignition and left.


(A/n: If you can’t handle sex ‘I can’t either but I gotta do this. I don’t know why.’, go to the next page. She’s just masturbating. LOL.)


Reaching her flat she went straight to her room. It was pitch dark. Nothing can be seen although she had a window but she painted it black.

She placed her hand where she knew where the switch was and clicked it on, making the room revealed everything in it when the light had showed the only one that made her happy. This is just too relaxing for her to be here and at the same time it was exciting. Took off her shirt only leaving with her bra as she went towards the biggest picture on her collection. Licking the slit of her lips she looked at the image seductively and pressed her body on the image placed on the wall.

She moaned and pushed her body even more thrusting herself with pleasure as she indulged the moment alone with this man he imagined to be with him now. She moaned again bringing her tongue out and started licking the image while her hands made its way to her breast and began to massage it moaning even more.

“You’re going to be mine. You are mine.” She whispered huskily staring straight to his never fading picture. She opened her legs and moved her head like a snake closing her eyes to imaginarily feel him ‘fucking’ her. She thrusted again, massaging her breast while licking the image hungrily. Now unlocking her jeans and let it off her feet to make her move freely, she faced the image again. “You’ll say that I’m a goddess soon…” she began to remove her undergarments, revealing her privates blushing in front of the image and pressed herself into it. “You’re just mine. You’re just mine.” Now she lay on the floor facing the image that stood on her wall. She opened her legs wide and let her hand play her opening while she moaned while the other hand still on her breast. “Do me harder, please. I want more from you.” She said in a manner of desperation as she slid her finger inside her and began to push it in and out.

“Oh, ah—more please!” she began to squeal looking at that picture. “Prince, please!” she said now moving her body and rocked harder. Continuously repeating her phrases while staring on the detective’s picture on her wall.

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