Final Fantasy XVI

Set 20 years after the events of FFXV, Kydon, the son of King Noctis, discovered he is the heir to great power and the key to the salvation of Crown City.


Author's note

Hope you guys enjoy.

1. Beginnings

20 years after FFXV

Well, I don't know how to start. My life was normal up to the point where I found out who my parents were. But, I'll just start at the day I got my powers. It was a normal day in Crown City. I was heading to school when a blonde kid approched me. 

"Kydon!" The kid called out. Him and a brunette girl approach me. 

"Shidon, Mai." I called. They were my friends. Shidon Achman, my best friend and his sister, Mai. I've known them since I was a kid. It was ironic that we were going to the same school, considering I graduated high school before they did. 

"Guess who made it in." Shidon said. 

"Ha ha, Nice." I said, high fiving him. "Congrats, now I can't brag about being smarter."

"Sure you can." Mai said. "Shidon would just fall asleep in class." We walk to our first class together. History, one of my favorite subjects. We came in, took our seats, and the teacher walked in. He looked relatively young. Slick back, brown hair, formal clothing, and dark sunglasses covering scars on his eyes. 

"Good morning, class. I am Mr. Luciton. I will direct your class this semester." he said. His voice was deep and formal, like military general. I studied his posture and word choice. For a moment, I thought he was blind, but he was walking around and directing our class like a normal teacher. He already had an assignment for us, an 3 paragraph paper on the history of Crown City. Everyone in the class booed, but Mai was excited. She was a major bookworm, which is how we met. I was 5 and she was 4, and we were in the library. Anyways, after what felt like an hour of writing, we all finished. Class finished, and Mr. Luciton called me to his desk.

"Good luck, buddy." Shidon said. Him and Mai walked out of class as I approached  my teacher. 

"Yes, Mr. Luciton." I said, nerves. 

"I must say, your history paper is incredible. The fact you went into all that detail on the war against the empire was marvelous." He said, with pride. 

"Umm, thanks." I said, cocking my eyebrow. Who knew what this could lead to.


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