I Only Want You (18+)

[sequel to head over heels]
Adrian has left her previous relationship with Justin after she finds out that another girl is the mother of his child. After walking out on him at the wedding, months later Justin decides he wants to rekindle their relationship to give it another try.


10. Alone.


I sighed and went inside the house seeing Rhett come downstairs with bags in his hands sitting them down on the floor. He puts his hands in his pockets taking a deep breath waiting for me to speak.


“I’m a horrible person I know that. It’s okay that you won’t forgive me for what I’ve done. Yes, I did have an affair with Justin, and yes he was talking about me at lunch. You can hate me all you want; I think I deserve that. I even hate myself for hurting you and putting you in this situation. The truth is, Justin and I dated a while back. I had a baby by him but...I lost it. I got pushed down the stairs by his crazy publicity girlfriend and lost her. We were friends with benefits, but we dated for a while and then decided to get married but..that didn’t work out because he got another girl pregnant. I haven’t been so honest with you, and I regret that too, you’re an amazing guy. And I don’t want you to become an asshole to any other girl because of what I did, and I’m sorry.”


“Adrian-“ He started to say taking a deep breath before speaking again. “I love you. I always have, from the first moment I met you, I knew you were different. But being different can fool someone into thinking they’re not. I’m not going to change how I am because of what you’ve done; I’m better than that. You’re everything to me, always will be. You could’ve told me the truth about everything instead of lying to me; I would’ve understood. Tell me...when I was calling, and you wouldn’t answer were you with Justin.”


“Yes. I didn’t want to hurt any of you. I wanted to tell the truth and stop living in lies but, I was hesitant about getting married.”


“You could’ve told me. I wouldn’t have pressured you into doing anything you didn’t want to do.”


“I couldn’t. Seeing you on one knee in front of all your co-workers, I couldn’t turn you down. I didn’t want to embarrass you in front of the whole company Rhett. I’m sorry I put you through all of this”


“What does he give you that I don’t,” He asks.


“Attention. He gives me attention; you’re always gone-“


“Don’t use that shit as an excuse Adrian; I do it for us! That’s why I’m always gone! I got us this beautiful ass house, put nice clothes on your back, give you whatever you need or wanted, and this is how you repay me? By sleeping with my cousin!” He yells. I could tell he was angry by the tone in his voice. I had it coming. He was right; I feel trashy for even doing it to the both of them.


“I’m sorry. I still love Justin.”


“And that’s fine; it’s normal to have feelings for your first love still. But it’s crazy because I still love you after the shit you’ve pulled. You’re my first love; I thought we had something special here.”


“We did. Rhett, it wasn’t about the money or anything like that. It was because you treated me like royalty.”


“How does Justin treat you? He’s my cousin and all, but he’s an asshole. He’s fucking crazy, just like Jason. You didn’t have to tell me about you and Justin because I figured it out. Your friend, Kathy told me everything before I came. I was just hoping you would come clean, but you didn’t. Look, I have to go back to Miami. I forgive you for what you’ve done, but I won’t forget. The offer is still on the table if you want to come work with me. But just as friends and only as friends” He says. I nod my head agreeing with his offer. He kisses my head grabbing his bag leaving. After he left, I noticed that Kathy has been backstabbing me by telling Justin and Rhett about my dirty laundry. The thought of it made me angry; this wouldn’t have happened if she opened her mouth to the both of them.



I went to the bar knowing that would be my comfort zone, knowing I lost two guys in my life that loved me. You could say it was all my fault, but Justin was in the wrong too. This whole love triangle is a catastrophe, and I’m happy it didn’t end in the way I thought it would. I took another sip of my drink begging for another one.


“Hey bitch, I’m happy to see you,” Kathy says sitting beside me.


“Yeah, see me without a guy in my life. Is that what you wanted? To ruin what I had with Justin.”


“Did you seriously call me here to give me a fucking lecture about why you can’t stay committed to your marriage?” She says scoffing.


“That was none of your fucking business, and I shouldn’t have told you that I was screwing around with Justin. I knew you were going to stab me in the back trying to text Justin about it and tell him, and then you told Rhett about my past including me screwing Justin.”


“Okay, so this is my fault how? You know what you go ahead and set an example for yourself maybe for others too. You get a boyfriend, a husband, a baby and what else? I’m sorry that I’m trying to be a good friend to you and save your marriage so you wouldn’t look like a fool for the hundredth time! Which obviously didn’t work at all because you are the one that made yourself look bad. Rhett loves you, he still does. He is a good man; you screwed that up for yourself, so don’t point fingers because you’re the one that was so afraid to say something the both of them” She says getting up leaving. I scoffed sarcastically taking another shot.

