I Only Want You (18+)

[sequel to head over heels]
Adrian has left her previous relationship with Justin after she finds out that another girl is the mother of his child. After walking out on him at the wedding, months later Justin decides he wants to rekindle their relationship to give it another try.


16. Forever.

Since Adrian was out of the hospital, we all gathered at her place to talk about the party tonight. I told her everything went well and she was happy that nothing happened to the both of us.


“I told my dad what you did, and he wanted me to give you this,” I said handing him an envelope.


“What is it,” He asks.


“A check, to cover everything you’ve done for us. And to get those assholes off our backs. He’s out of witness protection now, planning on retiring and just traveling the world with Kristie. He wants you to take it, also he takes no for an answer so you kinda have to.”


“He didn’t have to”


“Well, he wanted to. We don’t want you to think we’re all about money, it’s not. I know you offered to take care of my school stuff, and my treatments. You really didn’t have to, we have money. Just couldn’t touch any of it because of the situation we were in. Now that we’re free, everything’s back to normal. We thank you.”


“Holy shit. Adrian, this is a lot. Honestly-“


“Just take it. He wants you to take it, he knew you wouldn’t take it but he insisted”


“Okay. So, you’re not coming back to California?”


“Sadly, no. I rather stay here in Atlanta. I was gonna go to Miami and work for Rhett but I got caught up in this mess. You okay? Everything’s okay with you”


“Yeah. I’m good. Just thinking” He said, I nod.


“Okay. Well if you want to talk about it, we can. You know I’m a good listener”


“You are an amazing listener” He laughs. “How are you and Kathy? Still friends”


“I think she’s still pissed off at me for cheating on Rhett. I see she’s talking to you”


“I didn’t know you were married. I guess that’s why she’s talking to me. She needs help, Adrian. She doesn’t talk to Drew about the miscarriage and she feels bad about it, her drinking has gotten worse. I may not be the best person to talk to her due to my situation but she needs a friend. And that’s you. Maybe this is the right time to squash this beef and be friends again. I had to bribe her to come with me to Atlanta. Told her she could order room service once we get the hotel. Talk to her.”


“Fine, but if she yells at me I’m blaming you,” I said making my way downstairs. I saw her in the kitchen pouring her another glass of white wine. “You okay,” I asked.


“Yeah, I’m fine. Why?”


“You’re drinking a lot. I’m guessing this is your fourth glass”


“Maybe, who cares anyway”


“I care. It may not look like it but I do. I care, Kathy. Talk to me, what’s wrong? Is it about the miscarriage” I asked. She shrugs and takes a drink.


“I drink because I don’t want to feel any pain. I want to forget about everything. Drew always want to talk about the baby but what for, it’s dead.”


“Maybe it’s best to talk to him. He had to live with it too, still, do. This isn’t just about you, you both lost someone”


“You don’t think I know that Adrian, what Justin told you to talk to me? The reason I came is that he bribed me.”


“I understand what I did was fucked up. And what Justin did at the wedding was fucked up. But you have to understand that we will always be there for each other no matter what. Kathy, Justin loves me. Don’t you see that? He still loves me after finding out that I was married and all the shit that I’ve done over the past few years he still loves me. He overlooks all of that. I know you liked Rhett with me but, it would’ve never worked out. Not while I was still fantasizing about being with another guy.”


“You fantasize about him but you don’t want to be with him, what the fuck? You don’t know what you want neither does him. God you two are like a fucked up romance novel” She says taking another drink. I took her glass and poured the rest of the wine into the sink.


“You want me to be a bitch? Fine, I’ll be a bitch. You don’t get to drink and hide your pain because of what happened to you. I’ve been through way more shit than you and look at me, I’m still standing. I lost a baby, I got raped, abused, and had an abortion. You may think I’m this damaged girl that has no clue, and you’re right. Hiding the pain isn’t brave, facing it just like everyone else..is. Enough with the drinking and acting like a total ass to everyone who's trying to help you.” I said, she smiles and hugs me.


“I’m sorry. Sorry that you had to deal with all of that. Sorry I didn’t step up to Jason when he was beating you in front of the whole school”


“I was the one that told you to stay out of it. I’m so fucking stupid”


“No. You’re not, you’re brave. Not even Jason can break you. I’m happy you’re okay. Y’know you could’ve always come over and talked to me, I wanted to be a good friend and stop it. I didn’t want you hating me.”


“Why would you think that. I could never hate you. Even though you didn’t want to step up to Jason, you did get the cops involved. I never thanked you for that. And I never thanked you for beating Tori’s ass that day. You could’ve told me”


“It wasn’t my place. I wanted Justin to tell you, I’m happy he did though. I thought I hated him but..he’s crazy over you. He would do the impossible to make you happy. So why the hell don’t you want to be with him?”


