I Only Want You (18+)

[sequel to head over heels]
Adrian has left her previous relationship with Justin after she finds out that another girl is the mother of his child. After walking out on him at the wedding, months later Justin decides he wants to rekindle their relationship to give it another try.


14. Never See Me Again.

Justin and I spent all day together; I actually felt like we were together. Like nothing could stop us from enjoying and sharing this moment together. We went shopping, hung out, had dinner in his amazing penthouse and ended up having sex again. As I kiss him repeatedly, I pull away staring into his eyes. He chuckles and puts a piece of hair behind my ear.


“Did you know two people can be in love and not belong together? I think that’s us. Don’t you” I asked.


“Well, yeah I think it’s us. But I’m the one that wants the relationship, and you don’t.”


“True. I just- I don’t want to waste your time. Here I am fucking you and then leaving again. Having you more confused about us.”


“If we can’t be together in the long run. We have to stop having sex.”


“But I like having sex with you; I feel like that’s the only normal thing we’ve done. We’re good at having sex.”


“I know that. You’re the one that wants me to move on, how am I suppose to move on if I’m between your legs.”


“But I don’t want to stop. Maybe we should be fuck buddies again. I’m not good at the whole relationship thing.”


“Adrian, you’re confusing me. You want me to move on, and then you want to be fuck buddies. I want a relationship, a girlfriend, not a fuck buddy don’t you get that.”


“Yeah. I get it. I do”


“That means, this can’t happen again, having sex and kissing. I want something real, and if you don’t want it to be with you then it has to be with someone else” He says, I nod chuckling. “What? I’m serious” He says smiling.


“Okay. Promise me you’ll never see me again.”


“What? Come on Adrian; I don’t want to promise that. You know I’m always happy to see you, it shouldn’t change because I’ll be in a relationship. We can always be friends.”


“Yeah. I know. Maybe it is best to stop doing what we’re doing. I understand you want a girlfriend and hopefully a wife, I should respect that. The only reason I said that was because if I saw you again, I’ll easily give in and do the same thing I’ve been doing for years.”


“Wow, easily give in? It’s the same thing with you, I’ll give in too, but I don’t care. You’ll find someone one day. Just have to pick the right one. Can’t believe I just said that. It’s harder for me to see you with someone else than it is for you. We’re adults now, mature. I want something that’s real y’know. You will always, always be apart of my life. No matter who I’m dating or even married to. You’re special to me, and just because I’ll be in a relationship doesn’t mean I’ll stop doing things for you. You’re my priority. I will never stop loving you, whenever you need me I will always be there.”


“Justin, I understand that you want something real. But having me as your priority isn’t something another girl wants to hear, trust me. I think it’s best to go our separate ways. I’ve had such an amazing time with you today; I’ll cherish every moment.”


“Me too,” He said smiling. I smiled too and turned over to the other side, facing my back towards him. “About this label thing... it's not in Cali. I’ll be in Atlanta. I have business to take care of in Cali first before being transferred over.”


“Oh. Really? Atlanta”


“Yeah. I think it’s time for a new beginning. I can’t get into anymore trouble. I told myself that before the label signed me. Y’know they asked me about the loss of my daughter, it felt good to know that someone cares about that. It wasn’t easy on me. I’m starting to accept what happened, killing my mom wasn’t going to bring her back. I fucked up. I even fucked up my relationship with you.”


“Stop blaming yourself. You were going on tour, and I was going to college. That was so brave that you actually wanted me to follow my dreams and let me go. Haven’t you noticed that?”


“Yeah. But there’s going to be tours and movie deals and a whole lot of stuff. I rather be with you. I shouldn’t have gone on tour.”


“But you did. They own everything. You have no choice but to go; you signed a contract meaning you have to do everything they tell you to. It’s exactly what you signed up for.”


“Do you think we could’ve met if I wasn’t in this situation?” He asks.


“Mm maybe. I don’t know; I’m sure you’ll either have tons of girlfriends. But if you didn’t, I’m sure we would’ve met in a club or something. I would be generous to buy you a drink, ask for a dance and probably sleep with you. I think everything would’ve been different. We could’ve gone to college together and actually be in a relationship. We would work regular jobs, stay in this expensive ass apartment close to campus, graduated, had kids, ended up getting married. Honestly, we would’ve made it. Goodnight Justin”

Tomorrow morning I was leaving, I decided not to see Justin again. I think it’s best for the both of us. The next morning, I turned over, and Justin wasn’t in bed. I went into the bathroom and took a shower, brushing my teeth and washing my face before getting my things together to leave in an hour.


