Sweet Desire

"You will regret this Mei Sou Fei!" cried Li Shimin Bide as he watches her clean close.
"Sweet desire are like poison to one's soul," reply Mei Sou Fei while giving him one last sweet kiss.
Mei Sou Fei steps back and fell into the icy river below. Li Shimin Bide grabs his chest as if he was in pain.

My story of Li Shimin Bide and Mei Sou Fei of their love, hate, and life in the palace. Not base in history only made up by me.


3. Chapter 1

16 years later in Gyeongju evening at nine

Mei Sou Fei waits patiently for her client who seems to be running late. Tonight she felt sick, but money was more important right now. Her mother suffers from mental brokenness.

A few minutes later a man enters the room.

"My! What a beauty you are young miss."

The man was bulky with a short black mustache and narrower goatee.

" Please have a seat," said Sou Fei pointing to space next to her.

She wore an ugly outfit due to lack of funds. Unfortunately, her chest was partly exposed. As the man sat down next to her, his eyes were glued to her cleavage. These were things Sou Fei got used to quickly. She hated that the men that came to the Red House looked at young girls like an object to console.

Mei Sou Fei asked, "What can I do for you tonight, Master?"

" My Dear, all you have to do is serve me without complaining."

"As you wish." Sou Fei said softly.

Mei Sou Fei works in a Red House. Women of the Red House are not considering human. The Red House is the main attraction of the Red Light District.

The rules of the Red House are as followed:
1. A server can not refuse her clients for anything.
2. Clients may do as they wish to the servers. 
3. Women can not leave the Red house.

The man sat there glaring at her. Mei Sou Fei felt chills run down her spine. She could feel his eyes wondering every inch of her body.

"Master, Can I get you something to eat?"

"Yes, I am starving!" He blurted out.

She got to her feet quickly, then walk out of the room. Sou Fei went to the kitchen and slowly gathered up some food.

Sou Fei quickly grabbed a fish and a bowl of vegetables and placed them neatly on the serving tray. As she turned to exit the kitchen, another girl bumped into her when she was heading back to her client.

"Xia, Are you doing alright?" asked Sou Fei with a concern expression.

Xia was a couple years younger then Sou Fie, so she felt like she had to look after her every once and awhile.

The young girl shakes her head in response. She lifts up her gown to reveal the blood was running down her inner thighs.

Mei Sou Fei exclaimed to the young girl, "You must go see Mother, she'll help you."

She waited until the young girl disappeared before heading back to her client with the plate of fish and vegetables with a clay pitcher of liquor.

All Mei Sou Fei could think about was the young Xia as she walked. She couldn't wrap her head around the fact what the men were doing to the girls. She kept thinking to herself; I hope that doesn't happen to me.

She enters the room and apologizes to the man for taking so long.

Still, the man replied, "What took you so long!" As he snatched the pitcher of liquor and made a big gulp.

"My apologies, Master." As she sets the plate of food down on the table in front of him. She then walks around the table to sit across from him.

He devours the plate of food and downs the liquor. He requests another pitcher for every time its empty.

Hours came and went Sou Fei perform various dances. When the man had his fill of liquor, then he motioned her to come closer to him. Sou Fei knew what he was after. She guided him to another room around the corner.

"My lord, please wait here while I get the ladies," said Sou Fei.

"No! Tonight you will serve me."

"Of course, please let me prepare myself." requested Sou Fei.

Sou Fei steps out of the room then a sigh escapes her lips. Can she do this again? Her pride shattered already; yet why is the pain so overwhelming?

She shook her head then put on some perfume and lip paint. Sou Feu head back into the room.

"Young lady, what took you so long ?"

"I was making myself pretty just for you," answer Sou Fei.

He waved for her to come to him. She reluctantly obeys his order. As she strolls towards him. He looked at her. Her eyes were looking down at the floor. Their lips met, and he grabs her around the waist.

She fell into his lap. He slipped her dress off of her shoulders. As he caresses her body. The two spent the night together.

The next morning,

Sou Fei woke up feeling pain in between her legs. Regret came over her as faint memories flashed across her mind from the night before. She covered her self back up to hide her embarrassment and to wipe her tears off of her face.

She glanced over to see that the man was gone. A small pile of gold coins had replaced him. She shamefully picked up the money and left the room wiping the rest of her wet tears away.

Sou Fei took the money to her house, Mother. She had placed the cash in Mothers' hand.

"How was your night of passion?" asked the Mother.

"I did not enjoy it. I feel more pain than pleasure."

