Made to Forget

I roll my eyes. “I’m fine. I don’t feel any different.”

He frowns. “Did something happen other than kissing while you were with Mara?” He asks.

Before I can answer there is a growl at the doorway. I turn my head to see Dimitri looking at the both of us angrily. “Get your hands off my mate Alexander.” He says.

I growl at Dimitri. “I am not your mate. You can’t control him or me.” I say getting up.

Dimitri looks at me with hurt in his eyes. “Yes we are mates.”

I cross my arms. “You can’t be mates with someone you have no feelings for. I don’t like you at all. In fact I hate you.” I say.

His face completely drops and I can tell my words cut him deep. Deep down I feel guilty and regret saying those words but on the surface I smile to see him like this. I walk past him without another word and head to the kitchen.


9. Chapter 8

No one’s POV

Abigail just stay in the guest room not talking to the others staring at the wall for weaks. She doesn’t want to interact with anyone knowing that the killer of her sister is with them. She knows she’s being foolish and should just go out but she feels so upset that all she wants to do anyway is lay there and slowly waste away.


Nick and the others are getting worried because it’s getting closer and closer to Abigail’s first heat and they don’t want anything to happen to her while she is the way she is. Nick and Charles had read for the first couple of days before Dimitri finally joined them determined to help. He always had his head in a book and never stopped taking it with him everywhere reading, going back, reading it again until he’s sure that he has read everything.


Suzannah sighs as she makes the boys more food and gets Abigail a cup of blood since it’s been a while since Abigail has drank. Suzannah has been worried about all of them and her stress relief has always been cooking or cleaning. Yes she enjoys running out in the forest but that’s just for fun. She relaxes better when she’s doing something productive. She grabs the plates carefully balancing them on her arms as she walks out to the living room where the boys were reading careful each word in the journals.


They don’t acknowledge her while she places the plates down next to them. Except for her mate Charles who looks up and smiles warmly at her. “Thank you.” He says appreciatively and lean up kissing her briefly on the lips. She and he melt for a moment before he pulls away and goes back to reading.


Suzannah sighs feeling a longing to cuddle next to him. She shakes her head and goes into the kitchen grabbing the cup of blood and heading to Abigail. She lightly knocks on the door. Abigail doesn’t answer staring at the blank wall her wolf Miakoda trying to reason with her and get her to leave. Abigail doesn’t listen to her shutting her out. Suzannah opens the door and walks in. The smell of blood causing Abigail’s mouth to water. She finally turns away from the wall and looks at Suzannah who gives a small smiles. Suzannah holds out the cup but Abigail doesn’t move.

Suzannah sighs and sets it down. “You know I miss you. Everyone misses you. We are trying to help you but so far we’ve got nothing. No leads.” She looks at Abigail. “I’ve been cooking and cleaning furiously. You should see the house.” She chuckles softly though it’s a weak laugh. She looks at Abigail with tears in her eyes. “Please just drink.”


Abigail feels emotion in the pit of her stomach as she sees how broken her friends become. Her eyes tear up. “I’m sorry.” She says. The first thing she’s said to anyone in weeks. She sits up curling her legs and wrapping her arms around them. Tears roll down her cheeks and Suzannah walks up to her wrapping her in a hug.


“I’m sorry to Abigail.” She says tears rolling down her cheeks.


Abigail’s POv

After the day I saw my best friend who’s always laughing and joking around cry it clicked something inside of me. I drank the blood after she left gulping it down like a kid shoving chocolate in their face and I sit up walking on wobbly legs. Each muscle creak and aches but I keep walking around the room until it stops.


I start exercising to get my body back in…..well at least in better condition. I keep doing this for a couple of days before I finally feel like I’m better. I still want to just lie down and bed and let myself die slowly but I know now that if I do that it won’t just hurt me. I should have been out a while ago. I place my head on the handle hesitantly before I turn the knob and walk out of the room. The smell of food hits my nose and my stomach growls. It surprises me because I thought I only got hungry for blood.


