I Only Want You (18+)

[sequel to head over heels]
Adrian has left her previous relationship with Justin after she finds out that another girl is the mother of his child. After walking out on him at the wedding, months later Justin decides he wants to rekindle their relationship to give it another try.


8. Easy Love.

Now that I won’t be in Caroline’s or Karina’s life. I’m more focused on Adrian and getting her back. We walked around and did a lot of shopping before we headed back to the hotel. My phone vibrated seeing Kathy was texting me. “I have to tell you something” instead of texting back, I ignored it. 


“Have you got in contact with your dad?” She asks.


“No. Patricia ratted him out to the cops, lied on him telling them he’s been hitting on her which was the other way around. Patricia was dangerous Adrian; she wasn’t in her right mind. The drinking, the drugs it got to her. She wanted ransom for our daughter.”


“Yeah, I know. Do you think it was the best idea to y’know..do what you did.”


“No. I could’ve handled it better. She killed my daughter so; I did something in return. I shouldn’t have done it, but I did. Do you think it was best.”


“I don’t want to end up saying the wrong thing, but she is your mom. There could’ve been other options.”


“Yeah well, those options wouldn’t have worked. Jason’s in prison for doing something he didn’t do.”


“He wanted to take the blame, so it’s not on you or me. We just keep our heads down. I’m the one that witnessed that, and I helped you deal with it. It’s over and done. Justin I didn’t want your career to be at risk because of that, I did it because I care and I didn’t want to see you in jail again you’ve come a long way with music and, I couldn’t I couldn’t see you throwing all of that away for a mistake.” 


“I know. Thanks..again, for everything. You kinda caught me by surprise helping me” I said. 


“I know. I’ve seen worse. You miss her”


“No. No, I don’t miss her, I feel shitty about it. I can barely get any sleep knowing what I did but...I don’t know, whatever’s done in the dark will come to the light right.”


“Yeah,” She says putting on a fake smile. Now that my career is back on track again I’m releasing another album soon, and I’ll be away for a few months. Something else I didn’t tell Adrian about, I don’t know what’s up with all these secrets. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to see each other hurting. If I really want her, I have to be honest, so I grabbed her arm stopping her from walking. She turns around and looks at me with a confused look; she could tell something was wrong. I sighed and let go of her arm. 


“I’m working on another album,” I said. 


“That’s great,” She says with a big smile on her face. 


“No Adrian, I go on tour soon. I’m releasing it; I just thought I should tell you instead of keeping secrets from you. I want us to work Adrian.”


“I know. I have to leave soon too. I appreciate you inviting me on this vacation with you. It’s been a journey.” 


“You’re welcome, I like having you around, it’s hard for me to let you go again. I want you all to myself; I’m selfish when it comes to you.”


“I know baby,” She says, a smile appears on my face. She hasn’t called me that in a while and it makes my heart melt. She kisses me, grabbing my hand continuing to walk. 


“Y’know Kathy texted me right, she has something to tell me. I didn’t reply because I don’t care. I don’t give a shit about what she has to say; it must be something important for her to text me out of nowhere. I’m gonna call her.” 


“No! Maybe- maybe it’s nothing. Justin, I have to tell you something” She started to say, my phone began to buzz, I took it out of my pocket seeing I had an incoming call. 


“Hold on Adrian, it’s Jason,” I said walking away. “Hey Jason, what’s up”


“I need to see you immediately.”


“Bro, I’m kinda in a middle of a vacation here with Adrian.” 


“I don’t give a shit about your fucking vacation. It’s important; it’s about Patricia” He says, I looked back at Adrian, she had this worried look on her face. I turned back around and sighed.


“I’ll be there in a couple of days, don’t think you can bribe me because I got shit on you too. I’ll see you when I get there” I said hanging up walking back to Adrian. 


“Before you say anything, I’m sorry-“


“What? What are you talking about? Jason needed to see me immediately. It’s about Patricia. I told him I'd see him in a couple of days” I said grabbing her hand.


“Oh...okay. I wonder what he has to say. Do you think they may give him the chair or lethal injection or something? What if this turns out completely different? I can’t bear the thought of you getting caught or even me or Kathy.”


“What does Kathy have to do with any of this”


“I told her to come to get your drugs when the feds scooped your house. I hid them away from Amanda because she wanted to see you rot in prison. I told you about that bitch; I didn’t trust her.”


“It was my fault. Everything in the past was my fault. With Adriana dying, getting arrested, everything. I’ve made bad decisions; I wouldn’t be famous still if it weren’t for you. I’m trying to make up for what happened. I think Jason is gonna end up talking, and if he does. I have to be ready for whatever happens. I won’t let you be in the same position as me, that goes for Kathy, Kristie, and your dad. You’ve all been loyal to me, cleaning up my mess. Made me realize a lot.”


