I Only Want You (18+)

[sequel to head over heels]
Adrian has left her previous relationship with Justin after she finds out that another girl is the mother of his child. After walking out on him at the wedding, months later Justin decides he wants to rekindle their relationship to give it another try.


15. Confusion.


There’s something about Adrian that makes me give in. You can say that I’m head over heels for this girl, I get it she was pregnant with my baby, helped me in numerous situations, but that’s not the only reason I love her. Adrian’s real, something that many girls have problems being. She doesn’t care if my feelings are hurt or not it’s not that I’m scared of losing her, I’m afraid to forget about her.


I’m sitting at a booth in a coffee shop in Atlanta; I’ve been trying to find her over months now after I came back from touring. It’s a long story to get into, but soon I will tell you why we aren’t on speaking terms.


“I told you not to find me” I heard her say standing behind me. “Who told you I moved here? Kathy? You do know we had a fight and she wasn’t talking to me right.”


“Yeah. I glanced at your passport, can we talk? I want to talk. Please sit down” I said. She sits down in front of me waiting for me to speak. “Can I get you anything? Coffee, tea?”


“No, I don’t want anything.”


“You’re upset, and you have every right to be. My contract isn’t up until another two years. I’ve been trying so hard to figure everything out with the label and with you. I had to come find you; I knew you were in trouble.”



“Justin you’re obsessed with me, I love that about you but I can’t. I can’t keep doing this. I left so that you could move on from me, but obviously, that isn’t working.”


“Wow, at first you were angry that I was obsessed with myself, but now you’re upset with me being obsessed with you. I can’t move on from you don’t you get that, I’m attached there’s nothing you can do about that.”


“You’re right; there’s nothing I can do. I don’t hate you; I don’t want you to think I do. I think it’s the right thing to do. We both had this desire to be together and think everything would turn out the way it was supposed to be and how it was supposed to be...things change. Doing the right thing doesn’t always make a person happy. Sadly, I’m still not happy” She giggled trying to keep herself from crying.


“But- I love you. Adrian, I love you, I can’t cope with the fact that you’re gone. I understand that I’m fucked up, but I’m trying here.”


“I love you too Justin, you want something real with someone, but I can’t give that to you. I just can’t okay. I can’t” She cries grabbing her things storming outside. I looked out of the window, she stopped, trying to pull herself together. I threw a twenty dollar bill on the table and finished my coffee, I wanted to let her be and walk away but I couldn’t.


“Go talk to her before she leaves for the hundredth time,” Kathy says sitting in front of me.


“She doesn’t want me to talk to her. I think she’s still pissed at you. Thanks for y’know talking her into meeting me here, but it seemed like a waste of time. She wanted me to move on, and I can’t. I got a hold on her. If I let her go...I’m letting Adriana go too.”


“You have to move on from Adriana; you’re not the only person that lost her. Adrian had to deal with that too, Kristie, me, and so did Dan. You can move on from someone and can’t forget about them. The only reason I’m helping you is because Adrian is selfish...she still loves you, and it’s stupid what you’re trying to prove to each other. This has been going on since day one, and it seems that you can’t stay together for some odd reason. I understand where she’s coming from. When you love someone so dearly, but you can’t have them. Not all relationships last or have a happy ending, but this one does. I honestly don’t care if she’s pissed at me because she knows how I am. She knows I will tell the truth no matter how much she hates it. Adrian is a headache, and she’s a difficult person but reason with her”


“I can’t Kathy, I’m sorry. She said it for herself, after what happened that day she doesn’t want to see me. She wants me to forget about her and move on. I went crazy when she left; I didn’t know how to feel. My feelings were all over the place. I was in a trance. I want to forget about her, but I don’t want to. I don’t want to see her with another guy that makes her happy; it does something to me. I love her, she was everything to me, but sadly it hurts knowing she doesn’t feel the same way. Does she have a boyfriend? Is- is that why she does not want to be with me” I asked.


“Now Justin, you know I can’t give you all that information.”


“Oh god, she is in a relationship with someone. No wonder she’s still upset with me.”


“I didn’t say that. I just said I couldn’t give you that sort of information. I’ll go talk to her” She says leaving. I hope Kathy talking to Adrian would help figure out what she wanted in some sort, it’s crazy how I’ll go over the edge just to make her happy or even be with her. I saw Kathy talking to Adrian it seems they were getting into a small argument, maybe I do have to move on for-real this time. Once I got ready to walk outside, I spotted a black escalade driving by, slowly letting the window down aiming a submachine gun out of the window.