I frown and look up to see everyone staring at me. The only eyes I avoid are Dimitri’s. I will never forgive him for killing my sister. I can’t fight him now though. I’m too weak. I look away from them and head to the kitchen opening the fridge. I eye the ham and mustard and grab the swiss cheese as well. I grab the bread and make me a sandwich. A hand touches my shoulder causing me to jump and I flip whoever it is on the ground. I hear a grunt and look to see Nick on the ground. I frown. “Sorry.” I help him up.


He shakes his head smiling. “It’s fine. I’m glad to see you’re finally out of that room.” He says hugging me.


I hug him back feeling a little awkward. He pulls away and turns to look at my double swiss cheese and ham sandwich. “Hungry?” He asks looking back at me.


I nod and grab the sandwich. “Yeah I guess I can go longer without needing to eat human food but I still need to have the nutrients.” I take a bite and shrug. “It’s just a theory. Probably because I still have the wolf side of me.”


I sit on the counter and cross my legs munching on the sandwich as Suzannah walks in and Nick goes back to reading. She frowns at me and smack my legs. “Come on girly I just cleaned in here.” She says scoldingly. I can see in her eyes it’s only half hearted. She sighs leaving her hand on my leg. “Glad to have you out of that room. Even if it’s for a little while.”


I tilt my head like a curious pup and smile softly. “Who said I was going back in there.” It’s my turn to sigh. “I want to be in there to tell you the truth but I know I shouldn’t just waste time that could be used to do other things like *holds up the sandwich* eat an actual meal.” I take another bite. I’ll admit the sandwich isn’t as good as it was. Blood is way better but I’ve always loved this kind of sandwich since I was little. It’s still good just a little blander than I remember. Now maybe a little blood….. I shake my head at the thought.


Suzannah smiles. “Well I’m glad you’re out either way.” She pats my leg and crosses her arms. “Now get of my clean counters.” She says.


I laugh and and hop of pretending to wipe some mustard on the counter and she smack me on the arm with a frown but her eyes are lit up again. I feel a little better knowing I can help Suzannah not be as lonely. She throws paper towels at me as I dodge them. All the paper towels are gone and everywhere on the floor. She stares at them before bursting out laughing. We both laugh before picking them up.


Suzannah folds most of them up and puts them in the drawer with the napkins. She looks at me. “You ok now?” She asks me.


I shake my head. “I don’t think so. My mind is telling me that my sister is dead but now my heart says she’s alive. I’m confused, angry. I mean I was ready to kill Dimitri. If you guys hadn’t if stopped me I probably would have. My sister is all I have. I don’t remember my parents. I don’t remember much of anything really. Well except for the memories of you guys.” I frown. “And school. I should probably go see Jason. He’s probably been worried sick.” I say.

Suzannah frowns. “I had almost forgot about him. Yea I’ll take you.” She grabs a key from the bowl on the table. I see Charles walk over to us. I growl at him letting him know I still don’t forgive him for kidnapping but I don’t do anything else. He rolls his eyes and grabs Suzannah’s hand.


“I’m not letting you guys leave without at least one of us.”  Nick says not looking up from the journal he’s reading.


I glare at him behind his back. He flips a page. “It’s for your own protection. Stop giving me that look.” He says. I stick my tongue out at him and walk out of the house. I blink, my eyes hurting not used to the sunlight. My nose itches and i sneeze.Suzannah looks at me. Her eyes holding amusement.


I glare at her. “That was the cutest sneeze I have ever heard.” She says smiling.


I smack her lightly on the shoulder. “Shush.” I say blushing in embarrassment. I don’t like my sneeze so I always hold in my sneezes.


She laughs and walks to the car parked next to the mailbox. I sigh looking at the empty driveway. Suzannah puts a hand on my shoulder. “Hey he’ll be back. Just give him some time.” She says softly.


I glare at her. I hate how she can always tell what I’m thinking. I head into the car and buckle up. Charles gets in the driver’s side and Suzannah pouts. “I wanna drive.” She says her voice whinny like a two year old.


Charles smiles and pulls the keys just out of her reach. “And what will you do if I let you?”

I roll my eyes looking out the window. A twinge of jealousy goes through me but I ignore it. I hear them kiss and Suzannah giggle happily as well as the car starting. I realise it’s been a while since I have been away from Nick’s house. I watch the trees go by as they are soon replaced with houses and street lights. I sigh as I watch cars go by. We turn into a neighborhood that looks familiar and she drives to Jason’s house.