“Good morning, I ordered breakfast. Thought you could eat something before you left.”


“Thanks, you didn’t have to,” I said.


“But I wanted to. Come on, eat breakfast” He said grabbing my hand leading me into the kitchen. I sat at the table with him and started eating, once I was finished I went back into the bedroom and grabbed my bag looking for my passport.


“Justin, where’s my passport,” I asked. He smiles holding his arms behind his back. “Come on I need my passport” I added. He walks up to me taking my bag off my shoulder.


“I know you need it, stay a little bit longer. I’ll even buy you a ticket back.”


“No. That’s okay; I don’t want to be in your way a little longer.”


“Are you crazy, you’re not in my way. Please stay a little longer” He says. I noticed that when I left the last time, he pleaded for me to stay, and I left anyways. I couldn’t do it again; I gave in.


“Okay. Fine, I’ll stay. Not only because you said please. But because you asked me to stay the last time, and I ended up leaving anyway.”


“Thank you. I can’t promise to stay away from you. I don’t want to. I know everything hasn’t been easy for you. You’ve been abused, hurt, taken advantage of...it saddens me even to know you went through all of that. I wasn’t the best person to be around I admit that I just want you to know that I would never hurt you in any kind of way. You’re confused on what you want, but that’s okay. I won’t pressure you. You know I never left you right? I couldn’t. No matter how pissed off I was at you or what you did, I never left. I may have held a grudge, but I eventually got over it. I am so in love with you, and I just can’t stop, seeing you with someone else may tear me apart but as long as you’re happy and you’re being treated like a human being that’s all that matters to me. You’re not a difficult person to be with; you’re afraid that you’ll get abused again and I understand that. You have every right to be afraid to be in a relationship again. But Adrian I promise you not all guys are like that. I don’t know what I’ll do if you weren’t apart of my life, you’re like my best friend. A friend that I enjoy having sex with” He says chuckling. I smiled, hugging him. I didn’t want to let him go, so I hugged him tighter as he kisses the top of my head.


“I want to see you happy too. And I think it’s best if we be happy with other people y’know. We aren’t doing it to make each other jealous. The only thing I want is to see you have a smile on your face and not one of those forceful smiles that you do just to make me happy. We both deserve happiness.”


“Yeah. Come on I’ll drop you off. I’ll text my assistant and tell her. Don’t worry you’ll get there in time” He says. We left the hotel and waited for his assistant to pick us up. Once she got here, we got inside. It was a quiet ride to the airport. “You can stop here Janice,” He says. She pulled over to the side and put the car in park.


“Well, I guess this is it.”


“Yeah. I love you.”


“I love you too. Take care okay, I’ll see you soon.”


“See you soon,” He says handing me my passport. I smiled and hugged him. I pulled back and kissed him; I was somewhat surprised he kissed back.


“Our last kiss, I hope you find the girl you’re looking for, hope she’s not a lunatic like the others.”


“I’ll choose wisely. I’ll call you” He says, I nod getting out of the car. I got my bags and went inside.



I saw Adrian go inside, is it wrong to go after her or to stop her. What the fuck was I thinking? Why do I have to be so stupid? Why did I tell her I wanted to be with someone else? I’m confusing myself with these random questions I’m asking myself. I want to be with her, but she doesn’t want to be with me. Honestly, I’m giving up. I rather forget about us having another chance together and just see other people.


“Justin, are you okay? You can go after her; I’ll wait here.”


“No. No that’s okay. Let’s just go” I replied. She nods and drives off. I went back to the hotel to pack up.


“I know it’s none of my business. But I can tell you two love each other, and the best thing to do is let each other go. I’m sure that’s the hard part.”


“Yeah it is hard but, I just want her to be happy. I don’t want to confuse her anymore. We’ve been confused for years now; I don’t know what I’ll do without her” I said.


“Well, she’s a lucky girl. Beautiful too, I can see why you’re head over heels. There’s not a happy ending to every story, and not everyone deserves to be together. I think seeing other people is what’s best for the both of you. It may be hard to accept that she’s with someone and you’re with someone but, you’ll realize what matters is happiness. She loves you; I could see that in her eyes. The way you two look at each other wishing to give it another shot, that’s love. It takes guts to let her go like that.”


“Yeah, I agree. And great news, I know where she moved to. She’s in Atlanta. All you had to do was look at her passport y’know.”


