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[sequel to head over heels]
Adrian has left her previous relationship with Justin after she finds out that another girl is the mother of his child. After walking out on him at the wedding, months later Justin decides he wants to rekindle their relationship to give it another try.


6. Another Lie.

I stopped crying after five minutes. The thought of me hurting two guys that are deeply in love with me hurts. My phone started to go off; it was Kathy calling me. Finally! I thought to myself; I wiped my tears getting up to go to the back of the yacht where I could get some privacy answering the phone. 


“Hey, I-I’ve been calling you” I stuttered.


“Sorry, my phone was off. So was Drew’s how are you? How’s the married life.” 


“Um.Rhett is on a business trip for a couple of weeks.” 


“Oh yeah. Sucks that you have to be on your own. You must be bored as hell” She asks. 


“Yeah. Um...I ran into Justin a couple of days ago. We’ve been hanging out..keeping me company” I said.


“No! No, no, no, no Adrian no. Justin is the last person you need to see. He’s going to fuck up your marriage.” 


“He doesn’t know. I’m not gonna tell him.” 


“Why the fuck not? He thinks he will easily get back with you after he called off the wedding in front of your friends and family because he was scared that you would find about about Caroline’s baby.” 


“I don’t know Kathy. It’s just we haven’t seen each other in a while, and we just started hanging out.” 


“Please don’t tell me you two had sex,” She says disappointedly. I didn’t respond to her question because I’m sure she already knew we had sex. She sighs, I know she was upset with me because Rhett is a nice guy and he treats me well. Plus he takes good care of me. 


“Adrian you have to stop seeing Justin.” 


“What- what why. Things changed” 


“Yeah you’re married, that’s what’s changed. You and Rhett have a good thing going on, and I don’t want Justin fucking that up for you. He left you; he left you to be a father to someone else’s baby. Having you humiliated at your own wedding and to top that off you wouldn’t have been in that whole situation if you weren’t with him. You could go to jail, both of us. Look I know all you can think about is memories and the good old time having sex and having him protecting you and shit, but that’s in the past. You’re in a whole relationship..a whole marriage at that. Justin doesn't give two shits about what happened, yeah he may say he’s sorry but does that make up for the fact that you were in that hospital bed and getting kidnapped. I care about you because you’re my best friend, and a true friend would tell you the truth no matter how bad it hurts to hear it. Leave him the fuck alone Adrian” She says. She wasn’t lying about her statement, all these thoughts in my head are making me go insane. She was serious when she told me to leave him alone but I can’t. 


“I love him, Kathy. You know how much I still love him. I know Rhett is the best thing that ever happened to me’s just something about Justin that pulls me back. I’m sorry” I said hanging up. I cleaned my face trying to calm myself down, getting myself together before Justin asked me what was wrong. I didn’t want to tell him, and I’m not going to. So far he’s invited me to his yacht, get together, out to dinner, and now a vacation with him, it may sound unusual, but I’m a wife to another guy that’s not him, I’m living this massive lie. 


“You alright, just wanted to check on you. It sounds like you’ve been crying” He says standing in front of me.


“I’m- I’m fine Justin really, no worries,” I said with a fake smile. 


“I really want to believe that. Is there something you’re not telling me.” 


“No, no it’s nothing just stressed out that’s all.”


“Alright I mean you’ve been crying a lot, and I’m kinda worried about you,” He says.


“I’m okay Justin really. But thanks for caring about me.” 


“No problem, I’ll always care for you,” He says. I smile, and he cleans my face. I’m falling for Justin again. I know in the past I was confused with being with him and didn’t really know how I really felt but I like him a lot, and that never changed. 


Justin’s POV 

I’ve been hanging out with Adrian for the past couple of days. Somehow she seems occupied to me, not that I care that her phone rings every other hour or so but I’m worried about her. She cries as if she did something wrong but just doesn’t want to tell me and I understand if I’m trying to drag her back into the situation I put her through before. After I dropped her off at home, I knew from that moment she didn’t want me to leave. I didn’t want to leave either and leave her all alone bored out of her mind. I went by Caroline’s to see Karina for a while. I lied to Adrian about being the father of Caroline’s baby; I couldn’t live without her, so I lied. She may not have the same features as me, but I can tell she’s the girl version of me. She loves to sing and do things I like to do. Caroline and I aren’t on good terms we're just responsible parents. I will never look at Karina the same way as I think about Adriana. I loved her so much, but it’s different with Karina. It’s such a shame I’m hiding this secret from Adrian I want to tell her, but maybe after that, she’ll realize I’m a liar and we’ll never see each other again. Different solutions are going through my head right now, and it scares the fuck out of me. As I’m playing with Karina, my phone starts to go off. I tell her to go ahead and play without me while I take this phone call from Adrian. 


