The Reaper's Blessing


1. Playing With Death

50,000 years ago, I became immortal. I was granted immortality by Death himself. It was meant to be a curse. He meant to break my soul. But I have never felt more whole in my entire life. I've lived for quite a while. Seen civilizations rise and fall. Politicians murdered, witnessed the evolution of music, and truly lived. 

With this curse, eternal youth followed. It has its perks and disadvantages, but it's quite alright. I have seen almost every country in the entire world. I have plenty of time to experience everything. I am possibly the most experienced and oldest person you could ever meet! I don't know any other people, who are over 50,000 years old at least. Maybe 'cept for the Grim Reaper. I don't think he thought of all the possibilities when he decided to curse me to be immortal such as himself. Death is a patient man, but he has grown tired of waiting. He is very clearly annoyed with me, and that's saying something. Although life might be a gift, he sees eternal life, not as a gift, but as a curse.

Every now and then he visits me. He used to ask me a question when he came by. The same question. I said no every time he asked, but now he just appears and looks at me. He doesn't say anything anymore. He just glares. I shake my head and he leaves, dissatisfied. My life is wonderful. I have lived 50,000 years and I have no regrets. Sure, I used to think about it a lot. Things I didn't say or stuff I didn't do. But now I don't have to worry about that. I have all the time in the world to do the things I regret not doing. We can all have our ups and downs, but the good outweighs the bad. I can do good for people. Charity. Volunteer work. I can see the world from the top of a mountain or from the foot of a tree. I can witness every sunrise and every shooting star. He calls it a curse, I call it a blessing.

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