“I wasn’t thinking. Too busy wanting to spend every moment with her, no one can know where she is Janice. I mean it, I think she’s in trouble.”


“Okay. Don’t worry; I won’t say anything. Is there anything I can do? Book you a plane ticket.”


“No, I’m driving there. I’m taking her friend too. I’m going to find out what’s going on. But you could book me a plane ticket back to Cali. I have a few things I have to take care of before being transferred to Atlanta. Can’t believe the label that signed me is in Atlanta where the love of my life has moved to. Isn’t that a fucking coincidence. I’m accepting that she doesn’t want to be with me. No matter how hard I try, we will never be together again. The thought of that hurts me, it fucking hurts. She taught me that love hurts, you do stupid shit for the people you love. And I admit, we’ve done some stupid shit for each other. But y’know that’s the kind of pain I want over and over again, only with her. Do I sound desperate? You can tell me if I am.”


“I don’t think you’re desperate. Trust me, guys that aren’t like you wouldn’t think twice about a girl. That takes courage and devotion. But think about it, is it worth getting disappointed and hurt.”


“Janice you’re my fucking assistant. Not my counselor, I just needed to vent alright. Sometimes when someone vents they just want someone to listen, got it”


“Yeah. Got it, sorry. I-I didn’t mean to say that. If you need anything while you’re in Atlanta, I’m just a phone call away. I’m gonna go book your flight” She says leaving. I shouldn’t be so hard on Janice I know, I have a lot on my mind, and that shouldn’t be an excuse. I got my things and headed back home. As I got settled in, I decided to visit my dad and Tori in prison before I left for Atlanta.


“Happy to see your face, thought I’d never see it again,” Tori says with a smile on her face. “What happens to bring you here.”


“I’ve made some mistakes, in my life. Due to what you did to Adrian and me, I’ve established that what we’ve all done could bring her back. I just want to finally be at peace and genuinely ask you, why did you do it? Why an unborn baby? This isn’t something I can forget and move on about; this is my daughter we’re talking about. I want an honest answer.”


“I was jealous. At your basketball game for our publicity stunt, I told her that you would never give her a marriage or a house, a fucking fantasy that girls like her dreamt of. She was using you, and you were blind to see it.”


“That was none of your fucking business! What we had going on..me, Adrian, and our unborn daughter had nothing to do with you. We just pretended boyfriend and girlfriend according to the contract; you didn't suppose to interfere with what I had going on with her.”


“No according to the contract she wasn't supposed to interfere. It’s about money Justin, that’s what publicity is. Wake up, Adrian’s just playing the role. She gets it all, all the glory right? Why her? What’s so special about her?”


“I fucking love that girl. Don’t you get it! That thing between us was never real; we would never be together. So get that out of your head. You’re a murderer, a baby killing murderer. Can’t believe you and my mom talked about me being a father.”


“What? Me and your mom never talked about you being a father. She was trying to better my career; she didn’t have anything to do with that. Did she say that I had something to do with it?”


“I guess. I’m not for sure. You two really didn’t talk about Adrian carrying my baby? That’s what you’re saying”


“We never talked about it; she was happy about having a granddaughter. She wanted to make things right with you.” She says. I felt foolish right now, why couldn’t I just hear her out before strangling her with my bare hands. I put my head down in shame.

“Are we okay? I told you why I did it, could we stop being enemies? I’m sorry.”


“Sorry isn’t bringing her back, Tori. She didn’t do anything to you, or to anyone for that matter. You have no idea how bad you’ve scarred my life. Living in that moment gave me nightmares, couldn’t fucking sleep. Scared that when I did fall asleep, I would receive those bad news again, seeing the pool of blood on the floor. But you know what I am happy that I didn’t get to see them take the baby out of her. That would’ve been worse, way worse. I’m tired of being pissed off and angry about what happened, I would’ve been a great fucking father, and you took that away from me. My only chance to actually be something, Adrian can’t have any kids now, but it could’ve been my shot actually to be with her. I want to be with her for eternity until she stops breathing I will not give up on her. Ever. So that make-believe story that you had planned in your head thinking we were going to be together, stop thinking that. We will never, ever, happen Tori.” I said aggressively hanging up the phone. I walked out of prison pulling out my phone calling Kathy, hoping she wasn’t too pissed off at me to answer sadly it went straight to voicemail. “Kathy, it’s Justin. I understand you don’t want to hear from me but meet me at my place. I know where Adrian is. I think Adrian’s in trouble. See you soon.”

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