I Only Want You (18+)

[sequel to head over heels]
Adrian has left her previous relationship with Justin after she finds out that another girl is the mother of his child. After walking out on him at the wedding, months later Justin decides he wants to rekindle their relationship to give it another try.


7. Yours.

I sat in front of the complex feeling worthless; Caroline didn’t want me in Karina’s life because I never spent time with her as a father. Don’t get me wrong I love kids, but I have second thoughts about Karina. As I sat outside of the complex, I look at the neighborhood, maybe Karina does need me in her life, this isn’t what I want her childhood to be. Adriana isn’t here; I might as well make the best of it with Karina. I sighed and started the engine. I tossed my keys on the table next to the doorway as I closed the door sitting on the couch flipping channels of the television. I picked up my phone going to Adrian in my messages. “Can’t wait to see you” The doorbell rang, I was uncertain for who it might’ve been. I got up anyways to answer seeing Adrian with food.


”Surprise, I made dinner, and I wanted to surprise you.” 


“You are a lifesaver,” I said with a smile inviting her inside. 


“I can’t stay long but, I had leftovers, and I figured that you didn’t cook anything, so I took a chance and came over. They’re wings by the way along with other things you like.”


”Thanks, really you didn’t have to go through the trouble and bring me food.”


”I did, plus I wanted to thank you for inviting me on your yacht. It was amazing, even though all I did was cry” She chuckled. 


“About that, what’s really going on. You know you can tell me anything right.”


”It’s nothing important, just thinking about some things.” 


“Okay, is that the only reason you came over? To bring me food” I asked sitting it down on the table. 


“Well I just wanted to see you too, of course, I saw your text. I had to make up something to come over. I didn’t cook it; I bought it. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to see you, didn’t want to seem desperate y’know.”


“I wouldn’t think about you like that; I think it’s interesting how you had to come up with a good excuse on why you came over. You’re always welcomed here, besides you caught me by surprise. I am so sorry about the past, and I was so stupid leaving you.” 


“Wow, that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me, and you didn’t leave me, we just wanted what was best” She chuckled


”I’m sure I’ve said plenty of nice things to you, Adrian, thanks for helping me with that Patricia issue. I didn’t know what was going through my mind that night.”


”Don’t mention it, well I gotta go. See you tomorrow” She asks, I nodded. Before she ended up walking out of the door, I grabbed her by her wrist kissing her. She dropped her purse onto the floor wrapping her arms around my neck kissing me back. As I wrapped my arms around her waist, I slowly trailed them down to her legs picking her up, carrying her to the bedroom. I laid her down pulling away to unbutton her blouse; I kissed her neck down to her body. She giggles lifting my face up off of her stomach looking into my eyes. 


“What is it,” I ask. 


“I’ve been feeling guilty about something.”


”If this is about the abortion—“


”No. No Justin it’s not that, you’ve been so honest to me every since we reunited again, and I haven’t been honest. It’s killing me.”


”What do you mean? What haven't you been honest about” I ask sitting beside her, she sighs and sits up? 


“I-I um...I’m planning on leaving for Miami soon.”


”That’s what you were going to tell me” I chuckled. “When are you planning on going.” 


“A month from now maybe, soon as I graduate college. I thought you would’ve been depressed or something. God, I’m so happy you understand.”


”Of course, I will always support whatever you want to do. You know that right.” 


“Yeah. I know, you’re amazing” She chuckled with a smile kissing me. I kissed her back, taking her blouse off. She turns her back towards me so I could unclip her bra. As she moves her hair into the front, I unclipped her bra softly kissing her shoulder. She closes her eyes as my soft pink lips touch her skin. I smile, moving my lips to her neck cupping her tit in my hand squeezing it. Her moans slip from her mouth as I now aggressively kiss on her neck. She reaches her hand behind her pulling the back of my hair. She put my other hand on her tit with her free hand; I played with her nipples biting her shoulder, sucking on her neck while unbuttoning her pants.


“Shit, baby that feels so good,” She says, she got into the doggy style position. I got up pulling her pants down exposing her black lace underwear. She looks back with a smile on her face. 


“You need any help,” She asks trying to bring me back into reality. I shook my head; I didn’t need any help. I was admiring her perfect ass; I pull her pants completely off tossing them onto the floor. 


“God your ass is so beautiful,” I said, she giggles and sits up pressing her ass against my rock hard boner. She moves her ass from left to right rubbing against me. 


“You like when I tease you,” She asks turning her body around facing me. 


“I hate being teased,” I said, she smirks taking my shirt off, trailing her nails on my abs to my pants. She unzips my pants reaching inside to pull my dick out. She sits me down on the bed, pushing me on my back on the bed getting on top of me with her back turnt towards me. I grab her by her waist pulling her back to my face bending her over. I move her panties to the side slipping my tongue inside her.