“Hey, Adrian. What’s up.” 


“I’m just calling you to tell you that I thought about what you said and... It’s just so much going on right now, and I can’t even think about how much shit I’ve been through for the past years. It’s just— after everything you’ve done for me. I know you are an amazing person... and I thank you for looking out for me.” 


“Yeah, no problem. I’ll always look out for you; you know that right.”


“Yeah of course. My dad misses seeing you by the way, along with Kristie. Maybe one day I could invite you to dinner with them.” 


“I’ll like to have dinner with you guys again. Makes me feel like family. Y’know you’re not the only person that’s going through something. I am too. I made a mistake, and I wish I could redo everything but, I can’t.”


“Me too. I think I want to come on vacation with you; it’ll be nice to be around each other again” She says. My heart dropped, and a smile came across my face. Thank goodness she finally agreed to go with me. 


“I’ll pick you up in a couple of days. See you then” I said hanging up. I got up and slid my phone in my pocket getting up to see Caroline before I left. I lightly knocked on her bedroom door before entering. 


“You’re going on vacation, and you’re not taking your daughter,” She says.


“Not this shit again, I just came up here to tell you that I will see her again when I come back.” 


“That’s your problem. You never spend time with her. You’re her father; you're supposed to be a responsible parent. I can’t do this by myself; you didn’t even come to see me when I had her. I sent you messages on social media, called, text, hell I even fucking emailed you.” 


“No one emails anymore Caroline.”


“Who the fuck cares! God, I wish I never slept with you in the first place. I guess you used me to get over the fact that Adrian chose Jason over you.”


“Don’t talk about her like that. You don’t know anything” I said.


“I know that you don’t think about Karina the same way you think about Adriana.” 


“I loved the fuck out of her. You know that. What happened to the money I’ve been giving you for her. I gave it to you so she could have a better life. Living in this shitty ass neighborhood isn’t what I want for her” 


“She was your daughter; I understand that. I used that money to put clothes on her, put food on the table, put her through private school...yeah she’s just that smart. Karina is alive; she’s your daughter too. She wonders why you don’t spend time with her; I have to explain why every time she asks me that. Do you know that hurts me to tell our own daughter why her low life father doesn’t even think about her or spend quality time with her? You just give me money and expect that it’s all fine when it’s not. The money will not make up for the time you’ve missed with her. How long are you going to keep this a secret? Your fans are going to know sooner or later. When are you going to tell Adrian that you lied about Karina not being yours? Y’know it’s only an amount of time that she finds out and won’t speak to you at all.” 


“Look we’re not together Caroline. The only reason I’m here now is because of Karina. You’re upset because you’re all alone and I’m still chasing after Adrian.” 


“You know what that’s fine that you don’t want me, and that I’m alone and you’re chasing after Adrian. She’s probably married by now, and you’re just stupid enough to not know about it just like she’s stupid enough to listen to you..lying about Karina. You’re so fucking naïve. If you don’t want to be around her, don’t come around her at all. I know you didn’t want her to happen, and that’s kind of fucked up to tell her once she gets older that her stupid ass father doesn’t want her. You ruined my life, and you're ruining hers too. But once I do find someone who loves me..and appreciates me. Don’t come around, and I mean that. Don’t try to come back into her life once someone takes your place. I don’t need your money, just leave us alone.” 


“I’m sorry. I was hurt before, and it hurts me that I’m hurting you and Karina. I didn’t mean for this to happen, and I apologize for that” I said.


“Your apologies don’t mean shit to me. Just get out, go, get out!” She starts to yell pushing me out the door. I sighed, feeling bad for all the shit I’ve done. She slams the door in my face making me jump a little. I started to walk off, walking out of the apartment complex. 

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