“Get down!” I yelled at the both of them. After they realized what was happening they quickly got down and so did I and everyone else that was outside. Soon as the shootout was over, they quickly drove off. I had to process in my head what the fuck was going on because I had no clue. I heard screaming from afar hearing Kathy. I quickly got up and went over to her. “What happened,” I asked Kathy putting pressure on Adrian’s wound realizing she got shot in her side. “Adrian look at me, okay look at me everything is going to be fine. Kathy what the fuck happened!” I yelled at her.


“I-I I don’t know we got down and she got hit. We need to call the ambulance.”


“There no time. She’s gonna die in minutes if we don’t get her some help.”


“I can’t believe they fucking shot me,” She says trying to talk.


“Who is they? Adrian tell me what’s going on” I asked waiting for her to reply.


“I just want to go home, please take me home,” She says coughing out blood.


“I’ll take her to the hospital. I promise to get her there.”


“The hospital is 10 minutes from here; you won’t make it in time. Everyone’s calling the paramedics.”


“There’s no time! You forgot I own a Ferrari; they’re much faster than a fucking ambulance. I’m not losing her too” I said picking her up bridal style walking into my car to put her in the passenger seat. “Meet me there,” I told her closing the passenger door. I got to the hospital in less than 4 minutes; they took her back immediately thankfully she didn’t drown in her own blood. I sat in the waiting room traumatized because of what I went through the first time. It was all coming back to me.


“Hey, you made it,” Kathy says bringing me back into reality.


“Yeah, they took her back soon as I got here. They said she’s going to be fine.”


“Thank god. You’re so good to her; she doesn’t even notice it.”


“She said they who is they? Does she know who did this to her” I asked?


“I don’t know sorry; I wish I could tell you. How long before she gets out of ICU.”


“Not long. They got her in surgery. This is my second time being covered in her blood, I never thought about her being in here again. Not like this anyway. The only image I only had was if she was pregnant again, y’know about to go into labor with me by her side. It was something I always pictured before all of that Caroline shit happened. We both lied to get to each other. I shouldn’t have lied to her but. If I told her the truth, she wouldn’t want to see me again, and that scared the fuck out of me. I didn’t know she was married to my cousin, I understand we called off the wedding, but she actually got remarried after what happened”


“Y’know she’s very naive, she just wants to love someone. Obviously, she does but, she’s scared for you. She just doesn’t want to be blamed for how fucked up you are. You’re both fucked up, we all are. Everyone has a past they’re trying to run away from, especially you. I know you did some things that you weren’t proud of. I know about Patricia also, I understand when you heard the news about her killing Adriana it seemed as if your life flashed before your eyes… you didn’t know what you were doing. You’re keeping this secret about your mom, and it’s driving you batshit crazy. Don’t worry I won't say anything. Not because Adrian helped you, but because you’re family, no matter the situation you and Adrian are in. I love her; she’s my best friend. I may disagree with her sometimes, but she’s family. I know shit that she won’t even tell me about.”


“You knew about Jason beating her? About her abortion with his baby.”


“Yeah. Sadly, I already knew about all of that” She says stopping herself from crying. “She wouldn’t tell me who exactly beat her, but I knew. Jason would even come to school drunk; they’ll get into a big argument. He would hit her right then and there, and no one said a thing. I wanted to stop it, but she would’ve told me to stay out of it. She hated when I was in her business, but that’s what friends are for”


“You beat the hell out of Tori. Thank you, I never thanked you for that. You did what I couldn’t do.”


“You’re welcome. Dan asked about her; he’s still in hiding after what happened. She didn’t tell you what happened before they moved to California did she”


“About her mom? Yeah, she told me.”


“No, about Dan. They got into some trouble in Florida. She really didn’t tell you about that.”


“Um, no. She wouldn’t talk about her past with me. I just left it alone. What happened out there” I asked. Before she could say anything, we got interrupted by Adrian’s doctor.


“Adrian is out of ICU, we had to remove the bullet and drain a lot of blood she should be waking up in a few minutes if you would like to see her in recovery,” She says, I nod.


“We’ll finish talking later, go see her,” Kathy says, I got up and bought some followers entering the room.


“I know flowers aren’t your sort of thing but..what the hell I bought them anyways,” I said laying them on the desk beside her. “You told me you couldn’t believe they shot you, can I ask who did it,” I asked.


“God Justin it doesn’t matter, I just want to go home.”


“After everything, I did for you, and you can’t give me a simple fucking answer, why you have to be so damn difficult all the time. I’m trying here Adrian. I’m trying to figure out what you want, but you don’t have to be such a bitch to me because I’m head over heels for you. It doesn’t mean you can treat me like shit because how crazy I am over you. So, who did this” I asked.


“I don’t know. I wasn’t looking; you think me telling you who did this is going to change anything because it’s not! That’s the truth; it’s not going to change anything okay so drop it.”


