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[sequel to head over heels]
Adrian has left her previous relationship with Justin after she finds out that another girl is the mother of his child. After walking out on him at the wedding, months later Justin decides he wants to rekindle their relationship to give it another try.


9. A Hundred Times Over.

After talking to my dad for the first time in years, it felt like we already connected. Besides talking about Jason, we finally caught up after years we’ve been away from each other. Of course, he wanted me to visit him in the county jail and believe me I was going to do it. After getting some slight information on Jason I had everything I needed to know, just in case he tries to turn on me. This is my brother we’re talking about, and even though I don’t know him that much, it doesn’t mean he will keep his word. The next day I woke up doing my same routine I do every morning. Shower, brush my teeth, wash my face, the list goes on. I sat outside at the table on the balcony eating breakfast, staring at the beautiful view that was in front of me.


“Morning sleepy head,” I said to her smiling.


“Good morning, how did you sleep.”


“ was okay. How about you.”


“Well, I’m well-rested thanks to you. Don’t think you’re getting out of that haircut, I promise I won’t shave it off, maybe parts of it so I can see your handsome face.”


“Funny, you’re hilarious. Fine, whatever you can do it later. I promise, I always keep my promises.”


“I know. You’ve been so honest and generous lately, what changed” She asks.


“Well after you left, I realized that having sex with Caroline to get over the fact that you wouldn’t date me was idiotic of me. I was so stupid to get angry at you for not dating me. I’m used to getting my way and having people kiss my ass. You never did that; you treat me like an ordinary person, a lot of people don’t do that. I’m a celebrity people expect to kiss my ass y’know. At first, I enjoyed it, but it’s getting quite old if this whole thing between us turns out the way it shouldn’t. At least promise me we’ll see each other again.”


“Justin- trust me I want to make that promise but, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. You can’t make promises you can’t keep, I’m not a big believer on promises but you,— I don’t know. It feels surreal, this thing between us.”


“Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry, about what happened in the past. I wish I could redo everything.”


“We all want to go back in time and redo things. I don’t. If I had the chance to go back and start over, I wouldn’t. Makes me accept things as they are. Maybe you didn’t picture putting me in this situation with your mom; you expected us to become a big family, get married, you work on your music career while I’m probably working at a normal job, riding in the sunset together. I pictured that too, everyone pictures that with that one particular person, they want to spend the rest of their lives with. It’s different with us.”


“Yeah. It is different, I’ve pictured that a thousand times” I chuckled.


“Remember when I asked you about what happened that night, the night of my coma. I want to know everything. I deserve to know.”


“Okay, but first I want to ask you what do you remember from that night, anything come to mind?”


“I remember you telling me about boys night with Christian and Ryan. Something was wrong with that damn alarm system you were pissed off about. You told me I could invite me, Kathy, if I were lonely. You looked so good that night, so handsome, so...perfect. I honestly didn’t want you to go. The smell of your cologne put a smile upon my face; I was hoping that you would come back and crawl into bed with me, maybe cuddle..or even have sex. But that didn’t happen.”


“Anything else, before I left or when you went to sleep.”


“Well, I woke up out of my sleep, the alarm kept blaring, and it drove me insane, so I went to cut it off. That’s all I remember.”


“Okay, well once I met up with the guys, we had a few drinks. We didn’t do much, just drank and talked. I mostly talked about you, telling them how happy I am about the baby and going further with our relationship. I was so happy that night you couldn’t even imagine. I told them I just wanted to get in bed and cuddle with you with my hand on your belly like I always do. I got into my car and started driving back home. I noticed there were police cars and an ambulance in the driveway; different scenarios were going on and on inside my head. I got out of the car and called your name, I ran inside the house, and I almost slipped in a pool of blood. I ran outside and talked to one of the cops that were standing by his car. I asked what happened, he told me that you fell down the stairs, someone pushed you, and you threw your phone at the window to trigger the alarm to go back off. You were in a coma. I followed the ambulance to the hospital, Dan, Kristie, and Kathy met me there. Kathy told me that they had to take her out..she didn’t make it. Tori broke into my house and pushed you down the stairs, without any hesitation. I went over to confront her about it, and she told me you didn’t deserve to carry my baby. I went back home and broke in even though they were investigating and cleaned up the blood. I remember it like yesterday. I visited you in that hospital every single day, hoping you would wake up and tell me how it all happened. I haven’t been in my right mind since; it fucked me up going through that. I never pictured it would happen to you or me.”