"Now, that's too bad, because I would have enjoyed it." Stated the mother as she handed Sou Fei an even smaller portion of the money she earned back.

"Can I go and visit my mother, Mei Ling? She is very ill." askes Sou Fei

The mother had replied to her. "Yes."

Sou Fei took the money. She went to wash up. After that, Sou Fei left the place. She headed to where her birth mother was living at.

The trip to mothers always short. When Sou Fie arrived at her mother's house, the door was partially ajar.

Quickly she ran inside to find her mother hanging.

"Mother!" cried Sou Fei.

Her eyes scanned the room for signs of foul play. Everything was in the same place since the last time she came visit. Dirty dishes were still on the table. Rats were running around the area. The sight made her want to vomit right then and there.

Sou Fei bit her lips to keep her cries from coming out. She collapsed to the ground sobbing. In her heart, Sou Fei knew that the town people would not care to help. Memories of the times she spent with her mother flooded her mind. Sou Fei drifted to sleep with tears still running.

Some time pass by Sou Fei awakens due to the rats biting her.

"Get away from me!" shout Sou Fei waving her arm.

She tries to get to her feet speedily but utterly fails. After several minutes she finally gets up. Grabbing a cloth from the seat Sou Fei blow her nose. Pondering for a moment, she proceeds to pick up dirty dishes then put them in the bucket of water.

Next Sou Fei tries to get her mother down. After several tries, she decided to go upstairs to see if there is something she can use to get her down.

Once there Sou Fei covers her mouth and nose due to the awful odor. The bed was not made seem like in ages. There were red spots all over it. She glanced over stuff on the walls. Finally, her eyes settle on a pillow because it was not the one she remembers using.

Reaching her hand out Sou Fei pick it up. For some odd reason, part of the pillow was sticking up. She felt the inside and pulls out a small scroll.

Sou Fei was confused. Why would mother hide the scroll? Does mother have a secret that she doesn't want her to know? There is no way her mother would lie.

Mei Sou Fei drops the pillow. Her hands were on the verge of opening the scroll when she hears footsteps coming from downstairs. She put the manuscript on her dress then slowly move down the stairs.

About halfway her eyes caught glimpses of three men.

"What are we going to do about our money?" inquiries one man who was staring her mother.

"How dare this whore not pay back our boss's kindness."

"Let's take her down from there." suggest the middleman."

Sou Fei watches the men take her mother and place her on the floor. She holds her breath was praying that they have not noticed her.

Peeking around the corner the men became clear. All three were humorous and not appealing to the eyes.

"What are we going with her? She is dead."

"Let us play with her." replied the middleman smirking

The men play with mother in a disturbing.way. First, they strip her bare than have their way with her. When they got tired, the men beat their fists into her until she became purple.

Sou Fei could not believe what she saw. Her heart hurt wanting to stop them, but her body shook in fear.

The men go through everything before moving towards the stairs. Sou Fei rushes back into her mother's room. Thus the scroll fell alerting the men. In haste, she grabs the scroll crawl under the bed.

Her heart pounded waiting for an opening. Floor creeks and she saw the men's shoes.

"I swear I heard a sound coming from upstairs."

"This room smells bad." stated one gruff voice.

"Look under the bed Lu."

Sou Fei knew she was in trouble. No matter what choice was made.

"Peekaboo I see you."

One of the men pulls it out forcefully. She glares at them.

"I found a hidden treasure." spoke a fierce looking man.

"Poa, you sure did."

"Little lady, do you know where the money is?" demands the man who seems to be the leader.

Sou Fei shook her head. All three look at each other for a moment.

"What should we do with her?

"Let's mess her up so bad that she won't be able to move."

"Poa not now, we will sell her. I am sure that we'll get a good price for her." voice the leader.

Hearing this Sou Fei struggles to free herself. The guy's grip was secure, and she could not escape.  Kicking the man in the legs then stomping on his toes.

"You bitch!" screams the man hopping.

Sou Fei rushed out of the room quickly and then hurried down the stairs. Unfortunately, the men caught up to her. 
One of the mems grabbed her by the hair. To pull her close to him.

He covered her mouth to keep her from screaming. Sou Fei tussled and failed to escape again. Her mind raced of thinking all different kind of scenarios. Of what can happen to her.

She bites down on the man's hand. This time he did not release her. He still held onto her.

"Stop! Struggling" shouted her capturer.

Her head began to throb. She felt dizzy. The capturer hoists her up over his shoulders. He began to walk out of the house. Sou Fei lift up her eyes.

To glance one last time at her deceased mother. As she was looking away. Her conscious started to slip away.

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