I get out and look at them. “Wait here.” I glare at Charles. “Especially you. I don’t think he’ll hesitate to knock you out again.” I say and get out. I walk up to the door and knock on it. I wait. After a couple of minutes the door cracks open revealing Jason’s mom. She opens the door wider when she sees me and hugs me. “Oh my goodness dear. It’s so great to see you. I haven’t seen your parents or you or your sister. Everyone’s been worried sick. Jason I think has been worrying the most. He’s barely ate or slept. I have been having to force the food down his gullet. He’s in his room. I’m hoping he’s asleep but he won’t come out.” She says and leads me inside. “Please go see him. Maybe he’ll finally come out.”


I nod. “I’m sorry about being gone so long. You see something is going on with my family. I didn’t mean to worry everyone. I can’t really say what is happening only that we are trying to solve it.” I walk toward Jason’s room. The last time I walked to Jason’s room I was ten. I don’t know how it’s going to look now. I hesitate at the door before knocking. I hear nothing but silence so I decide to go for annoying and I continue knocking over and over again.


“Leave me alone!” I hear Jason yell from the otherside of the door. His voice is weak and I feel guilty.


“Oh so I should leave?” I ask loud enough for him to hear. I hear scuffling and the door swing open. I look at Jason and I barely recognize him. Under his eyes is deep and black from lack of sleep. He’s not wearing a shirt and you can see his ribs. He’s much skinnier than before. Not as intimidating as before. Of course he wasn’t to me but to anyone else he isn’t either. “Oh jason this is all my fault.” I say tears in my eye.


I’m pulled into a bone crushing hug which surprises me. I’m afraid he might break. I hug him back. “I’m so sorry Jason I should have came to you as soon as I woke up. Come on let’s go in your room. I’ll explain everything that I remember.” I say pulling away slightly.


He keeps his arms around me like if he doesn’t I’ll disappear. I walk into his room and close the door. I look up at him. “I know you know werewolf are real. Vampires are too.We were in Nick’s house and I got bit by a vampire and went into a coma for a couple of months. I don’t remember much to be honest. The vampire who turned me has the power to control me. She’s done something to me. I have these memories. My sister was killed by Dimitri and he looked at me and smiled. My mind is so foggy I can’t tell my real memories from fake. I’m confused all the time.” Tears run down my cheeks. “I stayed in the guest bedroom for weeks because Dimitri killed my sister and I almost killed him. I want so bad to kill him. Hate him. My emotions are at a constant battle and I want it to end.”


Jason sits down and pulls me on his lap wrapping me in his, always comforting, bear hug. “I’m so sorry. Do you remember where your parents are?” He asks softly.


I shake my head. “I don’t remember having parents. Like I said most of my memory is foggy. I remember most of the time I went to school. I can’t remember a lot after that but fog and faint emotions. I remember being kidnapped but not before. It’s like a bunch of memories are missing but my brain is telling me that there isn’t that everything is fine while my heart is telling a different story.”


Jason frowns. “So you don’t remember your parents?”


I nod. “Nick and them say they are trying to find a way to kill Mara. Nick and Dimitri are at Nick’s house right now. Suzannah is in the car.” I purposely leave out Charles hoping for a good reaction once he comes out in the car with us.


Jason nods picking me up in his arms as he gets up. “Alright let’s go then. I’ll help as much as I can.” I wiggle out of his arms and he smiles at me.


I look at him. “There’s something else. When I woke up……...Jason I have no human left in me. I was battling the venom from the bite while I was unconscious but eventually it became to be too much pain and I lost.”


He frown. “You’re no longer human? Are you saying you’re a vampire?” He asks.


I nod. “More of a hybrid but yeah. The human part of me has been replaced with vampire but my wolf side is still here. Vampires do drink human blood to live. Because I’m a hybrid though I don’t need to drink as much and I still eat human food.” I say.


He sighs. “I think I would have been better of knowing nothing about any of this.” He gives a small smile and walks out of his room with me following behind him.