“I agree. Thanks for telling me.”


“No problem, Kathy beat the shit out of Tori. She’s a good friend.”


“Yeah, she is. She never told me about that; I don’t know what I would do if I lost her” She says with a smile. I smiled too and fed her a strawberry.


“I talked to my dad last night, I called him on his contraband cellphone that he uses. I got everything I needed to know about Jason; you’re gonna be okay. He wants me to visit so, that’s what I’m gonna do.”


“That’s nice of you, did you tell him about Patricia or does he know that Jason supposedly killed her.”


“Um..he thinks he killed her. I’ll tell him sooner or later. I want you to meet him. He’s not like my mom I swear” I giggled.


“I would love to; I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard you called Patricia, mom.”


“It is. Do you think it would be stupid to visit Tori too, I understand if you don’t want me too.”


“I was angry about the letter she sent me. I’m over it; I think visiting her asking her why she did what she did will finally give you some relief on what happened”


“What about you? Weren’t you angry about it, I know that you didn’t want her but weren’t you angry.”


“Yeah, I was angry. I’m not anymore; she’s at peace now. I may never know what she would’ve looked like, but I’m sure she would’ve looked just like her daddy” She says, I laughed.


“Yeah, maybe. I am so happy you came along, I wouldn’t trade it for anything” I sat there smiling like a total idiot admiring her beauty. The way she smiles, the way she looks at me with those big gorgeous eyes, I feel like we’re moving forward from what happened. After breakfast, we decided to head to the beach; we sat in the beach chairs looking out at the ocean. I glanced over at her grabbing her hand, intertwining our fingers. I kissed her hand, moving my lips to her fingers.


“Did you ever think we would end up like this from the beginning.”


“Actually, no. I didn’t. At first, you were kinda stubborn until you finally gave in.”


“I was not stubborn, just playing hard to get. I bet you weren’t used to having a girl telling you no.”


“I wasn’t. I think you’re the first girl that ever told me no. Felt weird, but good at the same time. I just want to start over with you, just you. I only want you, Adrian.”


“I know, I know. It’s just I’m leaving soon and so are you. It’s going to be like last time, you left for a tour, and I left for college. You have to be okay with us departing if we’re going to work out.”


“Okay. Yeah, you’re right. I’m not used to the long-distance thing, I never been in a relationship with someone that’s far away.”


“Neither have I. Wanna go out for a swim? I want to remember everything on this miraculous vacation with you. It’s time for me to get what I want. Come on” She says pulling me out of the chair. “Are you coming in?” She asks. I sighed, making my way to her. “Was that so hard” She laughs splashing water on me. We played in the water enjoying ourselves, sucks to believe that this is going to be over soon. That’s the part I hate; we sat in the sand staring out into the sunset. I wrapped my arms around her body as she’s sitting between my legs with her head rested on my chest. She takes the sunglasses off my face, putting them on hers.


“How do I look.”


“Like a superstar, I want you to keep them. Something to remember me by.”


“Really? You’re actually giving me these”


“Yeah. I got them for free. I have plenty of them; I want to remember all of this. This moment with you, you know I told myself that I could feel guilty and not destroy my life. It felt like it’s already been destroyed. Shit is so complicated; you made it so easier for me. I don’t know what I would do if I never met you. You’re an amazing person Adrian; many doors are gonna open for you in the future. I’m happy you’re following your dreams.”


“I’m happy you’re supporting me. You’ve always been supporting me. You never stopped me from doing something I wanted to do. I love you for that” She says smiling. I smiled too and showered her with kisses on her cheek. We walked back to the room and ordered dinner.


“Before dinner arrives I’m going for a run, gotta keep it tight for you right? I promise it’ll be quick, and then once I come back, maybe I’m up for round two.”


“You’re making me feel like a booty call.”


“Hey, I am not. I left a hundred on the dresser for you.”


“Only a hundred? Wow, I’m offended” I said, she laughs putting her hair up in a messy bun kissing me before leaving. I had to get back to California as soon as possible, so we left first thing in the morning. Adrian didn’t want to come with me to visit Jason; I think that would be best if she didn’t come, she insisted on staying at my place until I came back. When I walked in, I signed in and got searched. I sat down at the glass as he sat in front of me holding the phone to his ear.


“Hey, glad you could make it. Took you long enough” He says.


“Cut the shit, what is it that’s so important about mom.”


