I Only Want You (18+)

[sequel to head over heels]
Adrian has left her previous relationship with Justin after she finds out that another girl is the mother of his child. After walking out on him at the wedding, months later Justin decides he wants to rekindle their relationship to give it another try.


2. Yellow Ferrari.


Months Earlier



I haven't spoken to Justin in since everything went downhill for us. We called off the wedding, I moved out and started being on my own....well sort of. I'm married now, and only a few know that. It’s funny, isn’t it? Jumping right back into a relationship right after you could say...Justin walked off on me. His name is Rhett; he's unbelievably hot, loves to work you name it. He's honest, nice, smart, devoted to his job; he's everything a woman wants. Maybe I’m eager to be in love again, to have someone love me the way that Justin do. Crazy how you get taken advantage of knowing you have a soft spot for that person. I think we’re meant to be put on this miserable planet to find happiness and to love one another. But let me tell you that thing called love it’s something, it hurts. There’s a different meaning for that word, but to me, it’s more than just laying under the sheets together completely naked. I know right I shouldn’t be the one saying that I slept with a celebrity the second I moved to L.A just to study for an exam that can determine if I’m good for college or not. Any-who, the only problem is that Rhett stays gone, business trips and meetings anything you can think of as a CEO of a finance company. Don't get me wrong I love that he's working, I don't have that sort of mindset thinking he's cheating on me because he's always away. He loves me more than ever and has never done me dirty, but sometimes I question if I'm still over Justin when I'm absolutely not, I hope he still feels the same way, what am I kidding he does feel the same way and always will.


“Adrian? Adrian!” Rhett yells having me snap back into reality.


“Hm? Yes, yes I’m listening I heard everything.”


“Oh really? What did I say exactly” He asks doubtfully? I honestly didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. I’m here daydreaming about Justin and I being married and being with each other. Isn’t it wrong to think about another guy when you’re in a relationship? To continually masturbate almost every night to that person knowing you have another guy laying in the bed next to you when it’s not the guy you’re fantasizing about. You think it’s bad? Well, I do too, but we’re humans we can’t help who we think about.


“You were talking about your business trip, Rhett. You’re always talking about work” I said getting up to put my coffee cup in the sink. He chuckled.


“I actually wasn’t talking about work for your information. I was talking about us, how I’m happy that we talked and gave it a shot being together. I really like you, Adrian. I opened up to you like I would never do with any other girl. You’re the first person that knew about my issues when I was little. Don’t you feel special.”


“Yeah. Yeah I do, and I appreciate that”


“Good. Now, are you going to open up to me? You’ve never told me about your past.”


“That’s because there’s nothing special about it. It’s all in the past that’s why it’s called a past.”


“Alright fine, I won’t pressure you into telling me, but I at least want to know a little something I didn’t know about you,” He says with a smile, I rolled my eyes with a smile on my face. He’s just too perfect.


“Maybe one day okay. Just not now, it’s too painful to talk about it.”


“I mean that’s why I married you to relieve all that hurt that you’ve been experiencing. You told me about your past relationship; the asshole walked off on you at the wedding. It’s funny because it usually be the girls.”


“Yeah well, you talked me into marrying you. But when he walked off on me, I was scared I would never love someone again.”


“I don’t think you’re scared of being in love. I think you’re scared if the person doesn’t love you back, and that- the thought of it is scary I admit. But I’m here, and I want to give you at least the world.”


“Yeah I know” I replied. He kisses my forehead and wraps his arm around my neck.


“I’m leaving early in the morning. I hope you get your school work done. Promise me not to miss me so much” He says, I nod hugging him tighter.


“I promise,” I say. It’s night, and I can’t sleep. I sit up and throw the blanket off of me resting my face into my hands. I have to say Rhett rescued me from a broken heart. Sitting lonely nights crying my eyes out over Justin because of course, I wasn’t over him and still isn’t. I think I’m going insane.


“What’s wrong,” He asks rolling over stroking my thigh with his hand.