His mom looks at me gratefully. I give her a slight nod before walking with Jason to the front door. His mom frowns. “Where are you going?” She asks.


I look back at her and smile. “I’m going to get your son here to eat. He’s way to scrawny. Don’t worry I’ll bring him back before dark. I promise you that Mrs. Carol.” I say sincerely meaning it. Of course it’s part of the truth. We will be forcing him to eat but he’ll be helping us as well. So technically I’m just leaving out some information that is not needed to be said.


She nods. “Ok but it’s a school night so make sure to bring him back at a decent hour. You don’t have to bring him back before dark but at least before ten.” She says. I can hear her heartbeat steadily and see her relax slightly.


I nod and Jason and I walk out the door. I walk to the car and get in on the passenger’s side so that way Jason will have a nice view of Charles once he gets in. Suzannah looks at me. “Have you been crying again?” She asks.


I nod. “I was just updating Jason.” I say just as he opens the door. He looks at Charles and Charles looks back. I hear a satisfying crack as Jason’s fist connects with Charles jaw. Suzannah is looking at Charles holding his jaw and cursing in shock. I clear my throat. “ I guess I forgot to mention that Charles is now cured and on our side.” I say. She rolls her eyes knowing I did it on purpose. I shrug with a small smile. “Whoops?”


Charles glare at me. Jason glares at him buckling up. I cross my arms. “Ok now we’re good. Now can we please go to a drive through or something. Jason needs to eat.” I see him open his mouth to protest and I glare at him. “You are eating. Whether i have to shove it down your throat you are going to eat.”


My head pound and I groan holding my head. Charles and Suzannah are immediately alert. Suzannah gets out and opens the door that Jason is at. “Get out and you drive.” She says. Everything starts to get blurry as my head pounds worse. A whimper going through me. I hear Jason and Suzannah but can’t make out their words. The pain gets worse and I cry out in pain before my body slumps against the window.


My body is shaking and I can’t move. I try to cry out or make some sort of noise but it’s like my voice has been taken from me. My body relaxes after a while and I am able to move my head. I look around and see that I’m in the guest bedroom. I struggle to sit up all my muscles sore. As I look around again I see Dimitri slumped in a chair beside my bed. The scary thing is what I notice. He has bags under his eyes like he hasn’t slept in a very long time. He is frighteningly skinnier than I remember to.


I see the door on the handle twist slowly as if not to wake anyone and with a speed that surprises me I’m back under the covers and closing my eyes making it seem like I’m still asleep.

I sit up alert and hit my head against something. Sharp pain goes through my forehead and I hear someone curse. I rub my forehead with a frown. I look and see Nick getting up from the ground. “You hit hard. Damn.” He holds his nose which is now bleeding.


I look at him guiltily and mumble. “Sorry.”


He shrugs. “It’s ok. You were out less this time. What was the memory?” He asks.


I get up. “It was just about when I first wake up.” The rest of the memory finishes playing in my head. “ I remember when you guys were in the doorway of the room and Dimitri was asleep in the chair next to me. I think it’s because of the way Jason looks. It kind of triggered the memory. He looks worse of than Dimitri did though.” I say struggling to say Dimitri’s name.


Nick nods. “Well at least you have one more memory. That means a little more hope that we can fix this.” He says. I look around and see that I’m on the couch and everyone else is in the Kitchen looking over at us. I see hope lfash in their eyes as well as confusion going through Jasons.


I get off the couch and clear my throat. “Yeah well let’s hope Mara doesn’t mess with my head before than. I may end up not remembering anything.” I say and walk into the guest bedroom without another word. I hear conversation sprout as I close the door. I sit on the bed and sigh.


Come meet me at the bar little mutant wolf. I am in the mood for you. I hear Mara command in my head. A growl rumbles in my throat as my body gets up on its own. The door opens revealing Jason who gives me a look of concern. “Hey I wanted to come see if your ok.” He says. I walk past him and see confusion on his face.


“Crap.” I say as my feet keep moving me toward the front door. My brain fogs and my head pounds as i try to fight it. Arms wrap around me and hold me firmly. I feel myself relax slightly in the arms and curse.


“What’s up with her?” Jason asks.


I growl. “Stupid ass Mara.” I snap.

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