“I don’t know. I mean, I love him but I don’t know why” I said. I honestly didn’t know why maybe I’m afraid to be in a relationship again. Of course, Justin isn’t like Jason or any other guy I’ve dated. Yes, he does a lot for me and I do a lot for him but that doesn’t mean anything. I brushed the thought of it off and started to get ready for the party he invited me to. Kathy and I walk inside of the building and it looked amazing. A lot of celebs and important people that I didn’t even know. I made my way through the crowd and found Justin talking to Janice.


“Hey, baby. Happy you could join us” He says kissing my cheek.


“Of course. Sorry if I’m intruding,”


“No, no it’s okay. You remember Janice right? My assistant.”


“Yeah. I hope everything is okay with you now that you’re transferring”


“Everything’s okay. Are you? How’s the wound?” He asks.


“It hurts still, but I’ll manage. Thanks for talking me into rekindling my friendship with Kathy. I don’t know what I would do if we stayed hating each other”


“No problem. I'm happy to finally see a smile on your face. A real smile, you shouldn’t hide it. It’s beautiful” He smiles. I smile too and walk off meeting up with Kathy at the bar.


“Did you tell him?” She asks.


“I couldn’t, I know he was busy talking business with Janice”


“Yeah okay, whatever. You still need to tell him Adrian, or I will. And you know I will”


“It’s not the right time, this is the biggest night of his life. I don’t want to ruin that” I said.


“Are you fucking kidding me, he’s going to be so happy when you tell him. I’m even happy. Isn’t it what you always wanted.”


“I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe we can actually be together instead of having us confused all the time, I hate that we’ve been spending most of our time arguing and just fucking.” I said. We laughed. “I do love the fucking though, ugh it’s amazing. We’ve been doing that for years now and it’s like he knows everything inside and out about my body. What I like, what I don’t like. He’s the only person that knows everything. Sounds stupid when I say that I can’t be with him huh”


“So stupid, but hey that’s you. You know what you want, or do you”


“I’ve been asking myself that a lot lately and, I’m still getting the same results. I’m going to the bathroom, are you coming with me”


“Sure why not, I have to pee anyways,” I said. When we got into the bathroom, she went into the stall as I looked at myself in the mirror. I sighed and washed my hands. I heard someone come inside, I noticed it was Janice. She walks beside me and washes her hands too, drying them off with a paper towel.


“So, you and Justin are really close,” She says.


“Yeah. Known each other since senior year. He’s a good guy.”


“He tells me a lot about you. But what I can’t seem to understand is the cycle. You fuck him, tell him you can’t be with him, and then move away. I think you breaking his heart has been enough. I mean it has been years right.”


“You’re right. I wish you weren’t but, you’re right. I do have commitment issues and I accept that. I guess he’s been telling you a lot about me.”



“You could say that. I just want to make sure his head is in the game now that he’s left a label to be with another.” She says walking out, Kathy comes out of the stall and looks at me.


“Want me to cut her, you know I’m always carrying something”


“No. I’m fine, she’s right you know that”


“That’s you and Justin’s business, that bitch doesn’t have any right to come up in here and tell you that. But, she is right. So what are you gonna do, because if you don’t do something to her I will.”


“I’m not going to do anything. There’s no need to start a fight, this is Justin’s night and I’m not ruining it. We are not ruining it” I said.


“Okay, fine. How’s Dan and Kristie.” She asks washing her hands.


“They’re good. He plans on retiring and just travel the world with Kristie. I’ve always wanted to travel the world but y’know things change. I just want you to know that if anything happens to me, promise me to be strong and not cry.” I said, she looks at me and nods. We came out of the bathroom and started to enjoy the party, introducing ourselves to tons of people.


“Enjoying the party?” Justin asks.


“Yeah. Introducing myself to lots of important people, I’m likable. Y’know Janice likes you, I can see that look in her eye. She really despises me.”


“I doubt that. You’re likable remember, she really likes me?”


“Don’t you notice, she gave me this look when I approached you earlier. You like her?” I asked.


“What? Are you kidding, not like that. She’s my assistant. I know who I got my eyes on. Want to know who she is? She has this beautiful short curly hair, grey eyes, she’s wearing a strapless black romper that fits her body just perfect. I’ve honestly been staring every since she’s walked in. But, I’m afraid she’ll turn me down.”


“Afraid huh? You’re a player, shouldn’t be scared to approach a woman. You’re a womanizer remember. Maybe you should ask her out to dinner tomorrow, you’ll be here anyway.”


“Okay. Can I take you out tomorrow night.” He asks I laugh.


“How about I take you out superstar. It’s on me, see you at 8.” I asked.


“Yeah, definitely. I guess I’ll see you then.”


“Yeah. I guess you will, but I want you to stop by my place before you check into the hotel. There’s something I need to talk to you about.”


“Alright, I may have to stay here a little bit longer and take care of business before I leave, and take drop Kathy off at the hotel but I’ll be there. I promise.” He says I nod. He smiled and walks away.


