The Brown Family

The Brown Family Is A Short Story That Follows A Family Who Was Brutal Murder One Day From A Unknown Killer, But It Seems As If They Never Left Their House, While Leaving Their House With A Horrifying Haunted Present, Nothing But Evil Lurks There


1. The Brown Family

The brown family lived down the street from me,

The house was in foreclosure but still looked very nice

The brown family lived there for a while, Even got married

Mr Robert Brown & Mrs Barbara Brown

And had two kids,  A boy and a girl

David Brown & Sally Brown, It was a perfect family

Everything seem right, No one ever question

But sadly one day, The neighborhood was silent for 24 hours

Not a word said, Just the sound of gunshots and screams

From the brown family house, The police was there in no time flat

But they were too late, The whole Brown family was murder, But by who???

There was no force of entry. So the murder had to be let in

The whole entire family was facing the wall and got shot in the back of the head

Till this day no one knows who did it, The murder was never found

They cleaned the house up, But no one ever moved back  in that house

It just sits there, Some days you can hear the screams from the house almost every night

And the gunshots, And they say that if you go by the house around 12 Am

You can see the family in the house just as if there living life normal again

No one dares to go in there, Because if you do you don't ever come back out


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