“Hey, we’ll all make mistakes. I’ve made hella mistakes. But that shouldn’t define us. If the day comes and they do come after you, I’ll say anything you want not to keep you covered, but my family also” She says, I nod hugging her. We went back to the hotel and took a long shower, just thinking about how everything would be different if the decisions I made never happened. Honestly and truthfully, I wouldn’t go back and change what happened to my daughter; I’ll take it as a life lesson. I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist finding some clothes to wear.


“Are you okay?” She asks standing in the doorway.


“Yeah, why what’s up.”


“Nothing. Our discussion earlier must’ve made you feel..scared.”


“Yeah a little, I’ll be fine, we’ll be fine,” I said. She smiles and walks up to me grabbing my hand leading me back into the bathroom; she pushes me down in the chair in front of the sink grabbing a towel.


“You my friend, need a haircut, and you also need to shave. I used to cut my dads hair all the time.”


“I don’t want to look like your dad,” I said, she giggles and grabs a razor from the dresser. As she ran the water in the sink, she sat on top of me shaving the sides of my face. She strokes my smooth face staring into my eyes. She smiles drying my face off with the towel.


“Why are you looking at me like that,” I ask.


“Can I just take a moment to appreciate you, admire you. You’re perfect.”


“I am not perfect” I chuckled.


“You are, to me. I noticed that any girl would kill to be in my position, no wonder the girls are obsessed with you. You’re such a womanizer.”


“I just want you, okay. Only you. I don’t care about anyone else.”


“That’s crazy because, that’s exactly how I feel,” She says, her lips pressed onto mine. I could tell she was enjoying, and so was I. I grabbed her waists shoving my tongue down her throat as she cups the back of my neck. I slid my hand under her shirt in clipping her bra, sliding the straps down from her shoulders tossing it across the bathroom floor. She giggles not pulling away from the kiss. I grab her breasts with both of my hands, squeezing them. I pull away and smile.


“Whoa, they’re getting bigger.”


“Come on, I have to cut your hair,” She says removing my hands.


“Fuck the hair,” I said wrapping my arm around her waist picking her up, carrying her to the bed laying her down. She smiles watching me drop my towel on the floor, standing in front of her completely naked.


“Come here,” She says seductively. As I lean over her body, she pulls me into another make-out session.



I sat up on the edge of the bed, looking back at Adrian sleeping peacefully. I smiled getting up looking up out the window. I felt arms wrap around my waist and a soft peck on my back. Her naked body pressed up against mines. Her hands explore my body as I’m still staring out the window.


“Hey,” She says.


“Hey, what are you doing up.”


“You wasn’t in bed; I knew you wandered off somewhere. Something on your mind? I can help you forget about it” She says, I laughed.


“It’s nothing. Nothing important. It feels like I’m losing you again after everything y’know. I’m happy you’re graduating from college soon but the thought of you going to Miami- I don’t know. I can’t stop you from leaving; I don’t want to be the one stopping you from doing something your heart tells you. I’ll be gone for a few months continuing my tour and singing new songs I’ve done. I’m planning on leaving the label and finding another one that’ll sign me, I talked to Scooter months ago and...it wasn’t pretty. He said some things and I said some things. So soon as this tour is over and my contract is up with him, I’m going somewhere else. Starting over, the right way.”


“Sounds like a great plan. I know you don’t want to see me go, but I don’t want to be the person to make you give up everything you’ve worked for. I’m not like that. Any other girl would love the idea you’re giving something up like that. If you’re really going to start over, you have to accept that you’ll fuck up. Not everything’s a happy ending, even though we expect it to be. The easiest thing you can do is run away from your problems, but we have to face it. We all have our problems, and some of them have consequences. You’re not the only one that’s running away from something.”


“Remember when you told me that you did something bad? What was it” I ask.


“I um..I’m the one that killed my mom. She had breast cancer, and she was taking lots of medicine, it didn’t look like she was getting better, so I gave her more. Stupid of me huh.”


“No. I don’t think you’re stupid. You wanted her to get better, but she didn’t. Does Dan know” I ask?


“No. No, he doesn’t know, he thinks she just passed away from it. We got into some trouble in Florida. He got caught up in some things and dragged me into it also. But that doesn’t matter.”


“Well, if something does come up y’know if you’re both in a situation, tell me or even call me. I owe you both that”


“You don’t owe us anything, don’t think you do. We helped you, and you helped us because you’re apart of the family now. We look out for our own”


“Thanks, Adrian, for everything,” I said turning around facing her.


“No need to thank me. When are you coming back to bed.”


“In a minute, I gotta make a phone call.”


“Okay, I’ll be waiting,” She says walking away. I watch her walk away picking my phone up off the chair. A missed call appeared on the screen from an unknown number calling back.


“Hey dad, I need your help with something. Something important, it’s about Jason” I said reluctantly. I didn’t feel wrong getting some information on Jason; I was cautious just in case when the time comes, I’m prepared.






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