keeper of stolen power

the snake devil nagini has set a curse upon me, to make me do her evil doing.
but something went wrong.
i am now a mutant, part fox, part eagle. and i have the power to absorb what power is stolen.
my real name is Katy
my new name is Keeper of the Stolen Powers.


1. confrontion

"come with me." the creepy lady said. she had a bit of a lisp.

i follow her through the lab i had been brought to 6 months ago. no release.

"lie down."

i obey.

the next thing i know is that there are bonds around me. and i see the needle.

"what are you doing?!"

"you will do thy bindings-sss."

she lifts the needle with it being empty. it floats to the ceiling then she chants some language and it pierces my skin. it was filled with a spell.

she leaves and the pain starts.

i feel hot, then cold. then i feel like my back is snapping.

you will do my binding.




and the no wins.

when she comes back she claps her hands together.

"tes-sss-ting time."


"what is the thing i want most?"

what is it?

"to have people follow you butt like a sore loser."

she's puzzled.

"what? it doin't work?"

"nope!" and with that, somehow, i break free of the bonds and hit her against the wall. strange. i was on the other side of the room.

i run out the door and outside. i am on a roof. i look over the edge. my twin brother is looking for me. i have no choice but to jump.

"by the name of Nagini, you will halt!" a guard yells.

i jump.

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