Sweet Desire

"You will regret this Mei Sou Fei!" cried Li Shimin Bide as he watches her clean close.
"Sweet desire are like poison to one's soul," reply Mei Sou Fei while giving him one last sweet kiss.
Mei Sou Fei steps back and fell into the icy river below. Li Shimin Bide grabs his chest as if he was in pain.

My story of Li Shimin Bide and Mei Sou Fei of their love, hate, and life in the palace. Not base in history only made up by me.


1. Author's Note

This story is mine and all events are made up will not follow any historical event. I am not very knowledgeable about Chinese culture though I do my research  Do not copy I hope you enjoy this book

Warnings this book has sex references and murder also thought of killing

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