“Soooo, did you tell him. I see you two smiling and laughing, so cute. Wait, you didn’t tell him didn’t you.” She asks.


“I will. I invited him over to my place to talk and I’m taking him out to dinner tomorrow night.”


“Inviting him over to talk? Sounds like a code for fucking, I can come over too if you want. I won’t bother you, I can just be there if you two need anything like condoms or snacks.” She laughs, I roll my eyes.


“I really like him, Kathy, I just- I don’t want to waste his time or disappoint him. I’m not good with relationships.” I said.


“You’re wrong, stop thinking so low of yourself. He accepts you the way you are. He would’ve been left you alone if you were wasting his time right?”


“You’re right. I’m gonna tell him, but I don’t want you there okay.”


“Okay. But I want you to tell me what he says alright.”


“Of course, I gotta go. See you tomorrow” I said leaving. I left the party and went back home. Hours later, I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door seeing Justin. Before I could say anything he walks in and kisses me. I kissed back, I smiled between kisses as he picks me up closing the door with his foot carrying me upstairs into the bedroom. He lays me down on the bed crawling between my legs not breaking from the kiss. Moments later we were both completely naked under the covers.


“Are you ready?” He asks, I nod. He slips himself inside of me, I gasped, grabbing a hold onto his shoulder. I realized we weren’t just fucking, we were making love. I looked into his eyes and smiled. It felt amazing after we had sex I continually kiss him shoving my tongue down his throat with my hands on his neck. He pulls away and smiles.


“What did you have to tell me.” He asks.


“Nothing. It’s nothing.”


“I know you’re lying. You get that line on your forehead, that’s the somethings coming line. What is it.” He asks.


“I was gonna tell you that Janice approached me in the bathroom. She was ranting about me fucking you, telling you I can’t be with you and then leaving. It's true. I agreed with her, Kathy wanted to cut her but I just didn’t want to ruin your night.”


“Hey, you couldn’t ruin it if you wanted to. Kathy is insane, but she’s a good friend. I’ll talk to Janice about it”


“There’s no need. She’s right, you know that. I know when you look at me you wish things were different and trust me I do too. You see this damaged girl that’s had a rough life and want to change all of that. I don’t know what I want. I had to move away to actually think about that.”


“Well, if it makes you feel better. I don’t know what I want either. You’re not left out. I know I said I wanted something real, I’m the one confusing myself and pillow talking with you. I like it, this moment. Just us, away from lunatics. I talked to Tori, she told me her and my mom never talked about the baby. I feel so stupid, it was only Tori’s doing. My mom had nothing to do with it. She wanted to be in my life and I pushed her away. I have to live with that, but now that I know why she did it. I can finally be at peace and let Adriana rest. Should’ve done that years ago but, I wasn’t ready to let her go. I love her, and I love you.” He said smiling.


“I love you too. Can you help change my bandage”


“Sure, why not,” He says getting off of me. He grabs a fresh bandage from the dresser changing it. “How are you feeling? Did you take your medicine”


“Yeah. I’m okay, are you okay.”


“Yeah, I’m okay. Just thinking about tomorrow night, I’m looking forward to it”


“Me too,” I said smiling to myself. “I guess Kathy is living her best life at the hotel” I chuckled.


“She’s real comfortable. She was in a robe, ordering a movie and room service. She’s pretty much taken care of. Have you talked to Rhett? Receive any divorce papers?” He asked.


“No. He’s probably too busy to worry about divorce papers. I don’t think we would’ve ever worked out anyways. I didn’t know he was your cousin if I knew I wouldn’t have married him.”


“It’s okay. I’m over it, you had a right to move on. I was just jealous. You know we had a really good time in Hawaii. Wish we didn’t have to leave, it felt like we were together, married even.”


“Yeah. I feel like I’ve been wasting your time. If you feel the need to see other people, you can do that. I’m not stopping you. I don’t want you to think I’m smothering you.”


“I’m okay. I stuck with you all the time, there’s no need to stop now.” He says rubbing my back.


“Now that you’re at a new label, you’re leaving Cali right?”


“I don’t know, I might. I’ve been moving a lot and I at least want to stay somewhere I want to be for a long time. I didn’t tell you this but I was working on a project with one of my buddies, he’s a real estate. I wanted to ask you to move in with me, he found this perfect spot 10 acres away from the road. I was gonna surprise you, put everything we’ve been through aside and start over. It may have seemed too soon and crazy.”


“I would’ve loved to, how long have you and this friend been working on this project together,” I asked.


“Since I proposed to you. It’s nice to know you were willing to. Sorry, I embarrassed you.”


“Sorry for making your life a living hell, and being so difficult,” I said, he laughs.


“I love you just the way you are. I want to take care of you, forever. I mean that”


“I know. Big day tomorrow, try to get some sleep” I said kissing him. I laid got under the covers and went to sleep, waiting for what tomorrow may bring.

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