“No, you’re in here for the second time and do you think I wanted to be covered in your blood again! After what happened the first time! It’s traumatizing for me Adrian reliving this shit again. If you blame me for what happened then..I’m sorry you feel that way. I didn’t do shit, I didn’t know Tori was going to come into our home and push you down those stairs, I didn’t know my mom would come back into my life and make your life a living hell like she did mines but it’s in the past, and we can’t change it. We can make it better; I didn’t come in here to argue for the millionth time, I just want to know who did this to you.”


“Why? Why does it matter? You don’t owe me anything Justin so stop thinking you do. The things I did for you in the past that was out of love, you do crazy shit for a person you love so dearly.”


“Fine, if you won’t tell me who did this to you then tell me about your past. The real reason you moved to California, you got into some trouble in Florida with your dad.”


“God Kathy can’t keep her fucking mouth closed for a minute! We got into some trouble with a couple of thugs that were trying to kill my dad for money. One of their people got locked up because of a drug deal, and they were counting on my dad to fix it, sadly he lost the case, and he’s in jail. Now they want revenge alright. Look, it’s dangerous for you. Stop trying to be the hero, I don’t want you to get hurt, you have a career your whole life is ahead of you, and you have everything figured out. I don’t.”


“I don’t have my life figured out. My career is at risk right now because of what I’m trying to do..my contract isn’t up until another two years I can’t do anything about it until then. You helped me; now I have to help you. Besides I would make a hot spider-man" I said, she chuckled rolling her eyes. "What do you want me to do,” I asked with complete confidence. I wasn’t prepared for what she was going to have me do but if it’s to help her and Dan then so be it. That’s what I was gonna do.


“You career isn’t at risk. You just got finished with touring, and it seems like everything’s going great for you. Don’t do this, please just stay out of it.”


“I can’t. I want to help; if you don't tell me what they want, I’m asking Dan.”


“He’s going to tell you the same thing. This isn’t about you; I want to keep you safe. You’ve protected me all these years now it’s my time to return the favor.”


“I’m begging you. The last thing I want to see is you lying on a hospital bed. Who’s after you? The guys you were just talking about.”


“I don’t know. Maybe”


“What do they want? Money, revenge? If it’s money, I can give it to them.”


“This is why I didn’t want to tell you.”


“Atlantic Records had me to sign a 200 million dollar contract with them. I’m sure whatever they want is enough for them to leave you and your family alone.”


“Do you think I want money from you? Thinking I'm a gold digger? I can do this on my own” She says. “You’re putting yourself in danger; they’re bad people.”


“I don’t care. I don’t think like that about you; I’m helping you out. I want to know everything I need to know about these guys. And then I want you to tell me their names, what they want and where I can find them. I can take it from here alright. I don’t want to talk to Dan about this, and he scares me when he’s pissed.”


“Fine. I’ll tell you everything. But then you have to promise me to not do anything dumb.”


“I’m known for doing dumb things, but I’ll try my best,” I said. After she told me what I wanted to know, it didn’t seem risky. But if I was going to do this, I had to have backup. Adrian was getting discharged from the hospital soon, and I wanted to do it before she got out.


“Are you sure about this? Wanting to do this for her?” Kathy asks as I pull up to an old abandoned neighborhood.


“Yeah. I told her I wanted to do this. If things go sideways, then I have backup.”


“Don’t tell me you didn’t put the cops into this, that’ll make it worse. Can’t believe I agreed to come with you.”


“I agree. I just want her safe, don’t you? She told me I could meet them here and give them the money without anything going wrong.”


“Still can’t believe you’re giving them money.”


“It’s just money. I can make more; I spend money on dumb things all the time. Thirty grand is pocket change to me; I can blow that on a whole outfit or in a strip club. I honestly thought they would want more.”


“They’re not expecting you. They were expecting her or Dan to give them the money. This is so stupid, can’t believe you’re doing this”


“Hey, don’t worry. I gave my mom half a million to leave Adrian alone. Of course, she didn’t take it. I know you think that she may be money hungry and it’s all about money, but it’s not. I’m not delusional or anything. I’m the one that did that. I’m the one that wanted to pay for her treatments, tuition, and loans. I didn’t have to, but I wanted to. I love her Kathy; I just don’t want you to think that about her.”


“I’m not. I just don’t want you to think that. Adrian’s family is wealthy; they just can’t touch any money at this moment because the program thinks it’ll blow up everything. Dan is going to pay you back after he finds out what you’re doing. Every penny that’s you’ve spent on her; you know that right” She asks.


“No, I didn’t know that. I rather him not to. Just taking care of the family that’s all. They want money I’ll give it to them so that they can have a normal life again. You think Adrian would want to come to this party the label is throwing me tonight. I know she just got out of the hospital and everything.”


