Made to Forget

I roll my eyes. “I’m fine. I don’t feel any different.”

He frowns. “Did something happen other than kissing while you were with Mara?” He asks.

Before I can answer there is a growl at the doorway. I turn my head to see Dimitri looking at the both of us angrily. “Get your hands off my mate Alexander.” He says.

I growl at Dimitri. “I am not your mate. You can’t control him or me.” I say getting up.

Dimitri looks at me with hurt in his eyes. “Yes we are mates.”

I cross my arms. “You can’t be mates with someone you have no feelings for. I don’t like you at all. In fact I hate you.” I say.

His face completely drops and I can tell my words cut him deep. Deep down I feel guilty and regret saying those words but on the surface I smile to see him like this. I walk past him without another word and head to the kitchen.


4. Chapter 3

Mara’s POV

A month ago

My body has finally healed. I quickly swim to the surface. My whole body is filled with water and as I reach the shore it all comes out in painful coughs. After what seems like forever I finally cough up the last bit of water.


I wipe my mouth and sit up. With a month of no blood I need to go and replenish before I end up losing myself to madness. Once you’ve had you first taste of blood you won’t die if you don’t drink for months. The most we can survive without blood is half a year or six months. That is if you don’t go insane from not drinking for so long. Vampires crave blood like humans crave drugs. Too long without it will make us go into to redrawal or more accurately insane.  


I rush out of the forest and look for the nearest bar. It’s dark out which is good. Means all the human males are out at the bar drinking. I get there and walk inside. I don’t worry about my appearance. My dress is already dry from the speed I ran and most men can’t resist female vampires. We look naturally attracting.


Everyone’s eyes turn to me. Most of them are hungry gazes the rest are curious. Very few of them are of understanding. Those gazes are of vampires that live in this city. They know I am one of them. I walk up to the stool at the bar and sit down. I look at the bartender. “Get me a shot of vodka.”


He nods and pulls out a shot glass and fills it. I drink it in one gulp. The one plus side also to being a vampire is we only can get high of of blood laced alcohol. Or from males who have been drinking. If your Lesbian and go for females that is also an option. I prefer males but don’t mine hitting it off with a female every once in a while. It’s mostly guys that are attracted to me though.


I order another shot and down it. A girl sits next to me and excitement rushes through me. “You should probably slow down with those shots. You might get wasted.” She says looking at me with a smile. She orders herself something to drink.


I shrug ordering another. “I have very high tolerance to alcohol.” I say grabbing the shot glass.


She laughs. “Well that must suck.” She drinks on her beer.


I smile. “Just means I’m an expensive drinker.”


She looks at me. “You seem like the type who’s more for guys. I got to be honest you’re the most prettiest girls I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable but I’m lesbian.” She says.


My smile widens slightly. “I may go for guys but that’s only because they are the ones who like me. I’m bisexual. I wouldn’t deny a beautiful girl such as yourself.”


Her eyes light up and she gets off the stool. She grabs my hand. “Come on. There’s a room in the back we can go.” She says and leads me to the back leaving my shot behind. She opens the door and pulls me in before closing it and pinning me against the door. Her mouth is on mine her beer bottle on the ground forgotten.


Her hands are on my wrists pinning them above my head as she continues to kiss me. Her boobs crush mine but I don’t care. I kiss her back reveling in the thrill of playing with my prey. I love it when they go dominant. I’m more of the submissive girl.


Her hands move to my butt and she squeezes causing me to moan. She slides her tongue in my mouth and lifts me up from the ground. I’m not saying it’s difficult to pick me up. I’m a very light lady for my age. I guess it’s my blood diet.


She sets me down on the bed and gets on top of me. She kisses me again her hands moving to pull off my dress.


I lift my arms up and she pulls up my dress taking it off leaving me in my bra and underwear. She takes off her shirt and pants and puts on leg on either side of me using her weight to pin my body to the bed.


After a little bit of fun she is laying beside me. I move on top of her and kiss her lips before kissing her neck. She shivers in pleasure and the smell of her arousal gets stronger. My fangs are itching to come out so I pull away slightly releasing them. I plunge my fangs into a specific vein in her neck. It will flow fast but slow down letting me know when to stop before I kill her. I would hate to do that to perfectly good prey. I hear her gasp in pain before she moans in pleasure.


That’s what this bite was intended for. To cause both pleasure. Once the blood flow slows down I pull my fangs out and lick the wound closed. That is a little gift we have. Our saliva will heal the wounds we place on human necks completely not even leaving a scar.


I go back to kissing her on the lips and look into her eyes. I can tell I took a substantial amount of blood because soon she falls asleep. I lay next to her and wrap my arms around her pulling her close. I feel her shiver as my cold skin touches hers. I wrap a blanket around us both and smile. Well that was fun. Now I will be ready for my revenge being fully replenished and all.



Yes! I look through the window of that werewolf’s house. I learned his name is Nick. I’ve been watching the pathetic werewolf, Dimitri, not do anything but stare at the unconscious little mutant wolf. She has finally woken up. By the looks of it the bite has worked. I can smell it on her too. For us Vampires we can smell each other but to protect us from werewolves are scent to them smells just like the scent of a human.


