Honeymoon Is A Short Story That Follows A Just Married Couple Who Goes On Their Honeymoon Not Knowing It's A Trip To Remember


1. Honeymoon

We were going to our honeymoon, We had first class seat

If only you could have seen how happy she was

She looked even more excited now, Then when I proposed to her

We were going to peru, We always talked about going there

Since we met, I always promise her that one day we were going to go,

And that it was going to be a special day,


She told me that she know that one day were going to go,

And that it was going to be a special day to remember

And  that we can tell are kids about that special day


We got on the plane that day, And sat in our seat

Everyone else did the same, ‘’Ladies and gentlemen, this is George Miller's

And I’m your chief flight attendant’’.  She looked at me and said She couldn't wait

I Just looked her in her eyes and kissed her, The flight attendant told us to prepare

That were taking off, She looked at me for one last time

And said I love you, I told her that I loved her back,


The plane begin to take off,  She was holding my hand tight

She was just so excited, We flew for about 20 minutes

Until the plane started to shake, The Flight attendant told us that the plane

Had some difficulty with one of the wing, But to stay calm everything under control

There's nothing to worry about,  The plane began to shake again but this time more harder

Then next thing you know, A loud boom came from the right-wing I looked over,

And saw the right-wing on fire, The plane begin to tilt to the side

Everyone started to scream and panic, The flight attendant try to calm everyone down

I felt her grip my hand tighter,  Pieces from the right side of the wing begin to break and fly into the plane

The back of the plane flew open and Nothing but people and there chairs they was buckled to,

Was flying from out the plane, I felt some of their blood hit my face



I heard people crying, Begging to the lord to forgive them and there sins

I looked over at the left-wing And it was catching on fire,

I griped her hand tighter and looked backed for one last time

Bodies still was being yanked from were there was seating from

Like a rag doll, The left-wing blew on my side

I griped her hand to know that I was still with her,

That she isn't only, But there was nothing to grip,

It happen all to fast she was gone,

The rests of the plane begin to fall, And I fell with it



We never landed on peru

We never made it out alive

The plane was our casket.


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