“Nothing. Go back to sleep; you have to get up in the morning” I replied. He sighs and opens his eyes sitting up.


“If you can’t sleep neither can I. I know you want to talk so, what’s up? What’s really bothering you.”


“Nothing. I’m just thinking.”


“More like overthinking,” He says throwing the blanket off of him too. “Look, I know I’m always away and busy with work barely spending time together. I’m doing this for you..for us. I’ve been feeling you since college, and you know that. You’re supportive Adrian, and I never had that with any girl in my life. But...if things don’t turn out so well can we at least do it with respect and be nice about it. I don’t want to be disappointed again.”


“Okay,” I said with a smile. He smiles too and kisses the side of my forehead laying back down to go back to sleep. I look at him as he’s trying to get comfortable to go back to sleep. I smirk and climb on top of him combing his hair back with my fingers.


“I can’t go back to sleep. Stay up with me” I begged.


“I wish I could; I wish you could go with me. You don’t want to stay here picking out wallpaper do you.”


“No. I’ll go insane, I want to go to Miami I do, I don’t want to interfere with your work. I love that you’re working, but sometimes I just want you here with me.”


“I’m here now. Come closer” He says, I put a concerned look on my face. He chuckles grabbing my hips moving me to his face. He lifts my shirt above my stomach. “Hold your shirt up” He demands; I held my shirt as he moves my panties over sticking his tongue inside of me.


“This isn’t what I meant by being here with me.”


“I know. Stop talking” He says sucking on my clit. I moaned pulling his hair. The next morning I woke up naked while the sheet covered my bottom half. I saw a note on the alarm clock. I knew Rhett was gone. I sighed and sat up grabbing the note reading it. ‘Good morning beautiful I thought about what you said last night, you’re right. I wish I could stay home more I’ll talk it over with my dad. I love you - Rhett’ I smiled to myself getting up to take a shower. Once I got out, I got dressed leaving the house to do a little grocery shopping. I went onto the next aisle spotting a blonde haired guy knocking things into the basket with one of his crutches.


“Hey stranger, need any help,” I asked with a friendly smile.


“Yeah, that would be-..perfect. Hi” He says looking up at me with a smile. I chuckled picking up the basket handing it to him. “Wow! You- you look great.”


“Thanks, you do too. You’re on crutches how did that happen.”


“My clumsy ass fell down the stairs; I know crazy right. But I’m just here to grab a few things making spaghetti tonight easiest thing to make”



“Well, you do make amazing spaghetti Justin.”



“Thanks, so what’s up with you? Anything new”



“Um..no. Nothing new and you.”



“No. Other than the whole crutch thing, don’t worry I can still drive. I’ll be fine; I missed you like crazy Adrian. God, you-you just look amazing” He says.


“Thanks, Justin, it’s just weird bumping into you here at a grocery store. I always thought you were the type of guy to go to fancy restaurants and have a personal chef. But anyways I just came here to pick up a few things for my lonely dinner tonight, what are the odds were shopping in the same store.”


“Yeah. Maybe you could come over to my place for my world famous spaghetti you love so much. Of course, I’m having a lonely dinner too. Maybe we can be lonely together” He says with a smile.


“Really? What about Caroline?”


“She’s not in the picture, so what do you say.”


“Um, yeah I would like that. I guess I’ll see you later then. Bye Justin” I said starting to walk away. I had a feeling he was still gawking at me as I walked away. A smile appeared on my face as I paid for my things walking out of the store glimpsing at the yellow Ferrari parked on the other side of the store. I remember him picking me up on a rainy day after my first day of school; he was so eager for me to hop in and drive me home because my dad was late picking me up. That yellow Ferrari that almost killed my dad and I due to his wreck-less driving. I couldn’t help but smile to myself thinking about those cute little memories that we had together; everything went to shit after Caroline marched herself back into his life.

That stupid bitch took my man, my man. Payback is a bitch I’m going to do whatever it takes to get him back.

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