Purple Sunset. The Orion Series: Book 1

After tensions rise between the Talifinian government and the hated human alien hybrids know as Sylans, Mintaka and his family take refuge in a friend’s bomb shelter. Here Mintaka meets and falls in love with a married woman, Alnitak.


1. Chapter 1: Preface

The Orion Documents as presented by Ruina Kaber

As I am writing this it is 2182. The parliament of Talif has recently comisioned me to find a proper way to present the Orion Articles to you, the people of Talif (presumably). For those of you who are somehow uninformed, the Orien Articles are four documents that archive a rather unsavory time in our country’s history. However, as a gift to the last living Orion’s Belt leader, our parliament has lifted the ban on these documents.

I would assume the Talifinian parliament intended that I remove the more graphic and uncomfortable deatails from these documents in my transcription, as other versions have. I will not. It is my belief that we in Talif have spent too long hiding from the truth. To perpetuate this habit would not do justice to these works nor the man who wrote them.

That man, Mintaka, carried these writings through his childhood home, through a bunker, through the tunnels, and across an entire war. Rumor has it, there was a time when the documents were almost lost in a house fire. After all that, I have right worp pages that have fought such odds for the sake of the sheltered’s sensibilities. The extent of my editing is simply segmenting the longer documents into chapters that I have titled and annotations for words that have fallen into disuse.

For those of you who have already read the Aritcles, weather you were abroad or had a smuggled copy, I urge you to reread them. Most versions are heavily redacted, and I was given the opertunity to work off the orignal articles. Just to preempt any backlash, I have no vendetta against hybrids nor the leaders of the Orion branch of the rebelion. This is not a smear campaign. It is the sometimes upsetting truth. With that out of the way, I would like to present to you the unedited, unfiltered Orion Articles.

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