Shuffle Challenge

This is my version of the shuffle challenge! I set my music to shuffle, listened to a song, and if no character(s) stood out for a pairing or ship, I skipped the song and listened to the next. I have at least 25 planned.


2. Cancer

Cancer by My Chemical Romance featuring Mycroft Holmes x Reader




He had never been angry like this before. He was beyond that. Y/N was dying in the other room, withering. He could do nothing. One of the few things he couldn’t control. Cancer.

Y/N was terrified. She wanted to call out to him, tell him she didn’t want to be alone, but she didn’t want to worry him further.

John and Sherlock had come by. Sherlock had hung by the door, uncertain. Y/N asked him to get her a drink, and off he went. John was already grieving, clothes dark and head heavy. She asked him to plan her funeral.

Mycroft had her moved to the estate as soon as they found out. She had only a few weeks left when they found the tumor. He wanted her to be safe and comfortable.  He wanted her happy and alive.

So when she took her last breath with her hand on his face, eyes staring into his with a sad smile, he finally cried. She was gone and the world with her.



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