I grabbed my bag and left. Instead of driving, I started walking I had to clear my head. I slowly walked down the pavement from the bar, singing a song that played like a record inside my head as I’m sliding my hand across the leaves of the bushes as I walked further and further down the street. Everything was such a blur; thankfully I got home safely. I pulled the keys out and opened the door heading upstairs to run a warm bath. I got undressed getting inside; everything was quiet. The only sound was the water that was dripping out from the spout of the tub. I realized that I had no one. No one to talk to, no one to lay a shoulder on, no one to even vent to. My dad is in hiding along with Kristie; I lost my best friend, plus the two men that I was in a relationship with. I’m living the dream, aren’t I?

I ran my fingers through my wet hair, reminiscing the good and bad times that I’ve experienced throughout the years, mostly the bad. Visioning Jason beating the living hell out of me, raping me, embarrassing me, it all came back to me. I was going insane, remembering the voicemails and texts that he would always send after doing those horrific things; telling me he’s sorry, he loves me, promise not to do it again, and it was just that one time was the cherry on top of it all. Sad to say that I loved him, I have wounds from this guy but Justin, he’s the one that made them all heal. I cried my ass off; I never knew everything between Justin and I would fade. Maybe I’ve wasted my time with him I’m not for sure. I don’t know anything anymore.


Justin POV


I felt like overdosing on any drug I could find because of what happened between Adrian and I. I got a bottle of Xanax taking one and then grabbing a beer. I didn’t know what was going around me at this point, but I didn’t care, I felt exhausted and not in a good way. I could hear my doorbell rang; I didn’t have the energy to answer it, so I just sat there in complete silence. I woke up on the floor of the living room, maybe I blacked out or something I wasn’t for sure.


“I thought you were dead, god why do you have to be so fucking stupid,” Caroline says.


“Why are you here Caroline? You couldn’t let me get high in peace.”


“High? You could’ve died you dumbass. What if I didn’t come over? Huh? What’s wrong with you? You have a daughter to think about.”


“You’re so fucking selfish.”


“Me? Selfish? That word shouldn’t even come out of your mouth you’re the one that’s selfish. Where’s your little girlfriend? What’s her name, Adrian? She’s not here because she doesn’t care about you, she never cared about you, she was just using you for her own benefits. Taking her out on vacations, going out to fancy dinners, having numerous amounts of sex. Then what? Found out that she’s married and you went insane.”


“Fuck you, Caroline, you don’t know shit. Shut the fuck up for once.”


“You’re a psycho. What has gotten into you.”


“I ended things with her, god what is it with you? Are you jealous of her or something? You can never be her”


“Trust me I don’t want to be anything like her. I’m just trying to look out for the father of my baby. Adrian doesn’t care about you the way that I care about you alright. You made me feel so stupid that night, and the next couple of weeks later I didn’t get my period and there I was alone, while you were getting arrested for doing something so stupid and dating another girl.”


“First of all we weren’t together, I used you. I fucked you because I couldn’t get what I wanted. So I put all my guilt on you. You don’t know what the fuck happened between Adrian and I that day, and it’s none of your business. Her birthday is coming up; I wanted to surprise her with a project I’m working on with a real-estate. I was going to build us a house or even buy one for us but...she fucking lied to me” I said getting up off the floor.


“You’re right. It’s none of my business, it sucks to know she did that to you but you lied too”


“She’s married okay..well, I don’t think she is anymore. Don’t say you told me so.”


“Told you so” She chuckled. I rolled my eyes. “Look Justin; you’re an asshole always will be. But I’m trying to make things work for the sake of our daughter. She loves you, and I know you love her back. I’m tired of arguing with you. I didn’t mean the things I said before. It’s just— I’m having a hard time coping with the fact that you can’t think about Karina the same way you think about Adriana. I know she was everything to you and I’m sorry about your loss. But can you give the same treatment to Karina” She says, I sighed and thought about it for a sec. She was right, I nodded agreeing with her. She smiled and held my hand.



“I’m sorry about before, and about putting you through all of this. I’m tired of arguing too. I suck at relationships. Do you think we should stop all this foolishness and try and be a family.”


“Wow. Justin, you’re so bipolar— what made you say this.”


“I don’t know; maybe it’s the drugs. It’s the right thing to do. I should be a responsible parent and spend more time with Karina. I feel ashamed.”


“Well, if you give it a shot then I will too. Promise me, no more Adrian.”


“No more Adrian. Just us now” I said, she smiles and kisses me. I kissed her back and pulled away. “What do you say, move out of that shitty apartment and move in with me.”


“I would love to. Thanks for trying to be apart of her life” She says. I smiled and held her other hand. Maybe it was the right thing for me, to be close to Karina and spend more time with her, I guess Adrian and I are officially done. And that’s what hurts me the most.

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