 End Of POV 

As Justin slips his tongue inside of me, chills were sent up my body as I sucked his dick.  I lifted up my head spitting on it stroking it in my hand slowly, putting it back inside my mouth. I didn’t want to rush for him to cum; I took my time with him. I slowly swirled my tongue around his tip before deepthroating it. He moans smacking my ass. He places both of his hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks to shove his face in. He slips a finger inside thrusting it in and out. I moan, holding his dick in my hand as I sucked harder. He grunts, fingering me faster hitting my g-spot. My leg starts to shake; I caught an orgasm taking his dick out of my mouth grabbing the sheets. 


“I’m gonna cum Justin” I whined, he removed his finger kissing my inner thigh licking every inch of my pussy. His tongue plays with my clit, sucking on it. 


“Right there” He mumbles against my pussy. 


“Yes. Yes baby, keep doing that” I begged. After a few more seconds, a rush was going through my body. I started to cum. He chuckles cleaning me with his tongue, kissing my thigh. I bit my bottom lip reaching under me to stick a finger inside me. I was so wet; I took it out tasting myself. I got off of him finishing him off. He sits up turning me around pinning my face down on the bed; he unbuttoned his pants taking them off. I felt as he stuck himself inside of me, I gripped onto the sheets, hiding my face into the pillow. He grabbed both of my arms pinning them behind my back starting to thrust slowly. 

“Mm faster” I begged. He held my wrists with one of the hands, grabbing me by my shoulder pulling me back on his dick. 


“Like that,” He asks. 


“Yes. Yes, yes Justin fuck me harder” I moaned. He lets my hands go; I dug my nails into the sheets. He grunts smacking my ass wrapping his hand around my neck choking me. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I felt him fucking my guts. He removed his hand holding my hips. I moaned his name continuously, uncontrollably cumming again. He grips onto my hip moaning. 


“Take that dick baby,” He says, going faster. I started screaming as his balls slams against my clit. He came inside of me breathing heavily. I sat up; my body was sore. He noticed it and softly kissed my back. 


“You okay,” He asks, and he looks at me slowly sitting on the bed holding my stomach. I nod my head. 


“Holy shit, that was amazing,” I said giggling, which made him giggle along. He sat beside me and looked at me.


”Are you sure you’ll be okay? Do you need anything? I can run you a hot bath” He says, I smile. 


“That’ll be lovely” I replied. He stood up putting on his briefs. “Hey Justin,” I said before he went into the bathroom. 


“Yeah” He answers turning around.


“I love you,” I said without any hesitation smiling. 


“I love you too Adrian,” He says walking into the bathroom.  I forgot about Rhett every since I showed up at Justin's door. I just wanted it all to end. 



                                               Justin’s Pov 


        Adrian and I are enjoying ourselves on vacation. I took another break from my career because of my whole incident with my leg, but hopefully, I can go back to my old self in the next month or so. 

The first place we stopped was the gift shop so she could try on different bikinis, she opens the curtain of the dressing room wearing a one piece.


“How about this one,” She says while twirling around. 


“Adrian you’ve tried on a thousand of bikinis, they all look good on you.”


“Justin it’s not always about how it looks on me. It’s about how pretty they are” She says with a smile looking at herself in the mirror. I sigh and stand up walking behind her. She smiles and rests her head on my chest. 


“Honestly. I would rather for you to go naked instead of going through all this trouble, just to find the perfect one” I said. She laughs, turning around to face me. 


“You would like that, wouldn’t you? For me to be naked. A little skinny dipping, that’s something we never tried doing y’know. Sounds like fun. What do you say.” 


“I’m up for it. But you have to pick out something first, god you know how to take my breath away” I said, she rolls her eyes with a smirk going back into the dressing room. 


“If only you were a girl. Or if only you had a daughter. You would be going through the same thing like you’re doing right now” 


“I highly doubt that. I wouldn’t dare let her wear anything like that. Teenage boys are in heat; they’re going to get to a certain age where they want to fuck something. And she’s not going to be it.” 


“Well true. I’m sure if Adriana was here and we got to see her until she grows older, we would be good protective parents” She says coming out of the dressing room again wearing a two-piece. “Please tell me you like this one, because it’s adorable.” 


“Um..yeah it looks amazing on you,” I said while clearing my throat. It’s a good thing she leaves me speechless with her beauty and the way she carries herself.

“Are you coming?” She asks walking to the cash register.


”Um..I’m gonna need a minute or two,” I said sitting down. She giggles and walks off. When we left the gift shop, we went back to the hotel to have sex. As she rides me, moaning rapidly. I loved the way I can make her feel. I love when she tells me what she wants, but usually, I already know. I know what turns her on, what turns her off, the spots she loves to be kissed, everything about her that no other guy would even have the chance to know. 


“Oh shit, I love you so much. I’m gonna cum baby” I moaned. My breathing got faster, and I could feel my body tensing up a bit. I grip onto her waist cumming inside of her. 