“Someone filed a missing report; they’re looking for her. Where did you put her.”


“She’s safe, that’s all that matters.”


“Don’t lie to me Justin, where the fuck did you put her.”


“She’s near a lake okay, don’t worry,” I said.


“You didn’t drown her or do anything stupid did you.”


“No, I’m not an idiot. They won’t find her Jason you couldn’t tell me this shit over the phone.”


“They’re listening. So I had to speak to you in person. You couldn’t think of anything else.”


“No Jason. I was panicking,” I said.


“Right. You were panicking, gosh you’re so new at this. Adrian, she’s the one that helped you right?”


“Leave her out of this; I swear to god if you say anything about her to someone, I’ll kill you.”


“Enough with the death threats, you would wouldn’t you? We’re brothers I know you, I did this for you, so you and your little girlfriend could run out into the sunset together on horses and shit. So she’s the one that helped you with this crime scene. Interesting, she’s more badass than I thought.”


“I love Adrian okay, I’m happy we connected again. I’m happier than I felt in years. I feel like I can start over with her y’know I’m not the old Justin that got into tons of trouble. I’ve changed every since we’ve split.”


“You’re lying to her aren’t you? About having a daughter with Caroline.”


“How do you know about that.”


“Oh please, I know a lot of things about you. Things Adrian doesn’t even know.”


“Why does it sound like you’re bribing me, don’t bribe me? I know things about you too,” I said.


“Tell Adrian the truth; she’s a good girl...supposedly”


“What the hell do you mean by supposedly”


“Oh god you know nothing, she’s fucking married okay. I’m in prison, and I know this shit.”


“Married? No, no she wouldn’t do that to me. She didn’t tell me anything about her being married.”


“Believe what you want, I gotta go. We’ll talk later” He says getting up leaving. I sat there for a moment trying to process Adrian married in my head. Maybe that was her ring that fell out of her pants pocket; perhaps those phone calls were from her husband. I got up and went home finding she’s not there. I so needed to talk to her.


End of POV


While Justin left to visit Jason. I needed to find my ring; I looked everywhere for it. I dump my clothes out on the bed, still nothing. I groan in agony sliding down onto the floor. I went into the kitchen opening up the drawers hoping I could find it there. I found an envelope with his name on it from the hospital, part of me wanted to put it back the other part didn’t. He lied, the baby is his. I was furious with him. Rhett wanted me to meet him at the Beverly Hills Hotel for lunch, so I went. When I got there he was already there waiting on me, he smiles at me and kisses my cheek.


“Hey, I’m happy to see you.”


“Me too. How was work.”


“It was good, what’s wrong. Something bothering you.”


“No, everything’s fine,” I said completely lying to him. He nods his head picking up a menu handing it to me. I hope he didn’t notice the missing ring on my finger.


“I’m inviting someone else to lunch if you don’t mind. It’s my cousin I haven’t seen him in a while.”


“No, it’s fine,” I said with a fake smile.


“Good, he’s here,” He said smiling standing up. “Hey man, what’s up it’s been a while” He started to say hugging him.


“Yeah, had to visit Jason in prison.”


“I hope he’s doing good. That asshole is crazy. Hey, I want you to meet someone, this is my wife, Adrian. Adrian this is my cousin Justin” Rhett says, I slowly turned around facing them both. Justin slowly moves his eyes on me chuckling sarcastically.


“Nice to meet you. Adrian” He says shaking my hand with a fake smile painted on his face.


“You too,” I said with a fake smile.


“Okay, so lets order some lunch, it’s on me,” Rhett says sitting down beside me along with Justin.


“So Justin how’s the dating life, you know I have to know,” He asks.


“Well there was this one girl, we were supposed to get back together, but I don’t know. She lied to me about being in a relationship, married even. Even though we did fuck a few times, but maybe that was a mistake” Justin says. I knew he was talking about me. I even felt bad about lying to him. I’m sure Rhett is going to notice it eventually.


“Damn man, she was married all along. Her husband must be devastated.”


“Oh, he’s going to be. I thought we had something special. I took her out to dinner, took her on vacation but, sucks to know she’s been lying to me this whole fucking time. Well, I’ll let you two lovebirds eat lunch without me. Nice meeting you Adrian” He says walking off.


“Well, that was weird. I’m happy to see you, how have you been”


“I’ve been okay, Rhett I have to tell you something,” I said.


