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Join the group-' Amaan.s_official Connect With Fans'

1. Its A Sad Story-


Oh No! You just opened a new story written by Amaan! You have to bore your eyes out by scrolling down the stupid sob story that he always writes on a daily basis. None of it is true. Its just bullshit. He tries to get fans to feel sorry for him so that he can get a little bit of empathy. Honestly, everyone loses friends in their life so why does he have to make such a big deal out of it? He exaggerates it so much just to make big hits that would appear on the top row for popular and trending pages because he is that desperate. Okay Amaan here is my sympathy for you... ' There ,There it will all get better if you stop fucking lying to us because you are not actually that hurt by friends leaving your sad life'. Amaan is so fucking emotional and over sensitive and he always acts surprised when he sees that his stories are successful. Like one moment he is a depressed emo who is spilling his heart out, and then the next minute he is a sweet angel who 'thanks' all his 'fans' for supporting him through all his fake 'hard' times.  He always plays the victim which is just an excuse for more attention. So for the sake of your own mental health, please leave because your brain is going to decay after reading all the sad false lies he is going to tell you...


I just read his most popular story FEUD. Its just a bunch of complaints. I got a headache right now...

Really? Is it that bad?

Yeah. Apparently lots of people here on movellas like to read bullshit

How much reads has it got?

Over 2K. He even made a sequel to it.

What an emo

IKR. Its bullshit. I bet that Haris character is a fake.

Yeah. No one really cares about his life so why does he write so much about it.

Because he said he is a 'realist' 

I bet its actually because he has no imagination.

That is so true. OMDZ he even speaks to himself in 'FEUD'. Weirdo AF

Cos his friends dont stay with him so he has to talk to himself. XD


I gtg rn. Message you in a bit.





I'm back

Can see that uno XD

LOL. I logged onto movellas and guess what?


Someone wrote a story about Amaan!

What about him?

Exposing him of being an illuminati clone! It was on trending!

REALLY? XD. I bet he is tho

Yeah. It has evidence and everything.

Makes sense

He called the author out on 'mumbles' and so did a lot of his fans

UGH. They are so blind. Little sheep. They are fans of an illuminati guy and support him?


He must have already brainwashed them then




Have you read 'Dont Jump In'

Yh. Glad some1 has the guts to tell him that he is such a bitch

IKR. He replied with 'Bitch Dont Try' and guess what?

Its on trending?


Probs the illuminati helped him XD


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