I have been keeping my distance while she has been up letting her have her fun for the day. Night has come and the little werewolf is heading to bed. The pathetic wolf is carrying her to bed. What surprises me is he leaves closing the door behind him after kissing her goodnight.


I wait a couple minutes before I slowly open the window making sure it makes no sound. As soon as that’s done my hand is over her mouth and my body pinning her against the bed. “Don’t make a sound or try to escape.” I command.


Her eyes widen as she looks at me. I have to admit the girl is really cute. Might take her for myself after I’m done with my revenge. Or maybe that will be part of it. I take my hand away and I can tell she’s trying to scream. Nothing comes out of her mouth. “You also won’t link anyone of them.” I command knowing full well that was her next step. I overheard them saying things about linking and being able to communicate without talking.


She glares at me and I know I’ve got her. I cup her cheek and she tries to get me off off her. “Don’t fight it.” I command my voice soft. Her struggles stop and her eyes widen as I lean my face toward hers. I place my lips on hers in a soft kiss. I pull away with a smile and almost laugh at the shock on her face. “I’m not straight sweetheart. Now I want you to forget the ones you love. You will have no memory of them. Not there name or even what they look like.” I command.


I see her mouth the word ‘No’ before her eyes cloud over. I kiss her lips again loving how they feel against mine then pull away. “Now get some sleep.” I command. I watch her eyelids shut then leave out the window. I close it quietly then leave back to the bar. Kissing her has made me hungry for some blood.


Abigail’s POV


Dimitri set’s me down on the bed and kisses my lips. I feel myself get tired from the eventful day. He walks out giving me one last glance before closing the door. I yawn and close my eyes ready for sleep.


Of course the tiredness I do feel vanishes when I feel a hand over my mouth and a body pinning me to the bed. My eyes shoot open to a frighteningly familiar face. Before I have the chance to scream she looks at me.  “Don’t make a sound or try to escape.” She says.


My eyes widen as a sense of power compels me to obey. Her hand slowly removes from my mouth and I try desperately to scream but nothing comes out. Like someone just took out my voice box. “You also won’t link any of them.” She commands.


I glare at her anger slicing through me. Her hand cups my cheek. It feels too intimate for me and I try to get her off of me. “Don’t fight it.” She commands. Her voice is soft and her eyes are full of lust. My body won’t move anymore and my eyes widen. Thoughts go through my head as she leans closer. Is she trying to bite my neck again? Is she going to rip my throat out? If i could whimper right now I probably would. My fear level is high. Her lips are on mine in a soft kiss surprising me further.


She pulls away with a smile on her face. I don’t no whether it’s genuine or just amused. I’m completely shocked by the kiss though. “I’m not straight sweetheart. Now I want you to forget the ones you love. You will have no memory of them. Not there name or even what they look like.” She commands.


I try to scream anger going through me. “...” Nothing comes out and I feel my memories slipping away. Faces and names vanish from my mind leaving me dazed and confused. Mara leans down and kisses me again her rough lips against mine then she pulls away. “Now get some sleep.” She commands. I feel my eyes get heavy and they slowly close as sleep snatches away my consciousness.


Dimitri’s POV


I reluctantly leave my luna alone in bad while I go see what this Charles has to say. He is not off the hook for harming my mate the way he did but the information he gives will be extremely useful. He might have answers that we;ve been searching for to help get my mate back.


I go back into the living room where he is finally of the floor and on the couch sitting extremely close to Suzanah who seems too comfortable in his presence. I frown and raise an eyebrow. Nick laughs. “You missed it. Guess who has discovered their mate?” His laugh hold no true humor though I can see in Suzannah's eyes she is truly happy to have found her mate.


I sigh. “Let’s just get this over with.” I sit down farther away from him so I have some control. I want to rip him to shreds. “Tell me everything you know.” Surprisingly he does just that. I watch his expression and can see emotion flicker through his eyes as he gives us details on everything. I take in all his information and store it in my brain making sure I remember every detail.


Once he’s finished we talk for a while and my anger towards him lowers to just a simmer. We all talk and laugh until eventually we get tired. Nick and Rory get up and excuse themselves to bed. Suzanah and Charles cuddle up on the couch. Jack gets up. “Would you like me to go ahead and head back Alpha?” He asks.


I nod. “I will see you soon when we will discuss the plans in getting her family back.” I say.


He nods and leaves to go to the door but his hand hesitates. He looks back at me. “Sir the way she acted toward Charles didn’t seem like her. And her eyes..”


I cut him off. “Yes Jack she is not the same. A vampire bit her. She is no longer human at all. That part that was human is gone. She’s now part Vampire. Now if you will excuse me I’m tired and need some sleep too. I will be heading to bed with your luna, my mate. Goodnight Jack.”


He nods. “Goodnight Alpha.” He turns the knob and leaves as I get up.


I sigh and head to the guest bedroom and open the door. I smile at the sleeping form of Abigail and lay down beside her. I kiss her mark and she shivers in her sleep curling close to me. I wrap an arm around her and close my eyes drifting off to sleep peacefully for the first time in two months.

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