“Can it wait, because I’m kinda getting a phone call right now. It’s essential.”


“You know what, it’s fine. Take your phone call” I said. He kisses my forehead answering his phone walking off. I scoffed and ended up leaving to talk to Justin. I knocked and rang the doorbell a hundred of times, but there was no answer. I didn’t give up that quickly he was going to talk to me one way or the other. I opened the door with a spare key he gave me seeing him sitting on the couch with a line of coke on the table. He sniffs whipping under his nose drinking his beer. I set my bag down on the sofa next to him, waiting for him to start talking.


“I’m waiting. Yell, throw things, hit me. You can do anything because guess what. I don’t deserve this silent treatment” I said. He takes a sip of his beer holding up my wedding ring.


“You fucking lied to me. How could you after all the things we’ve done together. We were so happy, what made you lie to me.”


“You stole my wedding ring? I didn’t think it mattered.”


“Think it mattered! It did matter Adrian; you knew I loved you. I didn’t steal it; it dropped out of your pocket. I don’t even know who you are anymore” He says getting up.


“Are you kidding me. The shit you pulled when I came back from the dead with Amanda are you serious right now? You left me remember, twice! What was I suppose to do Justin? I had to lie to you; I had to. God! It never fails with you. I’m always the victim but you, you’re not any better. Lying about the blood test of Caroline’s baby, yeah I fucking found your mail when you were visiting Jason.”


“Well, we’re both liars then. Something we have in common, what the hell are you doing snooping around in my shit anyways.”


“I was looking for my ring, I came across an envelope with your name on it from the hospital, you were lying to me just to get into my pants, and I was dumb enough to fall for it for the millionth time! Yes, I regret not telling you. I didn’t want you to get hurt I was protecting you.”


“Well guess what I am hurt, I’m not a charity case.”


“Why do I even try with you anymore? We’re honestly just hurting each other. We can’t go back to the old us, and I don’t even know why we’re trying so hard. It’s not going to work out. I’ve cried for weeks because of what you did to me on our wedding day. But I thought to myself, I love this boy, and I will do just about anything or give up anything to be with him. That’s why I didn’t take the job in Miami because I still wanted you. And it hurts me so much that we’re going down this path again with the lying. What is it, Justin? Do you want me with someone or not. Because every time I do get in a relationship you throw a fit and can’t stand the fact that you’re not him. You had me, but you decided to throw that all away because you slept with another girl.”


“We weren’t together! You made it clear that you didn’t want anything to do with me. I don’t want you with anyone else! You’re the same way with me. You don’t want me with another girl, and you get upset also. I wanted to protect you, protect us from hating each other. I regret sleeping with her okay I needed some comforting after you told me to fuck off after saving your ass from your abusive ex-boyfriend. I specifically told you I didn’t want you with anyone else. When Kathy texted me that she needed to tell me something, was it that you were married? Don’t fucking lie because that’s the last thing you should be doing right now.”


“I don’t know. Maybe it was something else I’m not for sure. She talked me out of seeing you again, but I told her I loved you and I didn’t want to stay away from you. I’m so sick of this roller coaster we’re on. I sacrificed a lot of shit for you, and this is how you repay me by lying about your daughter.”


“I sacrificed shit for you too Adrian. Don’t act like I didn’t. This is about you and my cousin that are fucking married. I don’t have anything else to say. I honestly don’t. I love you so fucking much, but you just can’t keep doing shit, get away with it and think it’s okay. You need some serious help, and I can’t be the one to help you if I can’t help myself.”


“I guess this is it then,” I said. He grabs my keys from my hand taking his key off. I didn’t want to cry in front of him because I know what I did was wrong and I shouldn’t have kept it a secret from him. I didn’t know Rhett and Justin were related if I knew I wouldn’t have agreed to marry him in the first place. He hands me back my keys opening the door to let me out; I sighed grabbing my bag walking towards him. “I love you, Justin. I’m so sorry.”


"No. Not the puppy dog eyes, that's not gonna work on me. Why are you crying? You did this! You did all of this!"


"I know, I know. I'm sorry, Justin."


“I’m sorry too. I'm sorry that I ever fell in love with your fake, lying ass. Get out” He says calmly. I walked out of the house; I heard him slam the door. I got into my car breaking down into tears resting my head on the steering wheel. I wanted to walk right back in there to make things right, but I would be wasting my time. I pulled out of the driveway ready for round two of screaming and getting put out.

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