keeper of stolen power

the snake devil nagini has set a curse upon me, to make me do her evil doing.
but something went wrong.
i am now a mutant, part fox, part eagle. and i have the power to absorb what power is stolen.
my real name is Katy
my new name is Keeper of the Stolen Powers.


2. fly high to the sky.

 i dropped for 3 seconds and something holds me up. no arms. just wind. i look behind me and see 2 massive 1 meter brown wings sprouting from my back. i look down and see a long orange tail. fox tail, eagle wings. doesn't make sense. i hear something from far away. whumph. barn owl wings. not mine.

i look up and 3 miles up,barn owl. only too big. i flap and don't go up. i don't know how to fly. i slowing land and my brother just stares.

"don't ask. i don't know." i say.

"ok." he says.

i hear the cars going past even louder and i try to cover my ears. they aren't were they're meant to be. they're fox ears, on top of my head. 

"i think i know a guy who can help. you see that barn owl? that's him. he suffered from Nagini. i see you have to."

the barn owl lands and i see a gecko tail were the feathers were supposed to be. a bright light and it's a man of 20 with barn owl wings and gecko tail.

"hello. i see you ran into my old friend Nagini."

"yep.that's me. and you are?"

"my friends now call me Garmo. i don't remember my original name because i got used to 'Garmo'."


poor guy.

"now you need to focus. the sky is the limit."

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