“Mm baby, you just filled me up,” She says giggling. 


“Fuck, I’m sorry. I tried to hold it.” 


“It’s fine. I’m gonna take a shower” She says hopping off of me going into the bathroom. I sighed and looked down. I sat up and slipped my boxers on, grabbing our clothes off the floor. I heard a metal object hit the floor. I looked down and picked it up. A wedding band. ‘She’s probably married by now and you just stupid enough to not know about it just like she’s stupid enough to listen to you..lying about Karina’ I chuckled to myself sarcastically slipping it into my pocket. I hopped in the shower with her; she smiles turning around to face me. 


“I missed showering with you, feels like we’re back together.” 


“Yeah. I missed showering with you too” I said putting on a fake smile. “Is there something that you’re not telling me, that you want to get off your chest.”


“No. Other than I’m thinking about being with you again. Is there something that you’re not telling me.” 


“Yeah...I love you” I said. She smiles and kisses me. 


“I love you too. I’m happy I came with you, I know all that Caroline bullshit we could’ve already started out like this but...we couldn’t. Now we can. We can start it the right way, the way we want it to be. I’ve been dying to marry you, Justin. I called Kathy the other day. I told her I’m still in love with you. Of course, she told me to leave you alone because you left me embarrassed at our own wedding but...I do. I do love you, and that’s why I’ve been crying like a baby for the past couple of weeks. I’m happy you feel the same way.” 


“Hey, you don’t have to cry anymore. Stop crying you’ve been doing that for days. I’m here, I’m here with you okay” I said. She nods kissing me. I kissed her back holding her tightly. I tried to ignore the fact that she might be married. I’m not for sure; it could be anything or maybe the wedding band I gave her from our marriage, that she always kept. That makes complete sense. When we got out of the shower, we got dressed and grabbed some food. I pulled out my phone texting Caroline. ‘I know you’re wondering why I’m texting you, but just because we’re not together and we don’t see eye to eye doesn’t mean I don’t care about you or Karina. I fucked up your life by throwing all of my guilt and regrets on you that night. You may have feelings for me still, but I rather for you not waste your time. I’m still in love with Adrian. I’m not over Adriana, and I never will be. I apologize again that I may not be in her life like you want me to.’ 


“Someone’s occupied,” She says with a chuckle. 


“Sorry, it’s just business I have to take care of. I should be paying you more attention sorry.” 


“I was joking Justin, and I understand that you’re a busy person. No big deal.” 


“Thanks for understanding. What happened to you becoming an accountant, you didn’t do all of the late night studying for no reason” I said.


“I got an offer to become one in Miami for this big company. But I don’t know; something was telling me to stay at this point. I’m still in school. I’m the type of girl not to want to stop my life for anyone but...there’s you. You make me want to stop and drop everything just to be with you” She says, her phone went off before I could even reply. She takes her phone out from her pocket, examining the screen. 

“I’ll be right back,” She says getting up walking away from the table. It’s not that I was concerned about who was on the other end of that phone. It’s none of my business; I just want her. I looked back and seen her still talking on the phone, she took a glance at me and turned back around. I did the same taking a sip of my drink. I couldn’t stand the thought of overthinking things about Adrian, even though she had been acting a little strange. 


“Sorry, important phone call.” 


“Let me guess, people are calling you about the internship in Miami.” 


“I wish. I just don't want to fool myself thinking that things will work out.” 


“It will if you let it. Don’t make this about me; this is about you. You didn’t need to stop your life just to wait and see if we’ll meet again” I said.


“Wasn’t it all worth it though. We did get back in contact, and we’ve been hanging out with each other, we had sex, isn’t that what you wanted too” 


“Maybe. I can’t lie. I still love you. And I couldn’t stand the thought if you were with someone else. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t see you again. I’m happy that you’re with me enjoying this vacation with me. I’ve done some horrible shit in the past, and I did some horrible shit to you. I’m not going to apologize for it because...it’s not going to change anything. But I am sorry for leaving you and having sex with other girls to overcome my pain and doubts. I know you don’t want to think about this or talk about it right now but..we have to.” 


“Whatever happened in the past..happened. It’s over and done, nothing that we can change to get that back. I’m happy it’s in the past..it was horrible.” 


“Yeah. I blame myself for that too. I talked to Jason before I left, they got him, and he wants me to come to see him. I’m thinking about doing it, and I owe him that. He says it’s significant” I said.


“I hope he’s okay.” 


“Me too. My first day in jail wasn’t that great either but, Jason’s used to it.” 


“I could come with you if you like. Y’know if you can’t handle being there, talking to him alone.” 


“No, I'm okay. Thanks though. I’m pleased you’re here” I said smiling at her.


“Me too..thanks for inviting me,” She says. She got up and kissed me. I kissed back pulling away. “I’m all yours” I couldn’t do anything but smile. I’ve wanted to hear those three words since the beginning. The truth is..I’m all hers too. 

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