“I’m sure she would love to. Including me, I’m inviting myself of course” She says, I chuckled.


“You’re always invited. After what you did for me, beating Tori and taking those drugs so I wouldn’t get busted, I owe you.”


“I know. You know I still hate what you did to her and Rhett right? Ruining their marriage like that, it shouldn’t be on you because you didn’t know. Rhett loved her; I mean you do too, but you’ve had your ups and downs.”


“Definitely. Doesn’t mean I love her less. You may think I’m stupid for still chasing after her”


“No. I think that’s brave. You two are one sad love story.”


“Maybe. But sadly she doesn’t believe in fairy tales; I’m busting my ass trying to give her one.”


“She gave up after Jason. She really didn’t believe in love y’know. Told herself she wouldn’t fall in love again and be disappointed for the hundredth time. Adrian’s just confused, she doesn’t know what she wants, and you have to accept that. We’re talking about a girl who was physically abused; I understand why she’s the way she is. If you want to go out again, give her time, be patient with her and stop pushing her into dating you. How are you suppose to expect her to know what she wants if you don’t know either? I think that’s your problem; you’re so controlling.”


“Am not. If you think about it, I’ve given this girl years. I’ve been patient long enough. I just want her to be safe, with me. Let her know I’m not like Jason or a so-called-friend who beats her. She’s had a tough life, but I’m willing to pick up the pieces.” I said.


“Awe, how cute. I thought you wanted something real. A real girlfriend.”


“I do. I just have mixed feelings. You’re right; I don’t know what I want either but, I do want Adrian. I don’t give up easily. Sorry about your baby. She told me about it.”


“Yeah, well, things happen.” She says staring out the window. There was an awkward silence between us; I hope I didn’t say anything stupid to piss her off.


“They’re here,” I said giving her a heads up. We got out of the car as one of the guys started to walk towards us. As he frisks us from top to bottom, he gave his partner a signal that we were clean.


“You got the money,” He asks.


“Yeah. Kathy give him the bag.”


“I really don’t understand why people like you have to come after her family like this. Just because your friend is in jail and her dad tried the best he could to get him out doesn’t mean you could terrorize them.”


“Kathy give him the fucking bag! No one cares” I yelled. She rolls her eyes dramatically dropping the bag on the ground getting back in the car.


“She has issues, you hitting that?” He asks.


“No. Just agree to leave Adrian and her dad alone, I gave you your shit.”


“Whatever. Tell Adrian I said hi, she’s lucky she missed that bullet” He says picking up the bag walking off. I got back into the car and glanced at Kathy.


“You could’ve had us fucking killed!”


“Well, we didn’t. Congratulations you got what you wanted”


“What is your problem? Why are you acting like this? I thought you wanted them to back off of her.”


“Sorry, I’ve been stressed lately. The drinking has been getting worse. Drew and I don’t talk about the miscarriage, and it’s eating me up inside.”


“Alright well if you won’t talk to him about it, we can. I mean we’re almost in the same boat with our babies not making it. I can give you some pointers if you want.”


“Pointers? From a person that’s pretty much not over what happened? I’m good thanks.”


“I know what’s it’s like. You want to forget that it ever happened but you can’t. Dealing with something like that is hard. So I clearly understand what you’re going through. You may not feel the same way as I do but, at least I know what it’s like. I finally came to my senses to stop drinking; it’s easy to pick up a bottle and put it to your mouth than it is not to pick it up. Drinking to hide the pain will only make it worse, talk to Drew. I’m sure he’s smart enough to say all the right words. You love each other; you guys have a better love story than Adrian and me” I said, we both laughed.


“That’s so true. I’m sorry you’re still living with regret. My best advice is not to; you didn’t see it coming, no one did. I’m not saying forget about it but at least give yourself a break from all of this anger you have towards yourself. You don’t deserve to hate yourself or anyone, it happened, you can’t change that. Accept it. It’s not the end of the world.”


“But I love my daughter.”


“Justin, she’s dead. Just like mine, at least we didn’t put them on this earth to live miserable fucking lives. We did them a favor if you ask me. I shouldn’t have said that. I know how crazy you are over her”


“No. You’re right, thanks. You’re actually the only person that doesn’t pity me. Others either doesn’t care or feel sorry for me.”


“It’s not that they don’t care, they’re afraid they would say the wrong thing to piss you off because they don’t know how you deal with it. Give yourself some joy, stop being such a sad puppy.”


“Thanks for the pep talk” I said.


“You’re welcome, just hope I inspired you just a little. You would’ve been a great dad.” She says with a smile on her face. I smiled too and started the engine.

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